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  • If they can't get things done, they are not trying

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    For those who are not ignorant, the name Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota would define him as a liberal, but Humphrey once in a teaching episode with his friend, Edgar Berman, lectured him earnestly when Berman queried how Humphrey survived in White Minnesota progressing Black Civil Rights.

    Humphrey emotionally explained, "You are wrong about the votes and voters in Minnesota. I am a Constitutionalist, and there's more to the Bill of Rights, than meets the political eye. The American voter has a deep rooted sense of fairness and decency which colors their attitude to every civil rights issue (Christian foundation) But to bring it out you have to give them a down to earth example that strikes home; maybe the Ku Klux Klan could come to Minnesota, and begin burning crosses o nteh lawns of blue eyed Norwegians instead of Black skinned Africans.

    "Don't get me wrong as it's easy being a liberal in Minnesota with no real Black problems, my stand on equal rights was easier to take than if I had been running in Mississippi. Still the American voter applies everything to himself. The farmer and small businessman figured if I could fight that hard for Blacks who could not vote for me, than I'd certainly do a hell of alot more for people who could".

    It is the People who could which was the Art of the Humphrey Possible in how he passed all of that human advancement legislation now bastardized by the Obama Political Elite.

    Humphrey understood that legislation in Congress, which Donald Trump and his champions in Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan assured him they could pass the Trump Agenda which became the Wall Street agenda in rationed death, that in order to make Congress work, one had to work the members of Congress.

    Humphrey studied the most successful arm twister in Senator Lyndon Johnson, as "From your orange juice in the morning to your bourbon nightcap, it is all about politics or no politics. The Senate is not a part time job. It is the care and feeding of each member".

    Humphrey treated Southern Democrats and Republicans as he did Northern Liberals, because that is how Congress got things done. He was always polite and persuasive, but he never forgot his opponents problems or what the interests were of their voters back home, as Humphrey was asking them to put their necks on the line.
    Humphrey was a farmer advocate and he would be with Republican Jesse Helms when necessary backing Helm's tobacco bill for the Carolinas as Helms would be there for cereal grain legislation when Humphrey needed it for Minnesota.

    That is what is lost in all of this as numbers of current politicians stole the Humphrey playbook in appearing before the Democratic National Convention to gain national attention. These frauds like Mario Cuomo, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, launched national careers in being nobody on nobody issues, when it was Hubert Humphrey in 1948 AD in the year of our Lord who appeared before the DNC and gave the game changing speech on Civil Rights that Democrats walked out on.
    People do not realize that Adlia Stephenson, the prominent democrat next to Harry Truman was supposed to give that speech, but when it was considered, the democrats said, "Let Humphrey do it as he is expendable".
    Hubert Humphrey gave that speech willingly to destroy himself for civil rights, and that can not be said of any of the frauds who followed using that platform. Humphrey though believed in that speech and willingly went forward even if it would destroy him, because it was the right thing to do.

    This is not to say that Humphrey had a martyr complex, because he did not, but he was highly intelligent and once the stars were out of his eyes in his first mistakes, he undertook an education in learning his weapon of Parliamentary Procedures based in the frailty of humans in the Senate in such an effective way that he would use every trick and trade as Patrick Henry would, as Edgar Berman noted, to pass legislation.

    It was all give and take with Hubert Humphrey and Lyndon Johnson. It was none of this George W. Bush handing Teddy Kennedy the education legislation and leaving it to communism, or the Donald Trump WWE theater of the art of the ineffective in claiming to want to get things done, and making certain by his feckless choices that nothing would be accomplished in MAGA.

    Hubert Humphrey though understood the process, and it is why in this deep state confinement Americans find themselves imprisoned in, that nothing is done as under Ronald Reagan as not one person who appears to be decent knows how to work the mechanisms of passing bills, and everything is left to run the clock out for the Nazi conglomerate candidates in McConnell and Ryan.

    This is an example from 1970 AD in the year of our Lord which shows how anyone can move legislation through the Congress if they know the mechanisms.
    Berman was having breakfast with Humphrey when a Senator who had 18 years on Congress approached their table, saying he was in political trouble if he could not get his bill passed before the coming election. Humphrey always the teacher, produced his "envelope" as he always had them in his jacket pocket and front and back, Humphrey scribbled a step by step process of what needed to be done, from how to move the bill to who to move in the Senate, and the bill passed.
    Humphrey said as this politician left, " You know he' a pretty smart fellow. If only he'd spend more time in his committee and less time looking into poverty in Monaco, he'd be a damned good senator".

