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  • Time for the Trump Era of Equal Protection by the Law

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The Lame Cherry rises for thee American People and to save United States law enforcement led by Director Christopher Wray of the FBI from itself, by advocating that the United States Congresss pass the Trump Clause, as America has witnessed a series of horrid high profile cases, where innocent people have been indicted, or more to the point, ENTRAPPED and FRAMED, by FBI and DOJ Investigators, in incorrectly answering questions.

    This device has been the "gotcha" to terrorize Americans who are no more guilty than any of you reading this who speed, lie on their income taxes or do whatever else Americans daily do as that is what Americans do.

    The worst examples were the innocent Scooter Libby in Plamegate framed by US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald knew from day one, that Richard Armitage was the leaker, and yet went after Vice President Dick Cheney to frame him, and who was caught, but Mr. Cheney's staff for "lying to FBI investigators".

    The same is true with General Michael Flynn, who lied to no one, but was framed. Roger Stone was convicted of lying to Congress, when that is all congressmen do is lie on the floor of their chambers.

    In that the Lame Cherry advocates that Congress pass the Trump Clause which simply says, the Department of Justice can not indict a primary or secondary person, for "lying" as it really is an American's Right to lie to not provide evidence against themselves.
    This blog does not advocated wholesale misrepresentation, but in the scope of Michael Flynn who was charged with no other felonies, and by felonies, the point is Murder, Rape, Assault, Spying, the types of crimes which Americans recognize as crimes, was framed for lying to the FBI and then forced to plead guilty, because the FBI was threatening his wife and children in indicting them.

    Donald Trump's attorney faced the same threats on his wife and children and this must be stopped, because if the federal government does not have the evidence, they can not coerce a confession out of someone being investigated to save his wife and children.
    Granted Michael Cohn was involved in some desperate financial matters, which were crimes, but this is about protecting outliers in people's lives, so the the government does not become a coercion operation, not protecting Americans, but framing them.

    The Lame Cherry advocates a simple reality that unless a felony exists, the federal government can not charge people for lying to them in an investigation. Secondaries being questioned, can not be charged especially for lying to investigators. If they were not involved in the prior felony, then there is no reason to destroy their lives. Law enforcement is to enforce the law, not force people to be intimidated into confessing. It is a matter of evidence is the law of the land, rather than confession.

    In this, no one can be intimidated in their family members or associates will be charged with a crime in order to gain confessions or guilty pleas.

    In my case, the federal government appeared here in September 2016 as I was a Donald Trump supporter and reporting the same things Dick Algire and other remote viewers were. I have never revealed the tactic employed, but they had TL's driver's license photo blown up for shock effect, and showed nothing on me. When asked, I told the truth as I always will to the police state, that I was Lame Cherry. They knew I would protect TL, and it was the tactics which are used to force people to be interviewed. The file on me has all this information, my driver's license, and when they left they even took a photo of our home, which is on file. No one though has sent any money from the federal government out of pity in how we live.

    Criminals are always going to lie. The innocent will always tell the Truth and be framed on misstatements they make as no one in this world, knows things in passing from a year ago or a month ago, when it is jumbled up in paying income taxes, paying bills and trying to survive.

    That is why I advocate Attorney General Barr to join with Congress for the Trump Clause. It is a simple addition to the protections of Americans Rights, and is necessary as we have witnessed pure meanness and malice in political grudges and investigators who gather documents on Americans and then try to trip them up on their answers.
    No one scores 100% on exams in school, and that relevancy is entrapment in legal discourse, because people make mistakes, and they should never be imprisoned on their bad memory, only on felonies.

    The Trump Clause is a necessary addition, in order to protect law enforcement from itself, as it has been engaged in cutting the corners far too many times, as this "convict at all costs" has destroyed the faith of Americans in the legal system.

    A criminal will always provide evidence by their future actions in crimes. An innocent Citizen will never have evidence against them, and it why out of control law enforcement frame the innocent.

    - Lame Cherry

    Americans have the right to be idiots, that is the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    After being abandoned by this President in helping assist him to be elected, a Christian rises up and served God and Country, and that includes President Donald Trump.

    In that, the Lame Cherry reminds President Trump he has a tested messaging system to alert Americans concerning emergencies. Coronavirus is an emergency. What the Lame Cherry advocates is the President or who is involved in the Germ Lord task force of Mike Pence, to provide Americans with a weekly update in a map which entails.

    RED ZONE areas where Corona has been confirmed.

    YELLOW ZONE areas of Corona self quarantine.

    GREEN ZONE areas which would be most of the United States which does not have the virus.

    I would offer this on FOX, other media, the Limbaugh types, where people who are not receiving these emergency texts in having opted out, can text in #CoronaUpdate and then be included in the updates.

    If people do not want these updates, they can opt out by sending #OptOut.

    I would offer this advice to the President, that he does not make this political. No taking Brad Parscale numbers for the GOP, and that the President does not delegate this to some advisor. This is a chance for the President to provide information, calm the public, provide links and in a map worth 10,000 words keep Americans informed as the responsible Government of Taiwan has been engaged in since December 2019 AD in the year of our Lord.

    I would offer regional alerts if new cases were discovered, and keep Americans informed. As a suggestion, Blogger has an interactive map for bloggers which actually shows by colors, which nations have visited. For the President, the United States would have colors where clusters are, and an American could tap on the area, and get a read out of the number of Coronavirus there.

    Provide Americans the information and they are intelligent enough to process it. Keeping them informed, allows for future necessary actions the Government must engage in to protect them.

    The sniping at the Washington Post, CNN and Nancy Pelosi is not going to stop, until the President goes directly to the People and in a sentence or two, informs them why the task force is doing something.

    Washington Post

    Once that is done, all of the sniping will stop and Donald Trump will regain the leadership which his advisors have degraded him from, in their wrong advice.

    This blog offers the advice this President is being deprived of. If this President does not come with his A Game this blog will strongly contend in pointing out how lame the President's advisors are. I personally believe that Donald Trump is the best America has in the running for the things which this blog warned every reader, including the thieves who did not donate, was coming on America. I will remind all of you that in 2016 AD when this blog was moved by God to write the Trump Presidential Time Line, that you were told that blows were coming to the United States, and Donald Trump was the best opportunity to lessen those blows. Biologlical warfare is one of those blows, but it has not been lessened because this Jehu cut out the Protestant Christians he should have had serving him. Donald Trump is in place, and changing him will not stop what his coming.

    As this is my platform, I can remind all of you that the Barack Obama framing of Donald Trump and the Nancy Pelosi impeachment of Donald Trump are a reason that America is suffering from a biological attack. If this President would have shut the borders, and deported all, instead of the Courts playing Obama games in hindering Donald Trump, the outbreaks would not have happened, nor would the crocs of the swamp state been emboldened to bring in infected Americans to the Heartland of America. These people would have been quarantined offshore.

    So the Lame Cherry is well aware of Donald Trump's problems as are a number of Americans. His job is now to not trust Mike Pence as Germ Lord, but to talk to the American children and keep them informed in a network of information to hourly updated Government websites.

    Every American will always help their Government, but the President must have advice to help Americans. His people have received a great deal of advice in this to help him. He has presented incongruent steps which have only led to a greater problem for him.

    For the Trump advisors, go find General Gus Pagonis, seek his advice in who he would recommend as logistics expert for the United States economy. It will be military and it will solve 80% of the bitching Americans are going to blaming Donald Trump for.
    Mr. President you also have one of the best already working for you in Bruce Jette, your Assistant Secretary of the Army for logistics.

    You need to get these people working and networking, to coordinate healthcare to making sure the public has toilet tissue.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    When I behold the visits on this blog, I am just disgusted with the lot of you. Solutions provided get fewer readers, as Americans are a worthless lot worthy to be culled by those who created this pandemic.
    Telling Donald Trump to use his emergency text system to keep you informed, gets a yawn. None of you will contact your President nor will you urge your Congressmen to engage in things to keep you alive, because you are a sloven race which deserves culling.

    As for me, I am mindful of God in what the Holy Ghost has measured out to me to keep me informed. I consider having a beggar existence while you sit in luxury a shitty life, but yet God informs me I will be protected in this. Perhaps because I have wagered this life for Him time and again, I will not lose it.

    Whatever the case may be, that is the Word from the Lord, so it transpires that those who have been Faithful to me have the same protection. That of course means you are not a dumb ass tempting God in flying off to Wuhan China for bat stew with a Peking whore.

    Yes you do not get sermons like this from the pulpit, but that is not my role. God apparently still has work for me to do, and I hope to see His reckoning on every single one of you brats.

    Psalm 27

    3 Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident. 4 One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple. 5 For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high upon a rock. 6 Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me; at his sacred tent I will sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the Lord.

    The thing I have been shown in this, is God is quite matter of fact and practical. God is not emotional, God is not worked up, God is steady and abiding by the rules. Rules are simple in you break them and there are consequences, when you keep them, there are results.

    Psalm 50

    12 If I were hungry I would not tell you, for the world is mine, and all that is in it. 13 Do I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats? 14 "Sacrifice thank offerings to God, fulfill your vows to the Most High, 15 and call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me."

    16 But to the wicked person, God says: "What right have you to recite my laws or take my covenant on your lips? 17 You hate my instruction and cast my words behind you. 18 When you see a thief, you join with him; you throw in your lot with adulterers. 19 You use your mouth for evil and harness your tongue to deceit. 20 You sit and testify against your brother and slander your own mother's son. 21 When you did these things and I kept silent, you thought I was exactly like you. But I now arraign you and set my accusations before you.

    So it all comes down to my staying on point and doing what the Lord mandates I do in the original commission. I still hope for the glam Witnesses to appear as being a poor orphan girl is not something I have been aware of that I signed up for. No contesting with God, just doing it, with my griping about the little things of sun in the sky to make the world not such a shitty place, as I would suspect when you die, you would prefer a sunny day than a cloudy day.

    Jeremiah the Prophet 38

    But King Zedekiah swore this oath secretly to Jeremiah: "As surely as the Lord lives, who has given us breath, I will neither kill you nor hand you over to those who want to kill you."

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    It is difficult in these Coronavirus pandemic times in the United States to discover, that unlike Italy or Iran, where the virus appears to been a random act of allah and the pope, that in the United States, information is now being presented to confirm exactly what this blog stated, in this virus was spread deliberately by elements inside the United States Government.

    I am not letting President Donald Trump off the hook in this, because he is in charge, but the decision to spread Coronavirus in the United States was on a Sunday when the President was not around, and that ties into what this blog has stated from the beginning in Donald Trump keeps being betrayed by his advisors.

    I have the quotes from the CIA Washington Post story and will summarize this as follows. After President Donald Trump successfully closed all Chinese air traffic into the United States, noting the emergency, the State Department under Mike Pompeo and conglomerate pressure for "Americans" working in Wuhan China built to have them evacuated.

    The State Department chartered airliners, prepared them for infected people, and this is where things began to be muddled, in the passenger ship, Diamond Princess, became a part of this sitting in Japan. All was contained, until the State Department issued orders to evacuate them IF THEY DID NOT TEST POSITIVE FOR THE VIRUS.

    At this point, 14 tested positive, and the hundreds of passengers sat for 2 hours on the tarmac in buses as a fight broke out on Sunday afternoon in the White House, where the CDC under Anne Schuchat and Anthony Fauci of the NIA were stating these infected people could not be brought into the United States and not flown back on the airliners with hundreds of other people.

    Robert Kadlec of HHS argued that they could bring these infected people back, and still in this, an unknown State Department representative argued for the same point. In the end, Robert Kadlec and the unknown team at State ordered these infected people to be flown into the United States, with the CDC demanding to be left off the press notice as they were not going to be a part of this.

    This is why the Lame Cherry demands that President Donald Trump fire immediately, Sec Azar of HHS and Mike Pompeo of State, as they are the ones responsible for their departments, and not only introduced the virus into the United States, but spread it.

    Secretary Alex Azar

    In the most criminal of acts, HHS dispatched 2 teams to deal with these infected and exposed evacuees. While the CDC provided complete protection, HHS as a whistleblower complaint reveals, provided gloves for their teams, and worse yet, flew them all back to their homes, on commercial airlines spreading this disease all across the United States.

    U.S. workers without protective gear assisted coronavirus evacuees, HHS whistleblower says

    The absolutely stunning reality in this is, when Donald Trump assembled his neo Virus Team led by the Germ Lord, Mike Pence, who is standing in the photo by Robert Kadlec on the extreme left. The very person who sided with State in now costing America billions of dollars, and endangering all of our lives has not been fired, but after this criminal act, is still with the White House.

    In Washington, where it was still Sunday afternoon, a fierce debate broke out: The State Department and a top Trump administration health official wanted to forge ahead.

    This blog has been screaming about this in who betrayed Donald Trump, and now we have the first evidence of who it is.
    There are people at CDC now covering their asses, but the fact is, all of these appointees like all government employees are in the private sector, show up in government, reward services worth billions to conglomerates and then return to the corporate world to sit on board of directors.

    The most notable was John Kelly of Homeland, who legalized invaders, ran the White House, left, and ended up with a board reward of a corporation being paid a fortune by the US Government to handle all these illegals.

    That is the kind of criminal activity which this President stated HE WOULD NOT ALLOW.

    The deployments took place Jan. 28 to 31, around the time when the first planeload of evacuees arrived at March, and Feb. 2 to Feb. 7, during the time when additional flights were arriving at Travis. The planes each carried about 200 Americans who were repatriated from Wuhan.
    After their deployments, the workers returned to their normal duties, some taking commercial airline flights to return to their offices around the country, the lawyers said.
    "Our client was concerned that ACF staff — who were potentially exposed to the coronavirus — were allowed to leave quarantined areas and return to their communities, where they may have spread the coronavirus to others," said Lauren Naylor, one of the whistleblower's lawyers.

