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  • It has long been known if not acknowledged that Pakistan protects, nurtures and supports the terrorists on their land. They have always refuted such claims, and have always turned the table right towards India who seems to be the only one ferociously asking Pakistan to curb terrorism that happens on its lands. Post the Uri […]
  • Being involved in the lala land, much more than usual, I can't take this Monday without any false-reality dimension to suck me into. So today, it's about comics. Comics have demonstrated a form of communication that marries the linear sequence of typography with the global perception of an internet-like matrix of simultaneous parts. It is […]
  • So, furthering the vehement disregard for Monday, here's a trailer review of a movie that has gripped the audience by large, and puts forth a way for nostalgia as much as it treads on the road of mystery and unanswered questions. The new Wolverine trailer, Logan just got released and it hasn't fanned the curiosity […]
  • A woman named Pinki was relentlessly stabbed and killed in the morning hours near MG Road Metro Station by her stalker, who stabbed her and without any reluctance without any fear; he stabbed to kill. The incident is a heinous follow-up of a woman being stabbed in Burari 30 times by her alleged lover. Delhi […]
  • The confused-state of affairs in the state of Uttar Pradesh compelled me to just sort out the mess and vent my opinions on this portal. Now, the more I read about the situation of Samajwadi Party and their all public outrage, the more I realize that this is nothing but a family quarrel gone horribly […]
  • After centuries of struggles and protests, we can finally witness the wave of feminism getting amalgamated into one's consciousness. Nowadays, with the rising prejudices against women and the awareness created by them to be treated equally, has led to a new required boost to the vocal chords of almost an entire generation. Surprisingly, even today […]
  • Since the inception of human kind the one thing that has remained constant is progress. From eating raw meat to eating cooked food, from living in caves to living in houses, from wearing naturally available material like leaves, animal skin to wearing man made material like cotton; we have progressed a lot. We have also […]
  • We are land of culture, of conservative thoughts, of orthodox ideologies that somehow doesn't take us back to our rotten regressive thoughts but promises bright and progressive future. Apparently. The truth is we are a land that is still clinging on to misogyny, sexism, patriarchy, untouchability, all in the name of culture. We have allowed […]
  • Branding people with tags, not providing them with a non-judgmental space to express them, dictating whom to love and when to love, interfering in the personal space of people, questioning the patriotism of people, bullying people in the name of humanity, the ever-increasing adamant persuasion of the goony culture; this is the country we live […]
  • Gaycation, is a documentary series which is hosted by Ellen Page and Ian Daniel, wherein they cross countries to know more about the LGBTQ culture in the country and understand the deeper intricacies involved. They travel extensively to understand the culture and how the people of such communities strive to carve out their own space, […]
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