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  • For an app I'm working on I needed the ability to get feeds from an OPML file that might include other subscription lists.
  • Added an Import command to the River2 menu.
  • Doing some work with the ajax calls. We need the ability to customize the replacetable used by json.decompile so that it doesn't turn the " used in XML encoding into a double-quote.
  • javascript is a new nodetype. It can be used inside an html node.
  • There have been a couple of reports of problems from users trying to save outlines. Probably traced to the changes made on the 16th to worldOutlineSuite.rpcValidate. Trying a more conservative approach.
  • This one allocates a new blorkmark.
  • Needed a routine to return information about a specific root.
  • Added a few new ajax calls to the worldoutline website.
  • New optional param on saveOutline, lets the caller set the title on a new outline.
  • Implemented the equiv of variables from LESS or SASS, two CSS preprocessors, but it's lower-level than the other preprocessors, therefore you can use variables anywhere in an HTML document -- in CSS, in Javascript code and/or the HTML of the page.
  • Previously, the outline under an html node had comments, they would pass through to the rendered page.
  • I want the ability to do prefs in a modal dialog in a worldoutline app. This table of macros make it possible.
  • I want the ability to do prefs in a modal dialog in a worldoutline app. This table of macros make it possible.
  • One more feature for 2012. :-)
  • I've been busily working on an offline project, but haven't forgotten about the projects on this site. Everything's cool. Hope you're all having a great holiday and best wishes for a great 2013!
  • Up until now, the only macros that could be used in worldoutline pages were in worldOutline.root, and therefore couldn't be added to or modified by users.
  • The new signupdialog macro is designed to be called from a node of type html.
  • It should be possible to call it from outside the opmleditor website (it may already be possible to do this).
  • All routines now take groupname as a parameter.
  • Now the OPML Editor keeps track of every worldoutline that you open so you can easily open them again.
  • A new core routine that I've been needing for a while. Give us the url of an OPML file and we return a pointer to its xstruct. I kept having to figure out how to do this every time I needed to access an OPML file in a utility script.
  • I shipped a new version of worldOutlineSuite.setDefaultAtts that gets comments text unconditionally. So my comment server is getting a huge amount of traffic now (I guess there are a fair number of worldoutline servers running).
  • I just moved a blog post out of the threads site and onto its own site so I can continue to edit it. The original location redirects to the new one via a redirect node. It works beautifully except for one thing: we lose the Disqus comments thread because the URL changed. This happens to us all the time, but it is preventable.
  • When editing a worldoutline doc, if you hold down the Shift key and click on the View button, the URL of the page will be copied to the clipboard, and the speaker beeps to confirm.
  • In Frontier the equiv of an app is a Tool. They are arranged in the Tools menu. And if you're a tool writer, you can create a new tool with a command in the Tools menu.
  • NakedJen and I are going to start writing our conversations about films instead of just talking them.
  • I have a tab for podcasts on the Media Hackers page.
  • I've always wanted the ability to just refresh one buddy without having to go to the Instant Outliner menu.
  • Following up on this feature.
  • I asked for pointers to Google's movies API, and I received them. Took a few minutes to whip up a script that reads their XML, and converts it into a set of Frontier tables you can browse.
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