    At this juncture, the White House asked for 2.5 billion to deal with Coronavirus, and democrats added billions more. These are payouts to the very people who would profit from bringing this pandemic into America. Masks, hospital care, latex gloves are all part of this corporate structure and while you are terrified of dying, and sick people are having hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, this entire epidemic could have been avoided if it has not been spread.

    Rep. Phil Roe of Tennessee, is the one who began changing the game in this, as doctor, he had doctor friend on board the Corona Princess, and when he learned of the conditions, suddenly Washington's attitude changed. Translate that as Phil Roe called up Mitch McConnell, who started raising hell with the State Department, which without any medical knowledge, moved to bring the pandemic into America.

    We still do not know the connections at State who authorized this against the President, because he might have Johnson and Johnson stock, but the fact remains that Phil Roe and his cronies started the pressure and for the record, Phil Roe and whoever else was with him, need to be impeached from Congress and then face Crimes Against Humanity charges with these other virus spreaders.


    On Feb. 12, U.S. officials briefed members of Congress in a closed-door hearing. Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), a doctor, had also heard from a friend and fellow doctor, Arnold Hopland, of Elizabethton, Tenn., who was on the ship with his wife, Jeanie. Hopland told Roe about the deteriorating conditions.
    "That tipped the balance," said the senior administration official.
    By Friday afternoon in Washington, there was agreement among all the agencies in the U.S. coronavirus task force to evacuate the Americans.

    Anne Schuchat voiced her concerns and did her job, but as Deputy Director, in a meeting of this magnitude, she needed to get a hold of her Director and raise hell until the President was notified on Sunday and to alert Mr. Trump of the coup taking place, so he could have stopped it or signed off on it.
    I commend Anne Schuchat, but her weakness and inability is what caused this problem to expand out of control.

    During one call, the CDC's principal deputy director, Anne Schuchat, argued against taking the infected Americans on the plane, according to two participants. She noted the U.S. government had already told passengers they would not be evacuated with anyone who was infected or who showed symptoms. She was also concerned about infection control.

    Anthony Fauci should have done a great deal more, as he is on the Germ Lord's team yet too. Simply stating that Anne Schuchat having valid points IS NOT doing your job in protecting America from this viral rampage.

    Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who was also on the calls, recalled saying her points were valid and should be considered.

    Why in hell Donald Trump has not fired Dr. Robert Kadlec is considered ignorance at this juncture, but as the Washington Post story has had time to percolate, and all weekend, there is not any excuse come Monday in March for Robert Kadlec to still be employed by the US Government and on the Germ Lord's response team.
    Robert Kadlec must be criminally referred to the Department of Justice for criminal negligence in going against the President's orders and bringing the Wuhan pandemic to the United States.

    But Robert Kadlec, assistant secretary for preparedness and response for the Department of Health and Human Services and a member of the coronavirus task force, pushed back:
    "We felt like we had very experienced hands in evaluating and caring for these patients," Kadlec said at a news briefing Monday.

    As there are no photos of William Walters, the last person named in the WashPo article in defending bringing the plague into the United States, only an investigation will prove if he was the orginator of this in need of criminal referral to the DOJ or should be another in a long list of State Department officials who should be fired.
    Profiles indicate William Walters is an Obama hireling from 2012, under Hillary Clinton.

    But this blog continued digging, and found a photo of William Walters hidden in a State Department release. It states he is the guy hiding in back, 3rd from the left.

    Heather Higginbottom, Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources (top left), Edward Gabriel, HHS Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, Dr. William Walters, State Department Director of Operational Medicine, and Deputy Homeland Security Advisor Amy Pope, joined medical staff and their simulated patients during their tour of a CBCS unit. [State Department Photo]

    The State Department made the call. The 14 people were already in the evacuation pipeline and protocol dictated they be brought home, said William Walters, director of operational medicine for the State Department.

    President Donald Trump in not appointing loyalists by his Pence led with Jared Kushner, Trump Trans, created all of this disaster in people who have kept information from the President and then not followed his orders.
    Donald Trump promoting these culprits and and advancing them when they caused this epidemic to spread in either being pocket lining traitors or weaklings, has the buck stop at his desk, as these people need to be gone and indicted.

    As the State Department drafted its news release, the CDC's top officials insisted that any mention of the agency be removed.
    "CDC did weigh in on this and explicitly recommended against it," Schuchat wrote on behalf of the officials, according to an HHS official who saw the email and shared the language. "We should not be mentioned as having been consulted as it begs the question of what was our advice."

    No more damning or resounding condemnation in this, comes from the exposed travelers who were stuck on a plane with infected people. They were stunned when they learned they just had spent hours on board an airplane with people having the plague, and that their government had exposed them to the plague, after they had spent weeks on the Corona Princess in quarantine trying to stay alive.

    Americans had more common sense, or was it the Americans on the Corona Princess did not have a conglomerate interest to bring infected people into the United States to get billions of your tax dollars to fight this pandemic.

    "We were upset that people were knowingly put on the plane who were positive," she said Wednesday in an interview from the military base.

    "I think those people should not have been allowed on the plane," Mendizabal said. "They should have been transferred to medical facilities in Japan. We feel we were re-exposed. We were very upset about that."

    This Corona is already dropping Donald Trump's poll numbers, and do not think that the same coup plotters in Russiagate and Impeachment, for 30 pieces of silver decided to bring down Donald Trump with an epidemic for which he will be blamed.

    That is why the President needs to fire everyone involve in this and make criminal referrals to the DOJ. People who started this epidemic do not belong on Mike Pence's Germ Lord Task Force, as they already proved they were not protecting Americans.

    At this juncture, I strongly suggest that Donald Trump appoint Lindsey Graham or Nikki Haley as his new Secretary of State, and if Germ Lord Mike Pence does not shut this down in weeks, that Donald Trump will have Nikki Haley as his Vice Presidential pick for 2020.

    The people responsible for this pandemic started in the Trump Trans, just as Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have relentlessly tried to bring down this President in weakening him, which has brought Donald Trump to this political situation.

    We still do not know why the CDC was involved with the Pentagon in bringing this contagion to the Heartland of America. Never before in history, except for Obama flying in ebola plague to American cities exposing people to plague has the United States ever allowed plague carriers on shore. Ellis Island was Ellis Island to keep the plague offshore.

    It literally is a waste of this blog's time to offer advice to this President, when he has elements who have plotted to bring down his presidency with the spread of this plague.

    Ask yourself as Germ Lord in waiting has not hit the ground running, and why ALL CONTAINER SHIPS OFF US PORTS HAVE NOT BEEN TOLD TO HOLD POSITION UNTIL THE CREWS ARE CHECKED? Those ships are coming out of China.

    Why is Mike Pence not stopping those ships, with the State Department, CDC and Commerce?

    These are your plague spreaders Mr. President until you fire them.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    It seems ironic that Michelle lover, George W. Bush, diverted billions of your tax dollars to save Africans from malaria and other diseases, and was never awarded a Nobel Prize, as his efforts were remarkably successful beyond anyone's greatest expectations, and from 2001 to the near future, Africa will produce 2 billion Africans in this world.

    In 1990, the population of Africa was 643 million, by 2017 after George W. Bush, the population was 1.25 billion. George W. Bush was the greatest breeder of Negroids in world history, and he has never received credit for this remarkable human increasing majority in this world by eliminated disease.
    In just a few years, Africa will have a 2 billion citizen consumer market, and this is why Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in his first year as leader of Europe, engaged in trade treaties between Africa and Europe for the rest of the 21st century.

    In the study of internet sources, there have been some remarkable postings by NPR for the Mockingbird, which revealed that African have a "ghost DNA" of another species of primates long extinct, but is of interest in the modern genetic formulations.

    About 50,000 years ago, ancient humans in what is now West Africa apparently procreated with another group of ancient humans that scientists didn't know existed.
    There aren't any bones or ancient DNA to prove it, but researchers say the evidence is in the genes of modern West Africans. They analyzed genetic material from hundreds of people from Nigeria and Sierra Leone and found signals of what they call "ghost" DNA from an unknown ancestor.

    The modern West African, is the focus of Nigeria and Sierra Leone, that is of interest in the focus of the illegal diamond trade in Africa is Sierra Leone and the center of west African oil production, controlled in greater part by China is Nigeria.

    Why are these facts relevant, as Africa can be divided up into Zones of Control. North Africa consists of Egypt a military power. South Africa in the south, West Africa is Nigeria, and East Africa would be Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

    These same nations are mentioned in connection with the World Health Organization or WHO, in tracking the China Coronavirus Wuhan spread. These nations are all China satellite states for resources flowing to China to maintain China's cancerous rapine of the world, and WHO expects Coronavirus to erupt in Africa in these nations, which have not had any native cases so to speak of.

    Another model that specifically considered the risk of SARS-CoV-2 spreading to Africa found that Egypt, Algeria and South Africa are the African countries most at risk.

    These are Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Angola, Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya.

    What the Lame Cherry is projecting in this, based upon the February 19th exclusive of this blog indicating that there are TWO CORONA BAT SARS active, released from 2 different lab accidents, which is impossible in the same time frame, indicating these bioweapons were deliberately released in China, and the reason for the release was to counter strike China's first strike of biological weapons against the United States, India and Japan over President Trump's successful trade war with China, and that these two designer Corona's in Wuhan and Mirror, are the predecessors of other designer viruses which have been on trial in infecting Anglo Saxon in England and America, and that WHO looking for Corona in Africa, is indicating a presupposed future that the virus will begin wiping out George W. Bush's pet Negroes which he raised.

    This blog notes the above nations are nations of oil, raw materials and agricultural lands. A party having a treaty with Africa for trade in 2 billion, could "lose" 500 million in these nations, and create an African bread basket. Under this colonial control, robotics could do the work of Africans more efficiently, mine and gather African raw materials, and the colonial bread basket would raise food, to sell Africans their own food, to make the entire venture self sustained and Europe would profit immensely in the intercourse.

    Control of Algeria and Egypt, is control of North African access by Europe and the neutralization of African military power. Nigeria, Sudan are oil. South Africa is raw material in vast wealth. Tanzania, Kenya are food production, while Angola and Ethiopia are the doors to African trade east and west.

    Coronavirus would vacate the human populations according to WHO to the gates of Africa for the control of the interior.

    In this projection, it should be expected that a designer series of Corona would begin spreading in Africa for economic and political reasons as it has been forwarding a like policy in China.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said

    Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    Cherrystone Files: Coronavirus Wuhan


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As President Donald Trump continues to follow Goldman Sachs Mnuchin bad advice as much as his other tit sucking advisers provide to milk the Trump cow, the Lame Cherry will explain a reality about the Stock Market in why it is falling.

    WaPost - Trump Told Advisers He Doesn't Want To
    Do Anything Or Say Anything Much About CoViD Pandemic
    That Could Further Harm The Markets...And His Reelection

    Just as the cartel committee utilizes Beaners and Blacks to harvest illegal narcotic's funds from rich white kids trolling the ghetto, to the sum of 1 to 3 million dollars per month on their street corners, which are then laundered through franchises, into Wall Street, the Chicoms since the era of Bill Clinton have been dumping massive amounts of funding into American stocks in order to provide espionage doors for Peking.

    See the traitors in New York City know all about his illegal money laundering, but it is the police state which looks the other way, because the police state is owned by those making these profits.
    The PLA is adept at making certain their agents are hired by colleges, Facebook, and American industry to secure American technology, in exchange for this espionage.

    The stock market took a hit Monday and so did lots of Americans' 401(k)s. But at times like these, investment advisers suggest people keep their cool.

    When these Bush fam moneychangers, as it was George HW Bush who created the monster of China, and their dark son, Birther Hussein Obama, who allowed Harvard to build the Wuhan Germ Lab which started the chain of events into motion, note that all of the ports in China have not been loading or offloading cargo for 2 months, they understand the reality of China.
    They understand when China stops purchasing commodities in copper, it means Chinese manufacture has ceased. They realize when China stops buying oil, that China has been in the Trump Trade War, crippled in their outflow has only been allowed by their cash in flow, that is how close to bankruptcy China has been operating as they absorbed the Obama Super Depression.

    China has been operating a shell game in banking as this blog has exposed. Chinese banks would loan money on a warehouse goods, but those goods often were collateral on several other loans, and would soon disappear. The Chicom economy is a paper tiger and with Coronavirus Wuhan raging through China, the deadliest element in this is, that China's export and import has ceased, and into that, the money that Peking has been laundering into America through all those Chinese sweatshops is stopped.

    There are two reasons for this:

    China does not have any exchange in raise money.

    China no longer has couriers bringing in cash on flights into America, as Donald Trump shut those contact points down.

    The end result is Goldman Sachs understands that the cash cow of China is dead.

    The reaction of the President in keeping silent, reveals how perilous the stock market is. If Americans with 401k's begin withdrawing their investments now getting smaller by their retirement day, this will drive the markets past the ability of the Treasury to dump enough money to the markets to keep them stabilized.
    It is noteworthy that Steve Mnuchin of Treasury has not moved to pump the market to maintain the highs. That signals that Goldman the swindler investment house for the elite, is preparing for a much greater degradation.
    Inquiry is trending to a market of 11,000 points from this Coronavirus Wuhan. Inquiry is not indicating quarantines, but there is an exodus indicated by a specific genus group.

