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  • Republican Tells Crowd: 'If He Invited Me To A Public Hanging, I'd Be On The Front Row

    Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's racism became a focal point after she evoked Mississippi's horrendous history of lynchings, calling them "public hangings" and used it as a gracious compliment to bestow on one of her supporters while she is running against an African-American, Mike Espy.

    As The Guardian notes, "According to the Equal Justice Initiative, 654 lynchings of black people were carried out within its borders, dramatically more than any other state."

    Espy became the first African American in Mississippi to win a seat in the US House of Representatives since Reconstruction.

    And she's in a heated battle with him over Thad Cochran's vacated seat that will be decided in a runoff on Nov 27th.

    This video went viral immediately.

  • GUILTY: Trump Is Putin's 'Accessory After The Fact'

    In case you missed it, this short clip from Saturday's "Up with David Gura" is worth the click.

    Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirshner takes to reading the federal statute for the crime of "accessory after the fact." Trump is guilty.

    Kirshner reads the federal statute and checks off the ways Trump is guilty:

    Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed (check), receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender (check) in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment (check).

    Kirshner notes that this is Prosecution 101 and doesn't require a legal expert to notice that Trump knew from his intelligence briefings that the crime had been committed and he was covering for Putin.

  • Wait, What? Trump Blames 'Presidential Harassment' For Stock Market

    After fictitiously blaming the California Forest management for the destruction and loss of human life caused by the ongoing fires, then proclaiming the Florida elections should be awarded to Republicans, Trump is now blaming criticisms directed at him for the reason the stock market has been recently falling.

    You can't make this up, folks. Only his most rabid supporters and those on Fox News would believe and promote any of this nonsense.

    Republicans harassed President Obama for eight years, from pillar to post and the stock market rose to 19,000 under his watch.

    Investors care not what the punditry are saying about any president.

    Trump's ignorance of foreign policy, starting unnecessary trade wars, implementing trade tariffs may have something to do with the recent slide no doubt.

    But nothing is ever Trump's fault. Ever.

  • This moment from Saturday's AM Joy made me laugh and cheer.

    The panel is supposed to be discussing the disaster that is the Matt Whitaker appointment as "acting AG" for which he is not qualified and whose appointment is so unconstitutional even John "sure Dubya torture is fine" Yoo says so.

    But Paul Butler doesn't want to START that conversation before interjecting a hearty "Bye Felicia" to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.

    PAUL BUTLER: In two years, Sessions took us back 20 years on issues like civil rights, criminal justice reform and separation of church and state. The only thing that he did that showed integrity, was to recuse himself from the Russian investigation, and that act of integrity is what got him fired.

    Joy Reid then pointed out that fellow panelist Elie Mystal had pumped his fist in the air for that farewell.

    "Any day you can get a Confederate out of government, is a good day," said Mystal.

  • Without naming names, Fox News co-host Kennedy ripped into Florida's leadership for the SNAFU elections that seem to always be about Florida.

    But wait. Rick Scott and a Republican legislature have been in charge for eight years.
    It's the Republican Party of Florida who has not prepared for the Florida midterm elections to run properly.

    Republicans have neglected their election infrastructure and nurtured this chaos.

    After Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins ran a piece dedicated to the Florida recount, co-host Kennedy threw the former administration under the bus.

    By the way, it would have been nice if Kennedy didn't waffle and actually put Rick Scott's name to the problems we are seeing now. The fact that post-election he's trying to play the victim, crying about voter integrity and fraud, when he was the governor in charge for two terms.

    Kennedy said, "In Florida, as in many other states. it goes county by county and they are allowed to have whatever system of voting and vote counting they want. There's a lot of discretion left up to the county and I understand why Bill Nelson and Rick Scott are both so upset because we have seen what can happen in Florida.

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  • [Above, from the C&L archives, 2010: Karl Rove says Tea Party voters miss George W. Bush and wish he was back in office.]

    Republicans won't try to solve their suburban-women problem by appealing to suburban women.

    Karl Rove is concerned.

    Republican guru Karl Rove is sounding the alarm after steep losses in suburbs across America cost his party control of the House of Representatives....

    "We've got to be worried about what's happening in the suburbs. We get wiped out in the Dallas suburbs, Houston suburbs, Chicago suburbs, Denver suburbs -- you know there's a pattern -- Detroit suburbs, Minneapolis suburbs, Orange County, Calif., suburbs," Rove said Saturday during a panel discussion for the Washington Examiner's Sea Island Summit.

    "When we start to lose in the suburbs, it says something to us," Rove continued. "We can't replace all of those people by simply picking up [Minnesota's First Congressional District] -- farm country and the Iron range of Minnesota -- because, frankly, there's more growth in suburban areas than there is in rural areas."

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  • World Nut Daily Grifter Jerome Corsi Expects To Be Indicted

    Jerome Corsi, conspiracy theorist, grifter and Roger Stone associate, declared on Monday that he was informed by the Special Counsel's office that he will be indicted within a matter of days. He didn't actually disclose what he will be charged with, but he did say that his "crime was choosing to support Donald Trump."

    This declaration was made during his live stream today when he said, "I'm thinking I'm the next to be indicted. I guess I am going to have to go to prison for the rest of my life because I dare to oppose the deep state."

    Womp womp.

    He added that he was served a subpoena recently.

    Oh, and then he asked people to contribute to his legal defense fund via PayPal, which appears to have no oversight and is just a slush fund. Corsi has a history of grifting money from gullible conspiracy theorists, so it is possible that he is making this potential indictment up just to get more money.

  • Kyrsten Sinema Declared Winner Of Jeff Flake's Senate Seat

    For the first time since 1988, a Democrat has won a Senate seat in Arizona. The race has been called for Kyrsten Sinema earlier today, and Martha McSally conceded a few hours ago in a video.

    For her part, Sinema is the first woman elected by Arizona and she's anxious to get to work.

  • The DC Centrist Democrat Spin Cycle

    The votes aren't even done being counted yet, but the classic post-election spin cycle from the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party is already in full gear. Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum are still fighting for their lives in razor-thin margin elections, but you can just feel the excitement about their losses from the Third Way types, whose public pronouncements already assume they have lost.

    I have seen this kind of post-election spin after every election since 1994: if Democrats have a bad year, it's because we moved too far left. If we have a good year like this one, it's because of the noble centrists who prevailed -- and they'll pick over the bones of any progressive Democrat who didn't win and point with glee saying, "See! See! They got beat!" It is especially galling given that some of these races aren't even over. (I guess at least it's better than actively trying to beat progressive Democrats as Third Way has been known to do over the years, like when they attacked Elizabeth Warren as being anti-business when she was in the heat of a tough 2012 Senate race to defeat popular incumbent Scott Brown.)

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  • The airy, piano guided lilting of Tirzah's latest album, Devotion, could find her music set placed in a land of pop balladeers. Her approach to songs though takes an off-kilter route which her apart. It puts the sound in a unique neighborhood of its own.

    What are listening to tonight?

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