    President Donald Trump has to sit down with Americans and assure them. He does not need cheering thousands in India, he needs Americans trusting him in the greatest test of his presidency

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As President of the United States, my concern is protecting each of you my people from Coronavirus. Rush Limbaugh who I gave a medal too, went nuts and called it just a cold, but I am telling you that Coronavirus is scary as playing with eagles.

    To protect all of you, I have appointed a Coronavirus Cop, who I will fill you in on the plan to keep Americans, my people, safe. Now here is Ranger Sars.

    Ranger Sars

    Hello American Patriots, I am Ranger Sars, and I have been appointed to keep all of you safe from the evils of the filthy Chinese and the dirty Persians, who bred this biological weapon against Americans. But do not worry about any of that as building upon Patriot Act and all of the Obama executive orders, we at Corona Cops are going to see all of you safe.

    We need your help though as we launch or SPREADER OR SHEDDER CAMPAIGN. You remember DON'T ASK DON'T TELL and SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING? This is just like that, in if you see someone you don't like, like a liberal, a foreigner, a pervert, just call me up, and we will come and pick them up. No need to worry about legalities as we will sort this all out, as that is what we are here for.

    The President has given a set of guidelines for all of you to base your reporting on. It is for the safety of America, and as he was trying to save trees in being green, he had this printed on a Trump Pence 2020 Campaign Letter.

    The President feels for the safety of Americans, that the quarantine period should be expanded to 365 days, or after the election.

    As you can see all of this is serious, as the President is going after the big names who look most infected with Coronavirus Wuhan. as he is not going to allow the spreaders and shedders get away with endangering Americas as was the case with Hillary Clinton and other coup plotters were let off by the FBI and DOJ.

    So just remember, we are all in this together and that I, Ranger Sars and my millions of law enforcement will soon be rounding up infected people which you report, to keep all of the good people of America safe, happy and ready to have a wonderful summer, as the evil non Americans rot into their Coronavirus hells which many traitors demanded to keep the borders open for.

    Thank you Ranger Sars for your dedication, hard work and just being thee American Dream. I will have a Presidential Medal of Freedom for you shortly as I take the one back from that cancer deluded Rush Limbaugh, who I now denounce for endangering Americans, while I, President Donald Trump, am working with law enforcement to sweep the streets of all those who have infected America.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


  • Can I have some of Limbaugh's CIA funding......

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Well, the vegetative state of Rush Limbaugh's brain continues, in he is now blaming the media for lying about what he said.

    The Media Is Lying About What I Said on the Coronavirus

    The fact is, Rush Limbaugh stated, and I pulled the QUOTES FROM HIS OWN WEBSITE OF HIS OWN BROADCAST, that Coronavirus was the common cold and there was absolutely nothing to fear.

    Monday, February 24, 2020

    Rush Limbaugh Assures Nation "Coronavirus is the Common Cold"

    Rush Limbaugh being caught stating things, which indicate the cancer treatment he is undergoing has clouded his ability to process information, has now gone into slash and burn, in hiding behind the line that the dog ate his homework. It is not Rush Limbaugh exposed as incompetent intellectually as he is treated for cancer, but it is the MEDIA'S FAULT FOR REPORTING THE FOOLISH THINGS HE SAID.

    None of this helps President Donald Trump, who awarded Limbaugh a Presidential Freedom Medal, which disgustingly in Limbaugh's cover up, Limbaugh is posting photos of him at the State of the Union, as Limbaugh tries now to hide behind the President for his mistakes.
    The President has enough problems with his advisors sabotaging him, without Limbaugh sounding nuts.

    It degrades worse, as Rush Limbaugh had to try and change the subject from the things he said incorrectly to his now using cancer to gain sympathy and wag the dog.

    An Update on My Health and Treatment - The Rush Limbaugh Show eib

    Rush Limbaugh has been a disaster for President Donald Trump. What was a brilliant political strategy by the President to cater favor with the few Limbaugh listeners, has now plumed into Limbaugh being ridiculous because his brain is not processing information due to Chemo Senility, and this is making it worse for the President to deal with this pandemic.

    Limbaugh plagiarized this blog and other people, including his listeners in using their letters as content. For the sake of President Donald Trump, the Lame Cherry suggests that the President discreetly ask Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly to produce scripts for Rush Limbaugh to read, to keep him on the reservation, as if he keeps going goofy and playing the cancer card, his lovely daughter he married is not going to have anything of a franchise to inherit.

    If Limbaugh pays me the 13 million plus interest he owes for plagiarizing I would agree to his using the content here as filler, and would not require any mention it is from this blog. Otherwise, the President has to save his campaign from Limbaugh's Chemo Senility as one day Corona is the common cold, the next it is a Commie Plot, the next it is the Media is lying about what Limbaugh said, and the next it is "Don't convict me because I have cancer".

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said



  • Mike are you sure you know how to operate that mask?

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    This blog is disgusted with the majority of thee American People who are not taking this Coronavirus epidemic serious, as by the lack of reviews in posts explaining the necessity of a crackdown to stop the spread of Coronavirus inside the United States, and the reality that the newest case in California is certain now to be from two factors:

    Factor 1: This person was infected by the group of 19 who were released by the CDC which were evacuated out of China.

    Factor 2:This person was infected by a healthcare worker, who did not report they contracted the virus from the China evacuees.

    President Donald Trump has show complete lack of leadership in this. His focus has been on Wall Street profits and is being outmaneuvered by Nancy Pelosi and democrats in this. This is Donald Trump's Waterloo and he made it.

    I will continue to make suggestions for this President, for the sake of thee American People, but he is dealing with children who are self centered asstards who will not take responsibility for their actions, and will blame him for not taking action and blame him for taking action.

    Germany announced today, the spread there is out of control and will not be contained, exactly as this blog stated the main outbreak would occur in Europe to create a new order, as that is what this is all related to.
    As there is no information beyond "Italians" contracting the epidemic, we still do not know if this is in the Saxon population, or Israelite, or if it is outlier genus groups, or if these groups are short term deliberate infections.

    "The infection chains are partially no longer trackable, and that is a new thing," Spahn said on Tuesday. "Large numbers of people have had contact with the patients, and that is a big change to the 16 patients we had until now where the chain could be traced back to the origin in China."

    I firmly believe these stupid Italians and Iranians, were targeted using Interpol visa tracking, and in China were infected by bottled water deliberately, to return to their pods to make clusters, for political reasons.

    As for the Untied States, this blog calls for the March Madness NCAA to be cancelled. This is America's Chinese Lunar New Year, and it will spread this virus.

    I doubt the President has the leadership to undertake this, in placing the Germ Lord in charge in Mike Pence, who then will fall on the sword, be blamed and Nikki Haley will be placed on the GOP ticket for November, so I suggest other realities.

    The Germ Lord must put into effect MANDATORY GUIDELINES, in effect, ALL VENDORS WHO PRODUCE SPORTING, POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS and other gatherings must require people bring their own high quality surgical masks, WHICH MUST BE WORN UPON ENTRANCE, or those masks will be for sale outside the events.
    This means Trump Rallies and Democratic Campaign stops will all have to have masks.

    Australian govt activates its Virus pandemic plan

    In order to enforce this, the people putting on the event will be legally responsible and criminally prosecute if anyone contracts Coronavirus at their event. That means they cover all medical costs.

    Korea is now threatening prison for possible
    coronavirus patients who break #quarantine

    Just as Iran and China are shutting down their gatherings, the United States must shut down ever event, and if there is not that kind of leadership, then the requirement is for a mask at mass gatherings.

    If Donald Trump wills to show some leadership, the advisors who engaged in this virus spread, must be fired and their termination made public. The President keeps these criminals around, and he will be blamed for all of this. He needs to start thinking politically to protect himself, and shift the blame as it should be shifted, or his children are going to have mass tantrums.

    CDC Pandemic Warning - Prepare for School
    Closings and Public Event Cancellations

    Furthermore, those 19 people and California healthcare people must be all quarantined immediately. I again call for that Hawaiian Island which has the leper colony on it, to isolate it, to be turned into an offshore quarantine where every person will be evacuated who is suspected for 6 months, and not released until it is absolutely certain, that they are not Typhoid Mary carriers for the rest of their lives.

    Lastly, President Donald Trump has to stop lying to Americans. The racial identities of the sick are a matter of public health issue now. If this is Chinese with outliers, the public has the right to that information. This placing the public's health at risk for Wall Street or protecting some group will bring the genocide of the world.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The purpose of this post is to take you by the brain and provide you with an understanding of what Coronavirus Wuhan is, as the information in how it came to be, is hidden in propaganda and the worst forms of Mockingbird and the laziness of people who writers who simply will not invest the time to explain how a biological weapon is created.

    The first genesis of biological warfare in modern terms was by my favorite author, Robert Heinlein, in using a radiation weapon against a Pan Asian invasion.

    One of the first modern fictional discussions of ethnic weapons is in Robert A. Heinlein's 1942 novel Sixth Column (republished as The Day After Tomorrow), in which a race-specific radiation weapon is used against a so-called "Pan-Asian" invader

    All of you reading this, have little understanding what Corona is an infective form. It literally is a flu which has infected numerous species beyond humans and bats. There is cow, dog, cat, pig, rat, turkey and rabbit which all have a form of this virus which makes the genus ill.

    I had a dog which would not leave cats alone which had eye infections, and the dog in a depleted state from another condition, actually caught a feline version of this, survived, but went blind in one eye. Transmission is not common, but it is not uncommon either.

    Coronaviridae - Coronaviruses
    ICTV Data
    No Links!
    Family Genus EM Images Example Virus Diseases

    Human Coronavirus - SARS SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
  • Coronavirus
  • vsd11a
    Avian infectious bronchitis virus
    Bovine coronavirus
    Canine coronavirus
    Feline infectious peritonitis virus
    Human coronavirus 299E
    Human coronavirus OC43
    Murine hepatitis virus
    Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus
    Porcine hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus
    Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus
    Rat coronavirus
    Turkey coronavirus
    Rabbit coronavirus
  • Torovirus
  • vsd18a
    an animal Torovirus
    Berne virus
    Breda virus

    The bridge to other species though on a wide scale though is human assisted. To use layman's terms, a virus is placed in the womb of a slide, and in this, the virus which is not a living thing is sliced into sections, and then in these sections are placed at exact extensions the bridges to cross one species or type of illness to another.
    In nature, a person does not get bronchial flu with intestinal flu, as it would kill the person, as a virus in most cases is not designed to kill the host, but to perpetuate the virus, and a virus can not perpetuate if the people, plants or animals are all dead.

    Just remember in the background of reading all of this, that Monsanto has been genetically splicing ANIMAL and algae into crops. This becomes more of a problem in what if a virus or a biological weapon begins propagating in corn and an outlier infects a human? There would be zero defense of this and none of this has been vetted in any of this.

    The hands on of bio weapons for specific races began with the Jews of the holocaust, who began researching in specific Iraqi Arabs, genetic differences between the Ashkenaz and Sephardic Jews and the Arabian populations who were closely related. Differences were discovered and them were virus created to attack only those types of Arabs.

    This drew great attention, but all of the original material has been removed from the internet after propaganda called it all impossible to ever create such a weapon as Coronavirus Wuhan.

    Ethnic bioweapon - Wikipedia

    An ethnic bioweapon ... magazine suggested the possibility of a virus used as an ethnic bioweapon that could sterilize a "genetically-related ethnic population." Israeli "ethno-bomb" controversy. In November 1998, The Sunday Times reported that Israel was attempting to build an "ethno-bomb" containing a biological agent that could specifically .
    There is though real scientific discussion of gene splicing, because gene splicing is a common realitiy in biological community. Germany has been creating insulin using genetic engineering, making people's lives worth living. The problem with this is, the positives are equally useful in harmful ways.

    The basis of all of this is DNA, and in those functions are the building blocks of proteins, bacteria, enzymes and viral coding. A virus is not alive. It is like a thought, which injects itself into a cell, and once in the cell, it begins doing all the thinking of the cell in not allowing it to replicate for the body, but the survival of the virus.
    This is why the body reacts to viruses. The body raises temperatures in fevers, sends out white blood cells to kill the virus, creates tumors, inflames, produces mucous, as it is attempting to isolate and kill what is foreign to the body. This is what you experience in "being sick".

    In developing this "ethno-bomb," the British paper went on, Israeli scientists are trying to exploit medical advances by identifying distinctive genes carried by some Arabs, and then create a genetically modified bacterium or virus. The goal is to use the ability of viruses and certain bacteria to alter the DNA inside the host's living cells. The scientists are trying to engineer deadly microorganisms that attack only those bearing the distinctive genes.
    The secret Israel program is based at the Institute for Biological Research in Nes Tsiona, a small town southeast of Tel Aviv, the main research facility for Israel's clandestine arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.
    A scientist there said the task is very complicated because both Arabs and Jews are of Semitic origin. But he added: "They have, however, succeeded in pinpointing a particular characteristic in the genetic profile of certain Arab communities, particularly the Iraqi people." Diseases could be spread by spraying organisms into the air or putting them in water supplies.

    The Jewish link to this is the bioweapons lab of Nes Tsiona. It was here that the genetic biological weapon industry was born. The reason this was important as while others had developed biological weapons in the Soviet Union, Japan and the United States, they were weapons of enhanced killing structures like super anthrax or super small pox. New diseases were not created, but old ones were enhanced. There were vaccines or treatments available, but the Jews created a new order of holocaust agents in which specific people could be targeted.

    Again, for the propaganda to protect the Jews from their holocaust biological weapon's responsibility, the US Army Command had created journals on this, in order to plan for and deal with genus specific biological weapons. This is not fiction, it is reality. The US Army receives information from think tanks, their weapon's division, forward planning, which then appears to the Joint Chiefs, who issue orders for the Command to begin planning for projected events, and in those scenarios, recommendations are then forwarded to the President and Congress on the political front, to obtain directives and funding in how to protect the United States.
    Command would not be issuing these journals for the Army proper, if this was not coming from the top as a real threat which scientists have assured the President and Joint Chiefs, that this is a real.

    US Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas published information in a journal intended for military personnel called Ethnic Specific Weapons, wherein the history, desirability and possibilities of biological weapons tailored for specific races of human could be genetically engineered to defend a nation against attack.

    Again, this link was archived, but was censored. It was one of the most outstanding public statements by a Secretary of Defense in William Cohen of the Clinton White House admitted the Pentagon was dealing with nations using weather as a weapon, earthquakes as weapons, and nations making human specific biological weapons to kill only that group of humans.

    Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
    So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important.

    Secretary of Defense William Cohen

    The proof of all of this is the following link which is posted here, which explains exactly how a virus is gene spliced. What is of interest in this is, almost EVERY VIRUS on the planet has been logged into a collection. All that is necessary is to gain the virus, take a section out, and with splicing glue, splice that part into a virus.
    In essence this is how Coronavirus Wuhan was created. It was a Bat SARS virus, which was opened up, and inside was spliced in the links necessary to make it human lethal and transmittable. For humans the Bat SARS was spliced in HIV, which is a multi access virus, in being able to attach anything to it. It is like the holy grail or the rosetta stone of virus, as it is plug and play.
    Coronavirus Wuhan also had tuberculosis sectioned in, which is a fungal. This is more than a virus, it is like cancer all grown up, as this virus has a protein bacteria outer spiked offense to attach to sells, and when it put in its viral programming, it unwraps the package of HIV and TB, to both repress the human immune defenses and to cause numerous outlets to infect others from spit to excrement.

    Genes are sequences of DNA that can be broken into functional segments. They also produce a biologically active product, such as a structural protein, enzyme or nucleic acid. By piecing together segments of existing genes in a process called molecular cloning, scientists develop genes with new properties. Scientists perform gene splicing in the lab and insert the DNA into plants, animals or cell lines.

    Why Splice Genes?

    Although some night say it's prudent to leave nature alone, gene splicing offers many advantages for society. Scientists are by far its most frequent users, studying the function of genes and gene products. They add new genes to organisms to make crop plants disease resistant or more nutritious.
    Gene therapy, an active topic of research, provides a new and customized way to fight genetic diseases. This approach is especially useful when small-molecule drugs do not exist. Scientists also use gene splicing to produce protein-based drugs that improve medical care.

    Gene Splicing Process

    A gene is spliced by assembling different gene segments and DNA sequences into a product called a chimera. Scientists join these snippets in a circular piece of DNA called a plasmid.
    Scientists use a complex process to clone genes from an organism's DNA. However, in decades of scientific research, most genes already exist in a plasmid stored in a lab somewhere. Gene segments are cut out of the original DNA and joined to make a new gene. Then, researchers check the new sequence to make sure that its position and orientation in the DNA molecule are correct.

    Coding Regions

    The coding region of the gene defines the product that is produced by the cell; this is almost always a protein. The coding region of a gene can be changed with naturally occurring or artificial mutations. These changes to a cell's DNA change how the cell functions. Scientists can add a tag sequence to track and study gene products in an organism. Gene splicing also creates new gene sequences to create proteins with multiple or entirely new functions.

    Non-coding Regions

    Not all parts of a gene control production of an end product. Non-coding regions are equally important in determining gene function.
    Promoter sequences control the ways that genes are expressed in a cell. These sequences determine whether a gene is always expressed, processes the cell produces a particular nutrient or whether a cell is under stress. The promoter also controls which cells a gene is expressed in. For example, a bacterial promoter will not work if it is moved into a plant or animal cell.
    Enhancer sequences control whether the cell produces many or only a few units of the gene's end product. Other sequences determine how long and how many products linger in the cell and whether the cell excretes end products.

    So in that brief explanation, you understand that a virus is made of nucleic acid, enzymes and proteins, sometimes bacteria. It has codes in which cells to attack and what the expected result is of the attacked cell. Meaning, a virus that requires being spat out, produces phlegm. A virus type like cancer which requires energy, produces hunger.

    I include a human genome chart from Wiki. Not as a great study measure, but as a device to understand the differences in humans in their races and within their races in their DNA. As you can see the more complex DNA actually is the Han or Chinese, while the less complex actually are European.
    With kind of diversity, it is highly likely the Chinese were creating a first strike biological weapon, which would kill humans not like the Han. That has never been discussed in the reality that China was building a weapon which would infect others, but not them. That is the polar opposite of what the Tel Aviv Jews were engaged in. The Jews were trying to kill one Semite race group of people and not any one else. The Chinese were trying to wipe out what would basically be known as Pacific Rim Asians, sub Asians and Europeans, Hamites of India and Africa, all which make up the American population.

    Logic dictates that Corona Wuhan and Mirror, are a like organism. To target genus groups of humans, the bacterial protein spike which infects cells, must have a code placed into the DNA relay. The
    virus spike infects a cell, but a splice in the sequence either triggers the activation of the organism if it recognizes a specific human DNA pattern in the groups infected. Otherwise it is like invading a dog cell, the virus does not recognize even a human as a human.
    Unless the Sequencer recognizes the cell as a target host, it does not activate the rest of the DNA material in the HIV, TB and SARS. The HIV is a bridge for the BAT SARS to infect humans as this retro virus has numerous open ends of lines. The Sequencer must be in place at the beginning of this virus to activate it or unpack the genetic coding.

    The Sequencer in a simple splice as in DNA genetic testing, could be spliced to any human group or subgroup.

    It is projected that the "cure" for this organism would be one which would be an anti bacterial, not in the form of an antibiotic, but an anti bacterial which would break the ability of the protein spike bacteria to invade a cell.

    As HIV has proven, a retro virus is near impossible to neutralize at this technology, so the "cure" would have to be to not produce any more shed off cells in replication, and that would mean stopping the virus protein spike by deforming it.

    That would be the simple model of a virus in one dimensional understanding. This is the workings of a virus in it's form. The key to this transcript splicing or the instructions inside the virus. That instruction is like a computer which overtakes the instructions of a host cell, and makes it begin replicating a million times over as a "sickness".

    Humans and animals have millions of cells dying every day, and are either flushed or consumed by the body. In this, a dog could have a hundred thousand Coronavirus Wuhan in their body, and as the programming does not recognize a dog as host, the infected cells die off and are flushed, and the dog remains healthy.
    For groups of humans though the virus in Corona Wuhan has exhibited two types of released virus in symptoms and not symptoms. This was engineered, not by the Chinese to create shedders or people who shed the virus to spread it. This virus has proven viable outside the human body for over a week, and as the cases emerge in tracking, it is a great deal like Russian biological warfare anthrax.

    To explain the anthrax, the Soviet's had a facility release by accident weaponized anthrax. The anthrax did not make everyone sick. Healthy people lived with anthrax in their lungs, and some people were not killed for months, or until their bodies were weakened by stress, and then the anthrax killed the people. There are realities in Corona Wuhan that this virus just does not just re infect people, but that is lays dormant in people for weeks, meaning people are carrying the virus and then become ill much later.

    This is the basic of the biological weapons creation in the Coronavirus of Wuhan. This virus was beyond anything China could build, as the Chinese mind is not sufficient to create such a mosiac of the perfect killing genus machine. Nature does not produce these types of agents as it wipes out entire species and literally ends the virus cycle.

    This once again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In the global interests of the world, the United States must respond to the biological warfare creations of Iran and China, in the Iranian produced Arabian SARS and the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus, on the diplomatic front, namely President Donald Trump must approach the United Nations and the leading nations of the world to formulate a plan in what to do in the worst case scenario of the China superstate and states like Iran, in the advent that commerce and industry grind to zero, which projects that trade will cease, which means starvation and population implosion will be the result.

    The world can not allow a population the size of China to be starving, responding to a PLA military intent on protecting itself, while moving out to secure food and energy resources, which would further expand the pandemic to continents, and as nations responded, result in nuclear, biological and chemical weapons being engaged as attacked nations responded, and a global war would erupt in China.

    Iran is a specific problem due to the fact of close relations with Russia for defense. How will nuclear Arab, Jewish and American states respond to nuclear Russia gaining control arbitrarily of Iran?

    For this reason, a two fold strategy must be formulated for nations in worst case scenarios of Coronavirus Wuhan implosion.

    China is by far the largest problem, due to population, land size, resistance to intervention and the fact that China's crimes in this, must be kept hidden from the world, as China resists outside assistance.

    As this is worst case scenario, China will have been in meltdown and moving into starvation, and military expansion. In this the United Nations must respond with a peacekeeping force which would be unprecedented in history. What must take place are the remartialling of Chinese transportation and container groups, in order to begin the distribution of food and supplies, as the Chinese must be directed to respond with the basic necessities of dealing with the dead, the protection of drinking water supply and the security of the regions from chaos.
    REGIONS are key in this, as China is far too large to deal with as a complete entity. For that reason, China must be as was Germany at the end of 1945, divided into 4 districts, which would be defined as the Russian Arab sphere, the European sphere, the Indian Indochinese sphere and the American Japanese sphere. China would not be under the control of these nations, but these nations would oversee the food and supply to these districts under the oversight of a very large United Nations peackeeping force.
    Simply put, Russia would have responsibility for north China, Europe, west China, India south China and the United States east China.

    A lend lease system of supplying food and supplies for Chinese assets would provide the structure for this mission.

    For nations such as Iran, the issue would be not as large of international scale, but would be overseen as the Big Five of the United Nations, providing security for Iranian sovereignty. The Big Five would be the United States and Russia having no involvement, but the good offices of Germany, France and India would be the honest brokers which Iran would trust.

    The United Nations will have to change due to this pandemic. China will no longer be viable as a global force at the United Nations, and in that, India msut be placed in this role of leadership, and Germany acting as representative of Europe, will replace the United Kingdom at the United Nations Permanent Security Group.

    President Donald Trump must lead in this as an honest broker, not disenfranchising the rights of the United States a superpower, but understanding that other nations would be better suited to these on ground roles and representations in China, Iran and other states which are in implosion.
    The degradation of China and Iran are in process. They are special attention areas as they would lead to immense problems in their region or on a continental scale. They must be placed into receivership to protect the world from desperate actions.

    The International Community must be led, and that leader must be President Donald Trump, aided by the capable President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

    This is another Lame Cherry white paper policy for the assistance to President Donald Trump as none of his advisors or any leader in this world is projecting this to the necessary groundwork which must be discussed now, so that the world does not have roving populations of starving marauders setting off regional conflicts and global wars.

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  • Thee only effective masks cost 5 billion dollars, too bad for you.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    This blog has laid out the facts that Coronavirus Wuhan was deliberately released by outside forces in Wuhan China, after two "accidents" were used as cover for this contamination.
    The fact is, this was a time release to coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year.

    Another event is about to overtake the United States like the Chinese New Year, and that is the March Madness NCAA Tournament, where literally hundreds of thousands of college children, alumnus and their parents will be gathering across America from Donald Trump's Pentagon and CDC infesting America with Corona plague by creating hot spots in California, Texas and Nebraska.

    California is developing into a Ground Zero, and there is absolutely not any way that the President can allow tens of thousands of Californians to gather in playoff arenas, containing tens of thousands of fans, and in metropolitan areas of millions, as one spreader could in a few days infect hundreds of thousands and set off an epidemic which could never be contained, all over Kobe Bryant basketball.

    For this reason, the President must order his Germ Lord, in Vice President Mike Pence to cancel the NCAA tournament, as it would be madness to allow this continue.

    The fact is as this blog warned first, what happens if Muslims or Chinese, who have ample feces material from living hosts, smuggle themselves into America under diplomatic passports, and infect a bottled water supply at an arena or start spraying President Donald Trump's 'hand rails' which he mentioned and a real terror event spreads this epidemic.

    For political reasons, the Vice President should do this, as in taking the blame, the President can then remove him from the Republican ticket and replace him. At this juncture it would be Nikki Haley at the RNC convention, who would then take over as Germ Lordess, and by summer, it would be hoped this crisis would have been passed, due to the NCAA being cancelled in March Madness.

    This is where real leadership appears, because President Donald Trump due to his bowing to Wall Street did not take the measures months ago to stop this virus from coming into America, but instead by the Pentagon and CDC brought infected people into the American Heartland. This is his responsibility and now the groundwork has effectively been laid for the United States to have a Chinese Lunar New Year spread which will not be contained due to the human traffic which comes from college child's game for immense monetary profits.

    The threat of this epidemic is not worth a basketball tournament, and if the President does not act, and this does spread, he is finished politically.

    This is once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • I made Mike Pence, Germ Lord, as he has the only surgical mask,
    and he watched allot of the soap opera, The Doctors, back in the day.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I am doing my best to go beyond Donald Trump's masterful protection for Coronavirus after he has known this has been taking place for 3 months in you are to WASH YOUR HANDS.

    A nation with supposedly the best, can only muster Mike Pence as Germ Lord and Donald Trump telling you to wash your hands as leadership.

    I am going to provide here a functional and successful Government plan to protect their people, and that is the Government of Taiwan. Living next to the bio weapon factory of China, Taiwan within weeks of Coronavirus, instituted massive protections and included the people with information, and it is working against Coronavirus.

    Even though Taiwan has not been kept officially informed by the WHO about the epidemic, the Taiwanese government promptly undertook measures to prevent the spread of the virus in Taiwan in late December last year, and organized the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) in January 2020. Since the set-up of the CECC, it has been holding a press conference almost every day to announce the latest policy and information on the epidemic, and to clarify rumors that are circulating on social media. The Taiwanese government also uses digital tools to communicate with the public amid the virus outbreak. For example, Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare and many Taiwanese politicians of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have used their official social media accounts on outlets like Facebook, LINE, and YouTube to keep the public well informed on everything from the number of available face masks to the updated policy.
    Taiwan's active civil society also plays a critical role in this crisis. To save people time in looking for stores selling face masks, a Taiwanese software engineer built an online real-time map that can show where masks are stocked in convenience stores and drugstores across the island. Following this idea, Digital Minister Audrey Tang, a coordinator between the government and private sector, rapidly developed a better version of the information platform with government data.
    Another case of civic participation is the engagement of Taiwanese fact-check institutions and groups, including Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC) and MyGoPen. They make an effort to fact-check and correct disinformation or misinformation on the epidemic, which mostly circulates online, meanwhile disseminating the right information to the public as third-party independent institutions.
    Armed with transparent and sufficient information on the coronavirus epidemic, Taiwanese people actively follow the government's policies and take actions to curb the spread of virus individually by washing hands and wearing masks.

    Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    California has First Phantom Coronavirus Patient

    I am going to post here the best intelligence I have received as the propaganda blackout from President Donald Trump has been complete is CBS local San Francisco, published on their homepage a series of reports. I took a screen grab of them and the content is vital in this.

    I do not believe that CBS would engage in racism, as California is anal about this, that is why the photos in the stories matter. I have highlighted them in RED and the photos are vital, as they are showing CHINESE GENUS AMERICANS OR THEIR DEPENDENTS.
    This is the group which is sick and is spreading the virus.

    I post this not to target Chinese Americans, but to give each of you something to hang on to. I can tell you that you are being lied to in the Solano County California transmission of the virus in COMMUNITY SPREAD. Solano County is where Travis Air Force Base is, where infested evacuees from Wuhan China were just released into the community after just 14 days of quarantine.
    THIS IS WHERE THIS VIRUS CAME FROM in the CDC let the SHEDDER loose. Two other Travis evacuees are in the hospital showing Coronavirus contamination BUT NO SYMPTOMS.

    At this moment, CBS is revealing these are CHINESE Americans or dependents who are sick, not Caucasoid or Negroid genus.


    This is something to at least hang on to for the United States as Donald Trump has waited 3 months to act due to believing lying Xi of China and worrying about the Stock Market rather than you. Donald Trump is going to be crucified in this when this spreads deliberately beyond the China Cluster by democrats.

    We are being lied to in this, and this blog and others have proven that. This President is suppressing information, to protect Goldman Sachs, not you. The President knows what the genus of the infected are and has suppressed this.

    If President Donald Trump wants to be trusted, then he must come clean with thee American People and name, and then fire who those people in his regime are who brought infected people out of China into the American Mainland.

    Come clean on this Mr. President.

    My best advice at this date, is to stay away from Chinese as this is who CBS California is showing as the infected race.

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    America has a SHEDDER or a product contact Californian now in quarantine at Sacramento California, meaning this person has not had any contact with anyone who had Corona, and the contamination is a mystery.

    The CDC has a pointy headed term for this in COMMUNITY SPREAD, but the reality is there are only 4 points of contact in this.

    A statement from CDC confirmed the first possible instance of 'community spread' in the US Wednesday evening.
    'At this time, the patient's exposure is unknown. It's possible this could be an instance of community spread of COVID-19, which would be the first time this has happened in the United States. Community spread means spread of an illness for which the source of infection is unknown,' the statement said.
    The CDC did not rule out that the patient may have been in contact with a case that is yet to be confirmed.
    'It's also possible, however, that the patient may have been exposed to a returned traveler who was infected,' the statement said.
    'This case was detected through the U.S. public health system — picked up by astute clinicians. This brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in the United States to 15.'
    Officials are now tracing the infected individual's contacts to see how they may have been infected and if any other individuals may be at risk.
    'It is a confirmed case. There is one in Northern California,' CDC spokesman Scott Pauley told The Sacramento Bee just before 4 p.m. Wednesday.

    1. There is either a SHEDDER, a Typhoid Mary who is infecting people that this person came into contact with.

    2. This person touched something in a product, a food or the mail which carried the virus.

    3. A terrorist took the virus from a sick person, and infected this Californian as a test.

    4. The infected people which the President brought into California, breathed into the air and in a butterfly effect, the wind carried this germ hundreds of miles.

    This blog hopes it is something which I have been projecting in those who created this virus for their own agenda, created a series of virus, some to punish the criminal biological creates of Wuhan in China and Iran, some to produce a political necessity as in Italy, and what I term outliers, a mirror Coronavirus, not as lethal, but from the Balkans to California are targeted to select candidates in order to produce the political outcome expected.

    President Donald Trump has gone like Rush Limbaugh from this Corona being harmless, to the President now has appointed Mike Pence as his Virus Czar. This is 60 days too late and now the President is reacting and Rush Limbaugh is exposed as a fool due to cancer medications have him rambling about the lamest conspiracy theories and disregarding all medical facts.

    The stance Donald Trump is engaged in, will continue to drive the stock market down, create shortages in the United States and produce a United States with zero growth.

    The President has offered zero assurances to Americans in what they need to hear, and his Vice President has not geared this to establishing the production of goods for American needs, and the necessity of Americans promised if they do get sick, they are going to be cared for FOR FREE and not lose their jobs.

    14% of Chinese infected are reinfecting. This is a biological warfare germ. It produces a secondary infection rate to keep infecting the population as it mutates.

    Donald Trump has let Americans down. His political correctness has his CDC hiding the racial identities of the sick, including this most troubling case in California as Corona has spread in the United States. I repeat the threshold has been crossed, Corona has spread in the United States. If a human deliberately spread this, the consequences are going to devastating.

    Donald Trump wasted two months, believing the lies of Peking and being more concerned about Goldman Sachs profits than American safety.
    Expect now from the infected dumped into Nebraska and Texas that cases of "community spread" will manifest.

    The answer NOT THE QUESTION which this President and his Germ Czar must be made to answer is, "The United States has been contaminated by liberal Californians ruining the Northwest, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana in fleeing that shit hole. Californians with the goddamn money and open state borders are going to be fleeing to other states spreading this "community spread".

    California must be quarantined. I repeat travel restrictions must be immediately be in place that no Californian will be allowed out of that state, and only trucking be allowed in. Furthermore, every piece of mail and merchandise from California MUST be disinfected.

    This President is not going to engage in these necessary policies, and I can promise that Germ Czar Pence has not even thought of any of this.

    US Border Patrol Get Respirators To Deal With Infected
    Chinese Invaders Coming Across Border - Trump Has
    Had 3 Years To Use The Military To Control The Border

    The President must order a SHOOT TO KILL ORDER on the United States Border immediately.

    Nuff Said


  • 14% of recovered coronavirus patients in China's
    Guangdong tested positive again

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The Lame Cherry reaches out to the Trump trolls who still monitor this blog, and once again, asks that the President consider that he is handling this Coronavirus situation 65% wrong.

    The President is correct in not alarming the public nor the markets. He was right in shutting down Chinese flights to America. He has though received nothing but bad advice on the important issues, and that is this virus has just begun. He should NEVER have allowed infected Americans back on lower 48 soil, which is not what Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan would have ever permitted. The CDC and Pentagon look to be angling to spreading this virus inside America for globalists, and Donald Trump is going to get all the blame in this on his actions.

    The President is at plus 70% in deluded Americans think he can stop this virus. This virus is bigger than America. There are already massive shortages in Chinese produced goods. As a friend informed me, American makers have been lying about "made in America" and orders from China have been cancelled and credit card companies are having a nightmare in refunding money to Americans.
    That backwash has just started, and when Americans can not get things they need, they are going to be pissed as pissed as when Jimmy Carter caused gas shortages in the United States, and Donald Trump will be blamed.

    I have posted what the President needs to do, so show Americans he is ahead of this. I also have advocated that the President sit down, talk to thee American People as Ronald Reagan would, and tell them we are in this together and that no one is going to be destroyed financially from Coronavirus. He can insure the markets and insure a Franklin Roosevelt type American production to fill in Chinese goods as in World War II. This President wants MAGA, he can make the Corona response MAGA and corporate will love it.

    Monday, February 24, 2020

    Rush Limbaugh Assures Nation "Coronavirus is the Common Cold"

    The problem for the President is his Kushner media, which is drawing blood on those exposing the threat of Coronavirus, and trying to tell everyone to whistle through the graveyard. The worst of these is medal wearer Rush Limbaugh who yesterday in his cancer brain fuzz thoughts told the world that Corona was just the common cold, which it is not an then started going off on media for using this against Trump in 2020. This time the media is not involved in Fake News and Rush Limbaugh is, and it is going to bite Donald Trump in the ass.
    I repeat, the President promised a vaccine for a virus which is like HIV for which there is not a vaccine. What is this President going to do, send out police to force people to be injected? The President does that and he is finished politically and it will be President Bernie Sanders.

    What followed was this diatribe of propaganda, which does the President not any good. These damned lies of "No one in American has died yet", hides the skewed facts of those who keep saying that the flu has killed more people. Yes the flu has killed more people, but millions of more people have had the flu and been exposed to it.
    Sorry Mr. Limbaugh, all of us do not have a billion dollars squirrlled away as CIA Mockingbird stooge for the swamp state so that we can afford the best medical treatment or fly off on our private jet to some pedo island to escape when American is a festering snot ball from Coronavirus.

    If though you factor the statistics coming out of Iran and Italy, Corona is running a death rate of over 35%. That is far beyond the flu, and we are just getting started in this. No one has any idea what has taken place in China. Some reports that a million Chinese are already dead.
    There is another fact that one of the swammie media was quoting yesterday as some great news, in most people are sick 2 weeks, the worst cases 4 to 6 weeks. Ah no one can afford to be off work, isolated or in intensive care on a respirator for 6 weeks. If intensive care is 3000 dollars a day, that is 21,000 dollars a week or 126,000 dollars for 6 weeks just to survive. The United States can not afford nor does it have the space to provide respirators for 40,000 people, let alone 40 million dying people.

    Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the agency's director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said in a press briefing on Tuesday that the time for Americans to begin preparing for a potential outbreak of the virus is now, although officials believe the immediate threat to the public remains low.
    "As more and more countries experience community spread, successful containment at our borders becomes harder and harder," Messonnier said. "Ultimately, we expect we will see community spread in this country. It's not so much a question of if this will happen anymore, but rather more a question of when this will happen, and how many people in this country will have severe illness."

    Since when is it a bad thing to tell people to be prepared so they do not have water and food during a quarrantine? Since Trump's media blitz scorches everyone who is trying to save American lives.

    Tucker Expert - Chinese Govt says CoViD Virus
    Escaped From A Chinese Lab In Wuhan - Watch

    Is Tucker Carlson now a threat to America for finally confirming what the Lame Cherry exclusively stated from the beginning of this that this was Chinese bioweapon.

    This Lame Cherry has made a point that people weak from cancer treatments or the elderly can not survive 2 to 6 weeks in that kind of illness. The fact is that America is laden with old people, unlike China and Iran where people just die. America is a hot zone for killing elderly people by Corona. Again to compare it to flu, which lasts 3 to 5 days and is knocking off more people than Corona, those cases are the elderly and infirmed, Corona will have body piles once it gets loose in nursing homes or retirement communities. Just imagine 3 weeks of old people with diarrhea and not able to get out of bed, and that excrement is all Corona virus laden. This is a nightmare as no one is going to take the job to clean up toxic zones like this.

    This is what the Lame Cherry assesses, and the President has to revamp what he has been doing as it is going to bury him politically. He has to think of this as gearing up for a global war in production, as one Peter Navarro is not the answer in any of this looking at surgical masks.

    To review this, the guy that President Trump gave a medal to, one day says Corona is a cold virus, and the next he is saying Corona is Chinese biological weapon. Rush Limbaugh is suffering from chemo cancer brain dysfunction, and these parrots in the media taking the King has No Clothes defense in rallying around Donald Trump are compounding this to the President's political harm.

    I can not believe that Cory Lewandowski has signed off on anything this unPresidential.

    My request in this is simple, the President appoints Bill Bennet of the Reagan administration, to be the civilian director of implementing the United States military assessment and filing of all US production assets and commodities, and then coordinate with America's conglomerates to begin production, not competition for the requirements of America, in a nationalized direction as was undertaken in World War I and II.
    I strongly suggest that Vice President Dan Quayle begin negotiations with Argentina, Brazil, India, Japan and Australia, to include them in this trade group in areas to take some of the burden off of American production in a quid pro quo. This will benefit the markets in the United States, and set a new trade group.

    This blog is helping this President, even though he has not earned it, and he abandoned me like a cheap whore after the work done here to elect him President. The reason is, this is about the survival of American Protestants, and what will take place when the United States is crippled like China from the Corona backwash. Donald Trump is President and will be extolled and admonished to progress his policies as they are inadequate in response, because if he does not become engaged as President, then this blog will remind daily everyone how he was provided the solutions and his people did not provide him the advice which was required.

    Donald Trump is basing his Coronavirus policy on Steve 30 pieces of Silver Mnuchin of Goldman Sachs and Cancer treatment brain delusion Rush Limbaugh. Placing your 2020 prospects on a Shylock and a Nut is not going to resonate in "Let them Eat Corona" come November. If Donald Trump continues on this course, and America melts down, as the markets can drop to 12,000 points on 20 days, this President will face a brokered convention and he will be denied the Republican nomination.

    Nom de Deus, just be the understanding father to idiot American children like you are to Ivanka, and the people will love you, because these American children are going to blame you till hell freezes over for not having chips and bottled water for them come summer.

    Once again, this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As an information link, Dean Koontz published a most interesting Mockingbird scenario of a deadly virus having been manufactured in Wuhan China around 2020.

    For the record in the time line, this Wuhan 400 is thee original virus meant to be deployed against Indians, Americans and Japanese as a first strike biological weapon.

    It was replaced as this blog has noted by 2 viruses of the Bat SARS group, similar but a far more complex and advanced. China is not intelligent or developed enough to create Coronavirus Wuhan or the Mirror, as these virus are too complex, and specifically they are genus precision biological bombs.

    Saturday, February 22, 2020

    It is an Obama Weapon's Labratory in China which produced Coronavirus!

    Not even with a traitor Jew and 30 pieces of silver could the PLA have produced this organism which is not a virus at all.

    I had better be right about this virus by God's Grace or none of you rich people reading this are going to be donating. Every one of you is going to be rotting where you drop otherwise, with your next appearance before being sent to hell, offering lame excuses why you did not make the 350,000 dollar donation to the Lame Cherry when you were still in this world.

    As it requires stating, it was Barack Obama's regime which built the Harvard laboratory in Wuhan to make the Wuhan 400 batch. It completed this, but the Wuhan 400 was replaced before it could be used as a first strike against India, Japan and America. More designer virus have already been seeded and spreaders have been infecting entire nations.
    The United States though was not behind this. President Donald Trump has been a complete ignorant in this, in allowing his Pentagon and CDC to spread this virus for the swamp globe inside the United States. This President is slowing realizing the problem, but he does not have anyone who is capable of delivering the advice he needs.

    I probably should inquire of the matrix in this on projections as there is an impending shockwave which will rip through America as this is just beginning.

    Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    Cherrystone Files: Coronavirus Wuhan


  • Donald Trump must be Pharaoh and needs a Joseph to stop the Corona Famine

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    President Donald Trump has once again been manipulated and provided bad advice from his advisors over the Coronavirus Wuhan. The announcing of a victory lap, before the pandemic hit was bad image.
    The dumping of infected people into Omaha Nebraska to spread the virus to the interior, exposed his Pentagon, CDC and others were working for the swamp state, and not protecting the President nor Americans.
    It was pure folly to jet the President off to India, for treaty signing with the plague just a few miles away raging in China.

    I do not criticize the President, but post those examples of how he had been betrayed, and how India looks like someone trying to make Mike Pence president to be defeated by screeching Hillary or wailing Bernie.

    This post though is about a white paper reality concerning China for the foreseeable future, which the United States and the world must deal with. China is dying economically in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord. China is dead in manufacturing in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord. China is in the morgue concerning trade in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord. What that all adds up to, is China in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord, already could not feed itself in agricultural production, so the limited food production China was engaged in, is going to be reduced because dead people and people locked up in apartments do not plant crops nor harvest them.

    The world can not feed China's 1.4 billion and declining due to pandemic virus population. It can not afford that kind of tapeworm. This means that China must be brought to the table, not by the United States, but by the world food producers and as in lend lease in World War II under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, China is going to have to make an accounts balance for the food it will require.

    What the Lame Cherry suggests to President Donald Trump is two bargaining cooperatives, led by the United States. This is of necessity for future payments to the world rural community, in order to assemble a safe and dependable food supply. The producers will no longer be hostage to Chicago commodity or London pricing, instead this blog promotes for the Soybean producers of the world, which China is the consumer, that the United States, Brazil, Argentina with additional members form, ACOP, American Co Operative, where the combined grain harvests are pooled and sold at their market prices as OPEC controls oil flow in the Mideast and Russia.

    This blog advocates another production cooperative in REACOP, the Russian European American Co Operative, which would be a primary wheat producer with cross trade partnerships as France produces soybeans, in that nation would be allowed to market in ACOP as a nation as Australia would be an extension in the wheat production marketing coop for the world.

    It would be advisable in this to have a SAACOP of South Asian American Co Operative for rice production, involving Indian high market rice, Vietnamese production, along with American production.

    It would be this united marketing group, which would then define to China a payment schedule which would on Lend Lease guidelines produce the following:

    Chinese gold as fair trade at set market values.

    Chinese owned debt of other nations at market values.

    Chinese warehoused goods at market values.

    China can not be allowed to starve and China can not be allowed to not pay it's bills. The world economy requires a balance of payments when a balance of trade is not in effect.

    While it remains to be seen how far the Coronavirus of Chinese origin will affect Africa, the fact is that Africa will soon have 2 billion non working people, and in this, it is a necessity in this that Europe, being a colonial guide, should under German leadership undertake AAECOP, the American African European Co Operative for food production in the bread basket of Africa, to secure and market food to Africans.
    Africa can not be allowed to be a non governing Continent only consuming resources like a cancer which China has been.

    The President could in a crisis short period of time with other producers create these governing bodies of marketing food and making certain that consuming groups paid for this food.

    There must be a rapid response in this, as a hungry China is not going to sit in China with their plague spreaders, as Vietnam is already being overrun with Chinese refugees. To eat, the PLA will arm their masses and march them out and begin seizing food, causing a mass starvation of Indochina and India. Coronavirus Wuhan could literally starve 1 billion Chinese, 1 billion Indians and 1 billion Indonesians by Chinese seizing food.
    It does not end with Asia, as Russia has food supply, and China will march for that source of food too, and Russia will protect herself with nuclear arms, but what if Peking has already produced a Russian Coronavirus to genocide Russians for their food and oil? The fact is with a rogue China at large, most of Europe and all of Asia will be depopulated by starvation and war. It is in this, that President Donald Trump must produce leadership on this seemingly unimportant area in a global dynamic, but the fact is the cancer of China is a global Armageddon.

    China must be brought to the table by European, Asian, American and Australian producers, and informed of the balance of payments and requirements

    As this President has not been served in the least for almost four years, the world is over the abyss at this time, and orderly progression must be promoted or disorder will end this in China destroying most of the world and most of the civilized world with it.

    This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    One would think that Trump medal awardee Stage 4 Limbaugh, would in his cancer treatment haze would have known that President Trump just asked for two and half billion dollars to battle Coronavirus, because Limbaugh engaged in criminal verbal conduct yesterday in telling his half brains that Coronavirus is just the common cold.

    A little late, Donald - Trump asks Congress for $2.5
    billion to fight outbreak But The Horses Have Left The Barn

    I understand the President does not want to alarm the public as Italy is now in meltdown panic over Corona, but the fact is that Trump's Mary Sunshine strategy is not what Americans need, as they are delusional about this, and when Corona does break in America, Donald Trump is going to be blamed.

    WaPost - Trump Told Advisers He Doesn't Want To
    Do Anything Or Say Anything Much About CoViD Pandemic
    That Could Further Harm The Markets...And His Reelection

    I have laid out what the President needs to do in assessing supplies and assuring all people will receiver treatment.

    President Trump: Coronavirus 'under control' in U.S. oann

    What is bothersome in the Mockingbird is minders are still posting China propaganda, but woven in are the FACTS that people who contract Corona in a mild case require 2 weeks to recover. Severe cases require 4 to 6 weeks. No one has that kind of health coverage, and no one can be off work that long. Donald Trump is urged by this blog to start directing orders to his agencies to assist thee American people. If Americans see Donald Trump cares, they will forgive him and elect him in November to be their daddy again.

    The fact is though the President can not assure a virus vaccine will solve anything. There is not a vaccine for the common cold and not a vaccine for HIV. Corona is both of those and this bring to the FOCUS, what is Donald Trump going to do, FORCE AMERICANS TO GET VACCINATED?

    That will destroy him politically as his voters are against vaccines.

    Trump Says U.S. 'Very Close' To Creating Coronavirus Vaccine - Blunt Force Truth bluntforcetruth

    I was asked if oregano oil would help as it is effective on RNA virus. I would say try it, but there is a great deal that I can not say here, except in bits and pieces, as I do not want any more visits.
    I would say stock up on American supplies. I have zero faith in medical masks. Wear gloves and wash them when shopping and opening doors. Bleach and disinfectants. I have already laid out about swabbing ears, nose and gargling, and washing your hands, understanding the mail is all over the place, and to stop exposing yourselves to the virus.

    I was asked this too.

    India hasn't been effected by Coronavirus. I am watching Trump go around the world collecting money from those who owe use. We owe China money. Is India about to become the next big creditor to the US? Would be consistent with much of your hypothesis. I feel like the body count is high enough to accelerate decoupling the world from the Asian supply chain but underwealming otherwise. I also feel like there is a "canary trap" in all the internet discussions of this as well. This is a set up for something bigger in a year or two and this is a trial run. How can such an event be made profitable, how can communication be controlled. Thoughts?

    I have informed all of you, to stop looking at this as Americacentric. View this from a central European vantage point. It makes more sense. It also is a reality that this virus is making political decisions, meaning it is thinking. That means someone is using this as a surgical strike, that means they know it's limitations. That means if I am right, the United States will emerge from this a crippled, but nuclear power, a Russia type nation. If I am wrong, 90% will die.
    I am not going to go into greater details in my observations of cause and effect, because I am not about to rock the boat for the powerful people who would be behind this, to make them have to create a diversionary show, to throw a clinker in the logical progression.

    For myself, I am resigned with TL. If we die, Heaven is not something I am going to be upset about. I believe the outcome is different, and that numbers of people will die, but it will be specific groups.

    At this point, I return to the posts on this, and by God's Grace I have been 100% accurate about this virus in what it is, it's progression and the reasoning behind it. No one should forget in this, that Iran created the base virus by Dr. Germ. China stole this virus to create a first strike biological weapon against America, Japan and India. Those are high crimes, and what is taking place is justice. Those behind this though are not interested in justice. The process is about restoring the order.

    President Trump: Coronavirus 'under control' in U.S.

    Finally as I have had a disturbing and shitty day, there are not but a small portion of the elderly and sick in America, who can survive 2 weeks of Corona or endure a 6 week recovery. It is not the healthy who will die, but the weak and old.
    None of you reading this remember the Polio Summer. People locked their doors. The economics then were affordable as food was produced and delivered locally. That is not the case now, and while I doubt the President has any advice in this worth a damn, the key to a national quarantine will be World War II, rationing of gas. The pumps will be dried up, and only delivery will receive their quotas. Work will take on an entirely new meaning and the dolts who think a car is a relief to boredom will have an empty tank, as travel and contact is what spread the virus in China. This will be the case in the United States if clusters appear in a wide spread genus groups.
    The oil barons would rather have you dead than exposed, so they will work to expose you, and in that is a key to do the rich know they are going to survive?

    Don't forget to donate you rich people, as the markets are falling and the United States on spreading this virus internally is about to have the sky fall too.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In observing Bernie Sanders, let me warn all of you of something. As good as Donald Trump is at WWE redneck theater, Bernie Sanders offers a polished version. He is sharp and crisp if he has time and he can undercut Donald Trump like an Eskimo gutting a walrus.

    Bernie wants to blow up things. The Pentagon likes blowing up things as it expands budgets and gives generals the light of adoration they so lust after.

    The best scenario for Donald Trump is Jew Michael Bloomberg doing a hatchet job at the DNC, and Hillary Clinton going in and stealing the show from Bernie again.
    Bunghole Pete is not something a nation will put their anal fate in. Warren and Klobuchar are of no consequence. Bernie could try Klobuchar, but an ugly Jew with a horse face woman will not elect. The only ticket that would prevail would be Hillary as the presidential nod and Bernie as the Vice President. Again Hamrod hacking up lungs and Bernie dying of heart attacks weakly has no comfort for democrats.

    The real show is Bernie leading up to the DNC and if he gets out of that Cassius Crew, he is going to have more problems from liberals not wanting to live in Bernie Red Square of the state robbing them, than with Donald Trump.
    Crazy Bernie is not going to work as a put down. Bernie Sanders is sharp when he has time to draw the knife and stick it in. Bernie Sanders will be done in by democrats, not by Donald Trump.

    Jewish Press

    Short assessment, but unless Biden can stop his sinking in South Carolina, he will have people voting for him, just to try and stop Bernie, and that does not make for a campaign to win the White House.

    Webster Griffin Tarpley was correct in stating the DNC would be split, and it is splitting from within and Donald Trump is dividing the spoils, and I hope that the Negro gets a fair deal from Donald Trump as Bush fam screwed Blacks over for 12 years which helped democrats take the White House.

    Democrats have preached radical communism, indoctrinated children with it in schools, bent over backwards for Marxist Obama, and when a democrat majority rises up again, and this is the second time they have moved to choose Bernie Sanders, the socialists in the democratic party are now horrified that they have a leader who wants to confiscate all their wealth, blow the stuffing out nations, obliterate the right wing guns so the police state will have free operations against the DNC suits, and actually make these rich brats go into service jobs picking nits off each other like the Mexicans and Muslims.

    This shit all started with those Kennedy boys. They were the same closet Kremlinites as Dwight Eisenhower, same damned policies, like most policies from America have been Hitler Nazi policies in national socialism.
    It has come full circle as the Republicans all have the same socialism, and that is the odd part of it in the Hitlerites in America are the ones joining with the Cocktail Crowd Communists along with that fraud image Obama to stop the first genuine communist in Bernie Sanders trying to take off the leftist whore sheets to show the Soviet Whore America has become.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I do not know about you, but for me, the Lord communicates with me and I do a great deal of wasted communication with me. The reality is though, God knows that I am nothing, and as long as I know I am not anything without Him, He is kind to me, which is of great benefit in a brier patch existence.

    See the thing is for those who sit in the good lives and have been cheating me, and cheating God, it is the times when the shit hits the fan that all of their portfolios, power and nice things mean nothing. There are allot of very rich people dead in China, on cruise ships, Italy and wherever from the Corona Pandemic. It proves what I have stated for years here, in money does not make a good germ barrier and in the end the germs get you and as you rot on the lawn, the poor folk rummage in your house and haul away every god you desired.

    This is not about you, about me, in the guarantee that the Holy Ghost just gave me.

    Psalm 27:5-6

    5 For in the day of trouble He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His sacred tent and set me high upon a rock. 6 Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me; at His sacred tent I will sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the Lord.

    God promises to keep me safe from pandemic, terrorism, war, and human vermin, everything. His sacred tent is His covering, of His Word and Holy Angels. I will prevail as the world falls apart and be set above all of it. God does not say it will be a walk in park, but He says He will protect me and I trust in His Word.
    In the end while others will be in fetal position terror, I will be exalting God in His reckoning upon the masses, as they will get what they have done to others.

    I accept God in the Holy Ghost at His Word. As I stated I have no idea what most of you are going to do. The Faithful to me have my reward from God, and God's protection upon them. Those who have sat in their internet smugness, have a gauntlet in the Last Days to move through and the gauntlet wins.

    Do not be concerned about my ruling over you, in whether I will be harsh or benevolent, as you will be dead. Where I will be is an entirely different group of people than you.
    The fact is though you are so hardened that none of this is going to get through to you and you will get what you have placed into this world.
    I do have to state though, that you should change, change meaning, bowing to Jesus and following all of His orders, caring for others, and at this point, as you really need to cut off your idoliotry, to quote Jesus in, 'Go and sell all you have and give it to the poor". What is money going to be worth with you rotting on the lawn and in hell eh?

    Then maybe if you have a relationship with Christ, He may in time start making promises to you. I don't know how much time you have though, as that is not my concern as you made your reality and you are to blame.

    Most of you had absolutely zero compassion about any of my debt, sickness, attacks upon me, in fact numbers of you in curses made things worse, so you have a great deal to answer for and will answer for your actions, multiplied.

    I though have Christ's Promise......and you have a portfolio.

    Now who is the smart investor?

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I am posting this to not be satirical, but to help President Donald Trump, even though he does not deserve this blog's help again ever, and he has not earned a second term as he did not remove Obamacare from the law books, did not cut taxes for Americans as he promised to no one paying taxes who earned under 50,000 dollars and did not produce a national Constitutional Carry Law.

    What Donald Trump is facing are riots in the streets, set off by Bernie Sanders voters targeting him or going reactionary when the nomination is stolen from him. Those riots are nothing, until they are overlaid with the reality of Coronavirus.
    71% of Americans believe the government can contain this virus, a virus which the Pentagon and CDC dumped into Omaha Nebraska, a virus which has had self quarantine which is ludicrous, and a virus that Mr. Trump was declaring victory over and the wave has not yet even begun in America. The United States is currently at December 1st 2019, where China was at the beginning of the outbreak there.

    Donald Trump has made absolutely blundering statements in which he will be crucified with, which will feed riots and drive him from office.

    Trump says coronavirus is 'under control,' stocks look 'good' nypost

    The Stock Market dropped 1000 points in one day, two weeks of that kind of good and America will tank financially, and all of the retirement portfolios depending on stock pay outs, will crash, which will mean millions of elderly who will not have any money to live on.
    One Corona cluster going active in the United States, and it will crash the medical system in that region. It is WINTER in America, and people can not be put into FEMA tent camps and the disaster of thousands of sick people with diarrhea in a National Guard Armory is what a Trump campaign needs for election coverage.

    Donald Trump's election team is out of touch, behind the ball on this, and as disconnected as his advisors who are telling him to say things which will ruin him like George W. Bush in Mission Accomplished.

    Most of us have focused on the virus, but there is just as deadly of a reality in this, and that is China is not exporting anything. Their production is shut down, and will be for the foreseeable future. Chinese are re infecting. Chinese will not go to work. Chinese if they go to work will spread the pandemic again.
    China is dead and a dead China is death to the Trump Campaign if this President does not get out in front of this, lagging as Herbert Hoover did in the Great Depression, declaring victory too.

    There are going to be mass shortages in the United States, as the Bush family, with Clinton and Obama, made China a monster in world production by shipping all the jobs overseas. Walmart is supplied by China.
    Even if Chinese exports could reach you, do you really want to buy anything made in China after it had the plague coughed on it?

    Vitamins and pharmaceuticals are supplied to the United States by China. What happens when you need a pain reliever and none are available expect brand names at high prices and you do not have the money?

    Here is a list of China made goods. Take any one of these top 10 out of the United States and suddenly your lights start going out, your computers quit working, your batteries are gone, your cell phones have vanished and sprays to keep the mosquitoes down are gone and you have a plague of West Nile all summer.

    1. Electrical machinery, equipment: US$664.4 billion (26.6% of total exports)
    2. Machinery including computers: $430 billion (17.2%)
    3. Furniture, bedding, lighting, signs, prefab buildings: $96.4 billion (3.9%)
    4. Plastics, plastic articles: $80.1 billion (3.2%)
    5. Vehicles: $75.1 billion (3%)
    6. Knit or crochet clothing, accessories: $73.5 billion (2.9%)
    7. Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet): $71.4 billion (2.9%)
    8. Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $71.4 billion (2.9%)
    9. Articles of iron or steel: $65.6 billion (2.6%)
    10. Organic chemicals: $59.8 billion (2.4%)

    How about when you car needs repairs, and you discover that it can not be fixed as there are no longer spare parts? Suddenly all of this starts hitting home, inflation begins mounting as the millions of Mexicans imported by John Kelly for Donald Trump are taking up your supplies, and you are stuck walking to the voting booths.
    Just who does Donald Trump think is going to vote for him, as he remained silent, did not get out in front of this, as Americans begin to riot, his police state starts shooting people because Omaha has been quarantined and outbreaks are occurring in Kansas City, Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas and Memphis, because Donald Trump allowed in infected people to the American heartland.

    Who will Americans blame? Some dork at CDC? Some tin star General, or Donald Trump, because he had no sense to question his advisors about how stupid their operational agenda was in endangering Americans.

    The problem of China is the problem of Asia, and Americas problem is if it is not importing junk from China, the better grade materials are coming in from South Korea and Japan, which are in the process of having their own epidemics.
    Thee entire global economy has already been in an Obama recession. It will soon be degrading to a depression, where you will not be able to buy tires for your car, a replacement battery for your computer, a cell phone replacement or thousands of other things, because China was allowed to become the hub of manufacturing.

    Donald Trump can take his victory lap in India to rub China's nose in it, in a new Indian American trade deal, but China is going to get the last laugh in this, as Donald Trump did not frame this in American national security and the need to diversify from Chinese domination of supplying the United States.

    2Broadcasting equipment110,979
    4Office Machine Parts47,079
    5Integrated circuits41,653
    6Broadcasting Accessories29,462
    7Semiconductor Devices29,001
    8Electrical Transformers25,191
    9Other Furniture25,051
    10Knit Sweaters24,182
    11Trunks and Cases23,786
    12Video Displays21,916
    13Vehicle Parts21,693
    15Non-Knit Women's Suits21,121
    16Insulated wire20,601
    17Video recording equipment20,051
    18Electric Heaters18,750
    19Light Fixtures18,742
    20Rubber Footwear18,662
    21Industrial Printers18,333
    22Other Plastic Products17,879
    23Printed Circuit Boards17,251
    24Video games and Card Games17,108
    25Microphones and Headphones16,140
    26Low-voltage Protection Equipment15,945
    27Leather shoes15,823
    29Models and Stuffed animals15,169
    30Rubber Tires15,160

    This President is in the same shape that George HW Bush was in declaring victory in Iraq, right before his polls plunged and Bill Clinton swept him out of office.

    It is for that reason in not being on the Trump Train going over the cliff, this blog advocates for President Donald Trump to call in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and lay this on them in creating Task Force Alpha.
    Task Force Alpha will be based upon the military's supply and distribution models. A complete inventory of products must be made, as much as source of manufacture and secondary sources for the American People. TFA will then in a "war plan" categorize American consumer products, bring in corporations and produce an exact census of supply, attrition rate and the tasking of appointing American industry to begin the process of re-manufacturing American consumer goods.

    This poor orphan girl advocates that President Donald Trump, bring in the leaders of thee Americas in Canada, Argentina, Chile and Brazil as a pooling of trade resources to replace the Chinese goods, and to reach out to the European Union and Russia to expand this production, with the addition of India, Japan and Australia to produce the inventories necessary.

    In this TFA, in focused production as was in World War II in the United States, it would be possible in 6 months to begin resupplying the partners, which would be the barrier to stop a global depression from engulfing the world.

    President Donald Trump needs to be witnessed as leading, providing a window of hope that things will be MAGA again as he is out in front of this. He does not need idiot statements as this from his Treasury Secretary.

    Mnuchin: Coronavirus will have no 'material impact' on 'Phase One' China trade deal oann

    At this point Nancy Pelosi gets it.

    Pelosi Tours San Francisco's Chinatown To Quell Coronavirus Fears -- CBS San Francisco cbslocal

    I do not advocate exposing the President, but this President has to be seen leading and he has not been leading in this, as his people have made this situation worse and is damaging him politically.

    71% of Americans think the government will save them. When the economic hits start making life tougher for these Americans, they are going to blame Donald Trump and start voting for Bernie Sanders. That is the reality when you have 71% of the population deluding themselves.

    And there is no comfort in this at all as Donald Trump has ONE MAN, Peter Navarro looking at the supply chain problems, and his assessment is about surgical masks and knowing that our allies would not give us vaccines in the last pandemic.

    Instead Peter Navarro is trying to protect Hollywood from China sending in movies to Americans consumers who buy them on Ebay and Amazon. Again in this Peter Navarro is a Trade Representative, that is not a response which American needs. It is like having Pearl Harbor bombed and asking Girl Scouts to go out and sell cookies.

    I am warning all of you Trump supporters that Donald Trump is about to be bit in the ass by Coronavirus, in the reality of consumer products and his not taking the Manhattan Project steps to deal with it. I firmly believe that the group cutting of China and Iran for unleashing these viruses against the world order, are seizing the opportunity to consolidate power in Europe and position around the globe. This blog believes their intent is to cripple the United States economy, in the same manner as it cripples Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom as all parts of the American ladder rungs, and the focus on this is the forced labor market of millions of foreigners inside these nations while pinning down the native populations.

    This President has been assured a victory in November, but there are global forces who have assured themselves that a crippled United States will be better for their economic domination out of Europe.

    Donald Trump has done nothing to deserve the advice of this blog, but the advice is about the continuity of the United States as that is now in jeopardy, and it is in jeopardy, because Donald Trump has zero advisors of God's Protestant Wisdom to have begun what should have begun a month ago.

    This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    Cherrystone Files: Coronavirus Wuhan

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  • I love radiation treatment and am going to sleep in a nuclear reactor tonight.
    It's all perfectly safe as you never see a sick plutonium molecule.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I begin this with the disclaimer that my Aunt has Stage 4 Cancer, and her daughter informed me she is looney as a nut job after treatments, in she doesn't know jack or shit.

    Rush Limbaugh after one treatment came up with this most bazaar reality check in the Coronavirus is maybe a Peking biological weapon, but it is just the common cold. Yes common if one is a bat, unknown in the human race until China made it into a bioweapon.

    The headlines on Monday once again were filled with the coronavirus.
    There were reports the outbreak could cause the Tokyo Olympics to be moved, thousands are lining up to buy face masks and cases in Italy skyrocketed as buying panics hit certain areas, leaving store shelves empty.
    And the New York Stock Exchange was down by roughly 3% for a time.

    It is being "weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump," he said.
    "The Drive-By Media hype of this thing as a pandemic, as the Andromeda strain, as, 'Oh, my God. If you get it, you're dead,' do you know what the — I think the survival rate is 98%," he said.
    "Ninety-eight percent of people get the coronavirus survive. It's a respiratory system virus. It probably is a ChiCom laboratory experiment that is in the process of being weaponized. All superpower nations weaponize bioweapons. They experiment with them. The Russians, for example, have weaponized fentanyl," he said.

    There are a few facts that apparently Rush Limbaugh with his cancer dysfunctional brain has lost the ability to conceive reality. Realities like China is in quarantine of millions, Chinese are dropping in the streets dead and their dictator is in the Bubble Boy Room in no one gets near him.

    Mr. Limbaugh also is ignorant in his cancer medicated haze that young farm children, with cracked hands in winter, milked cows with cow pox, and from this, arose a cow pox in humans called small pox which wiped out millions.

    See when a virus that is not of a species it has evolved, that species has no immunity, so it is immensely deadly and dangerous. It is criminal what Rush Limbaugh did in politicizing this, and absolutely disloyal to President Donald Trump for Limbaugh to make Donald Trump the focus of this virus in democrats using it to bring him down form the White House. That is the last thing this President needs after his staff has blundered in this from Day One.

    I have a suggestion in this and that if this Coronavirus is so safe, that Mr Limbaugh fly his private jet to Omaha Nebraska, give a big ass kiss to all the infected people there, then fly off to China to finish off his cancer treatment, as Wuhan has medical facilities which are state of the art, built by Obama traitors, and Rush Limbaugh will be completely safe there as this is just the common cold, as he states and even Stage 4 would have nothing to fear from the common cold.

    Rush Limbaugh just sentenced numbers of people to death in Americans are not taking this plague serious. Rush Limbaugh betrayed Donald Trump by making Mr. Trump the focus of this virus in America, and that is the last place the President should ever be, as what is taking place in China is going to bring economic shortages to the United States People, and ALREADY IS causing supply problems. Donald Trump does not need to be blamed for that and have this election stolen from him, and know that Rush Limbaugh started the blame game against Donald Trump.

    This blog warned that Rush Limbaugh might go nuts with cancer and confess to everyone he is a faggot and now likes gun control and abortion, but something else has started, Rush Limbaugh has shown he is suffering from cancer treatment dementia in holocaust piles of dead bodies, Rush Limbaugh is telling everyone this is not a pandemic, but the common cold.

    It is time for Rush Limbaugh's daughter to protect the franchise, take the EIB mic from Limbaugh and not allow him to say anything without it being first written out and approved with a 10 minute delay in broadcast.

    But the truth is, contends talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, that the coronavirus "is the common cold."

    Mr. President this plague is not under control and STOP taking victory laps and making Mission Accomplished statements like George W. Bush, or you are going to be crucified by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and the American people will turn on you.

    Sir, you need to get your ass out to Omaha where your Pentagon and CDC dumped off plague carriers, and get ahead of this in addressing the America people as Ronald Reagan would, as Franklin Roosevelt would, to remain calm, America will persevere, and that Americans will in God's care and their best efforts will not repeat China here.

    Announce a vaccine time table, assure Americans that everyone will be cared for no matter what and that your administration will remain above politics.

    Trump says coronavirus is 'under control,' stocks look 'good' nypost

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    President Donald Trump in India is ill timed as dictator Xi observes that the world has moved past China with an American Indian alliance to produce good for the world.
    This is a giant FU in the face of the originators of the biological warfare pandemic.

    The United States should be not making itself look guilty when it had not any part in this outbreak, other than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and James Comey allowing the Harvard Jew ship all their biological warfare technology to China to build this Coronavirus Wuhan.

    We are entering a Stage 2 in Wuhan. People who were supposedly recovered are now Typhoid Mary spreaders. This Coronavirus comes back. We still do not know if the people die in the second round.

    Wuhan to quarantine all cured patients for
    14 days after some test positive again!

    The outliers in this are distinct in this logical virus. Korea is now facing a meltdown as will world electronics and LG products. Shortages will prevail. I suspect the Korean population in China is the logical outcome.

    Not that Afghanistan is the same factor it was months ago, nor was the dusting of Iran with radioactive debris, as Iran is spreading to epidemic as this was salted into the turban heads. This will shut down the Khyber, as what good is a pass if it has more plague that China is fleeing from.

    Italy is in play as the logical progression of this virus will be Germany, a Muslim community, which should provide the necessary means for removal and the appearance of a leadership worthy of Chancellor Sebatian Kurz to secure Europe, as President Vladimir Putin secured Russia.

    Logic would dictate the China hoppers in the United States will prevail in clusters. Wall Street is plunging as Pat Buchanan's cry against globalism is coming true. There will be shortages. I am amused that Big Oil is jacking up oil prices again, this time the excuse is Daylight Savings Time is adding another hour and everyone will be driving all over the place, so gas prices must spike now. I have doubts about that, as much a market without China, and a market without 11 million Mexicans burning up American resources seems to a market heading for deflationary cycles.

    How good is all that gold and silver treating you in keeping you safe from pandemics eh?

    England appears on the chopping block, but then again maybe not Megs and Hars, just the Londonstan inmates.

    British National Health Service (NHS) Announces
    People Will Be Tested For CoViD In Their Homes

    I hope this poor orphan girl is right about the American cluster which will emerge, if not, you are in a great deal of trouble. By God's Grace, I have been absolutely spot on from this from the start.

    This time you had better have food, disinfectants and defense.


  • Kathleen Troia McFarland
    Kathleen Troia "KT" McFarland is an American former government official and national security analyst. She is currently a Fox News' National Security Analyst and Contributor, host of's DEFCON and Opinions page columnist.More at Wikipedia

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    For those like myself in the tenure of Herbert McMaster as head of the NSA, we wondered what happened to KT McFarland, as she was there, and then she just was gone. In her new revelations in speaking out about her experience, it is summed up by a statement on the Sean Homo Hannity program:


    I will never cooperate with the FBI again. They are vampires!


    What Ms. McFarland was discovering was that she was a dispensable woman to the James Comey FBI. This patriot of the United States had committed no crimes. Had done absolutely nothing wrong, and yet one day, after the FBI was lurking out her home, waiting for her husband to leave, so she would be alone to manipulate, they appeared, and announced they were investigating Russian involvement.
    Ms. McFarland desired the same thing as did all Americans, and as she began to cooperate in having nothing to hide, she soon heard time and again an FBI line of "We can not advise to you obtain legal counsel", every time she asked if she needed a lawyer.

    What ensued 40 hours of literal psychological torture for this woman. The FBI seized her records, her phone calls, had transcripts, and grilled her again and again, as she informed them that she did not know the answers to questions, at which point the FBI would appear with a paragraph out of context in attempting to trip her up.
    This was Robert Mueller's team unleashed and destroying innocent people.

    Once Ms. McFarland obtained legal counsel, the best in the land, he informed her, that the FBI was engaged in a Perjury Trap against her. She had committed no crime, but the FBI wanted her as a rung on a ladder to implicate her boss General Michael Flynn, who the FBI was then currently coercing to admit he lied, because the FBI was threatening to throw the General's son into prison.

    This is absolutely what is wrong with the Department of Justice when a US Attorney in Patrick Fiztgerald knew there was not a Plamegate, but destroyed Vice President Dick Cheney's aide in Scooter Libby, to try to bring down the Vice President, so Colin Powell would be George W. Bush's VP.
    Yes if Patrick Fitzgerald had been successful, the socialist Powell would have been president and there never would have been a Barack Hussein Obama.

    For KT McFarland she was so traumatized by the abuse she underwent that she fled to a remote part of the world to recuperate, but she will never recover from this kind of emotional rape she endured. As it has been years she still refers to the FBI agents a vampires.

    That is a fact that FBI Director Christopher Wray should take note of as he protects the FBI, and falls back on the illegal abuse of power which the Comey FBI engaged in. Wray can say the bad people are gone, but the fact is Obama hired hundreds of these fellow travelers for the academy before he left office, and the fact is these bad actors who were interviewing KT McFarland are still at the FBI, as Attorney General William Barr refuses to prosecute the felon Andrew McCabe for leaking information to the press, and lying to investigators.
    Roger Stone is sentenced to prison for not doing the half of what Andrew McCabe has been rewarded for in framing Donald Trump with others, and destroying the lives of so many innocent Americans.

    NOT ONE AMERICAN is in prison for having colluded with Russians. Instead Americans have been destroyed by the battering the FBI unleashed on them.

    Remember the aged Paul Manfort and his wife's home stormed by the FBI, and being frisked in her nightgown.

    FBI describes early-morning raid of Paul Manafort's condo

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. — T he FBI on Wednesday described the details of the early-morning raid on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's Alexandria condo on the second day of Manafort's ..

    Then there was Roger Stone's home which was unleashed on with teams in the FBI which had their own Navy.

    This is all Abuse of Power in High Places.

    None of this has gone away. None of this has been rectified. THERE HAS NOT BEEN ONE FBI AGENT WHO QUIT THEIR JOB OR STEPPED FORWARD AND APOLOGIZED TO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE, no more than the family of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge was ever apologized to or the family of murdered LaVoy Finnicum were ever apologized to for the murders the FBI engaged in against Citizens.

    KT McFarland served President Ronald Reagan and America well in the Department of Defense. Paul Manafort served President's Nixon and Ford and Presidential nominee Bob Dole. Roger Stone has been serving Republican Presidents since Richard Nixon and worked with Candidate Donald Trump. These are all sitting Presidents in Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Trump. In the framing and reaming these Presidents took in Watergate and Iran Contra coups, none of these people would have survived as the FBI investigated all of that too, if they were not above reproach.

    These are innocent Americans, who have the RIGHT to not be destroyed by the Executive Branch law enforcement division while framing people. There is zero excuse in any of this. There is zero protection of a badge or a Directorship for the misconduct which the FBI and the DOJ has made a system of practice of intimidation and terrorizing innocent people WHO TRUST THEIR GOVERNMENT.

    For the sake of America, I would that President Donald Trump appoint KT McFarland to a new position of Advocate General to hand down indictments to those who were involved in this miscarriage of justice and to hand down recommendations to set aside the convictions and award cash settlements to the injured parties, based upon seizure of the retirement accounts these public servants were rewarded with while engaging in criminal misconduct against the People of the United States.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • sell your soul jew boy, i'll be your messiah

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    With the appearance of Harvard holocaust against humanity professor Charles Lieber in connection to the Wuhan Coronavirus, what is most damning it the Mosaad deep state in the United States going into Obama red flare overdrive in trying to Mockingbird tamp down this revelation.

    Dr. Charles Lieber: No Evidence His Arrest Was Related to Coronavirus

    The CIA Mosaad is being clever in stating Lieber's arrest had nothing to do with Corona, but if one looks at the evidence, Charles Lieber demands the arrest of Barack and Michelle Obama, DCI John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey, as much as Sec. of States Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

    Charles Lieber could not have been engaged in what he was engaged in, if the State Department and the FBI with CIA had not signed off on this transfer of Harvard biotech data. The IRS knew certain that Lieber was raking in millions of dollars from Peking. There were red flags all over this for years as this began in 2012 AD in the year of our Lord, and yet it was not until Coronavirus Wuhan appeared, that Lieber and his PLA associates arrested by Christopher Wray's FBI.
    That fact of Christopher Wray absolutely proves that for 2 months the FBI has been ordered to scour all American connections in the bioweapons field to discover the link in how China took the Arabian SARS and transformed it into Coronavirus Wuhan.

    To save time in this, Mosaad runs numerous Jews around the world. Charles Lieber was a Mosaad extension. That explains why Jews in Tel Aviv went into panic mode over Coronavirus in shutting down all Jewish access points with China and trying to sell the world masks to make a holocaust profit off of it all.

    What this blog is about to reveal is what this Trump coup has always been about. Mosaad has American AI and this is who Charles Lieber was, and he was reporting to Tel Aviv what was taking place. Shin Bet which backs Donald Trump shared this information to the FBI, which pounced. The reason Shin Bet did this, was to curry favor with the Europeans who were behind this, in order to protect their interests as China produced a first strike biological weapon to take over the world and oust the cartel.
    Charlie Lieber is cover for what was taking place.

    Charles Lieber is a spy as horrid as the Atomic Weapon spies in the Rosenbergs as he helped build the biological bomb. It was his facility, Harvard protocols which were the framework for China to convert Arabian SARS to Coronavirus Wuhan as a biological first strike weapon.
    As for the PLA Chicom duo arrested. One appears to be what China does in stealing intellectual property, taking out patents and making money for communists and the other is the PLA 6th column using American technology to mass murder Americans.

    Charles Lieber is serious stuff, and he could not have operated unless Obama and his people had not signed off on this. This is happening all across America from Chinese diners laundering money into Wall Street to Bill Clinton's letting China steal American suitcase nuke technology.

    The facility which Charles Lieber built, created the original Coronavirus Wuhan. It was replaced though by genus specific biological Corona's, and they were released as other shedders have been released into the target populations.

    Liebe was leaked in order to provide cover as this all goes back to the Jewish bio bombs, and into Dr. Germ who created the faulty Iranian SARS which was to wipe out Saudi Arabian Sunni. Just as Jonathan Pollard was offered up by Tel Aviv for that Jewish fiasco, Lieber has been offered up as cover, and to lay the trail of this where it should be on the bloody hands of Barack Hussein Obama. Peking could not create a virus, if Obama had not sanctioned Charles Lieber to provide Peking with the tools.
    It is irony, that the Europeans overthrew the American government to install Birther Hussein, and now Birther Hussein is the link to a global disaster that the Europeans had to create in China, in order to save the world from the Dr. Germs of China and Iran.

    All of this CIA Mockingbird media proves that Donald Trump has not drained anything, as this propaganda group has gone into gear to protect the criminals in the Obama regime again.

    None of this cover ends the fact that the world order was about to be attacked, it struck back first in order to preserve that order, and the reason these events have unfolded have to do with Birther Hussein Obama and his criminal folk. I doubt it will resonate with liberals like Chris Matthews or that Dyke from CNN, but what they worshiped in the framing of Donald Trump is the same operational group which created the situation in Wuhan China. I have a revelation for you, in this is the known problem. There are hundreds of others things the Obama folk did which are as absolutely as viral as Wuhan, but they have not manifested yet.

    Charlie Lieber reveals insular points not exposed previously, but suspected. The cover for this is to blame a Harvard spy who did not know he was really being Dr. Germ and China just accidentally was working in Lieber's lab with World Health Organization oversight on a pandemic virus which would kill Americans, Indians and Japanese. So everyone was innocent and it was the American's greedy fault, but not really a greedy Jew or a treacherous Obama, as things just happened which .......what was it James Comey said about Hillary Clinton, "She did not intend for this to happen, even if it did".

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said


Stats & Atts.

This aggression will not stand.