    Humphrey understood that a Senator had to work the Constitution in order to get things done. When the Iron Range in Minnesota was imploding, it was Humphrey who passed legislation producing a way to use taconite from the rocks there which is an iron ore, which kept that democratic region alive for decades longer. That was not accomplished with Twitter rages, but with knowing the Constitution, knowing Parliamentary Procedure and knowing the failed humans in Congress.

    Civil Rights, Community Action, Youth Opportunity, Medicaid, Nuclear Test Ban, were all Hubert Humphrey impossible bills which became law, as he kept working that mechanism, not by being crooked, but knowing his passengers and throwing the lever to move that train ahead on the Constitutional track.

    The Lame Cherry is featuring Hubert Humphrey to educate each of you in informing you, how each of you is being suckered by Congress, the Courts and this White House, in telling you that MAGA just could not get done. Yes it could get done if Humphrey could pass socialist bills in that era of Conservative America, because the same mechanism is there for a minority to pass safeguards for the People, it is just the people involved have zero intention of allowing you back your liberty and freedom to enrich yourselves, as this has all been about Bush Obama centralizing power and wealth from the many to the hands of the few.

    Now ask yourself with all your geniuses in the right and left, in why none of them tell you these things, but instead in the same Mockingbird conflict have you pecking at each other, instead of producing a country again which is about you having a great life which is what all of you desire and are being kept from. It is the control as the feudal few do not want their criminal monopoly they have created distributed to millions of Americans again, so they can have the Dream.

    The Dream of Hubert Humphrey was genuine for the advancement of all Americans in that dream, but there were elements who looked at that spending from Government who saw the dollar signs and found an easy way to steal money as it was legalized by Congress.

    I would have hoped that by the 21st century that Constitutionalist Hubert Humphrey would have been his same honest self and realized that Human Rights of being Equal is not Sexual Deviants given rights. I would have hoped that Humphrey would have said it had all gone to far and that someone in Congress would have used those old Patrick Henry and Hubert Humphrey mechanics to right America again.

    This dissertation closes with the fact that there is a way for the minority in Congress with Trump leadership to pass all of MAGA, but they are not doing it. Now that is either from ignorance or deliberate sabotage. You will have to be the judge of which it is, but when the White House is not using the bully pulpit to extract movement from Republicans as Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan would have, I have more than suspicions, and when I see these Ted Cruz types who are supposed to be brilliant in not finding the levers that Humphrey did, then those suspicions are the facts that they are all frauds and there is not a Constitutionalist in government

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  • Could you confirm or deny your confirmation denial
    which you denied in confirmation of the first and second part......

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In three communities which I am sandwiched make it four as TL's hog farmer doctor asked about it too........we are bombarded with the great mystery questions in who am I and are we married.

    This came up again in looking for some land, in I stopped into a Trapper's house I know as he has some land and his first words were, "Well Mr. and Mrs. Cherry, or is it?" Then he was inquiring about our "situation".

    It is even the federal post office, as they have delivered TL's mail here for 4 years, and now suddenly on the envelop there appears CHERRY written on it and the last one had a QUESTION MARK as to the address.
    I would think as the asstard did not even come by to pick up the mail on Saturday, that perhaps they should be more concerned in delivering the mail with the ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE instead of being engaged in this grande mystery of the Cherry saga.

    If these asstards like the non donors would just sell us the land, we would be married as things would get squared away, but right now everything is celebate and us dealing with regulations, and I will not put that kind of pressure on TL as God can get the heathens to start acting like Christians.

    I know we are the fixation of gossip as Bugsy's wife asked us about our situation. Auntie Blow Hard asked me about my boyfriend as in knowing we were not married, as I just tell people we are married and it must be this endless debate in what is up with us.

    I swear we have people living in whoredoms around here who no one bats an eye at, but let me appear with TL and all the mules got to come over and give it a grinning snuff to just check things out.

    TL can't figure it out the celebrity of it all and for that matter I don't know why I get under people's skin so bad, as they just fixate on me in no matter the new toys they have to play with. I am the one who has to move my posts back as it is now a lawsuit for the township which is bullshit. I think most of this stuff picking at me is so these people have an excuse to come over and talk to me, as they light up whenever it is me rarely out of my recluse nature appearing before them, as I detest being gregarious.

    It is all irritating, as my major thing I want is our place, away from people, so I do not have to deal with people or the regime ever again. It amazes me though in how non stop this is in people being nosey in the oddest ways possible. I mean a letter or package has an address on deliver the thing. They had no problem delivering mail and talking to TL for years, and now it is suddenly a great mystery.

    I told TL I live in an area where the neighbors and community know what I am going to do before I do. Lord God being a popular girl is taxing as I do not seek this stuff out. Dan our neighbor tells me more about our few cows than even I have noticed about them. Asked me about where my bull was last time we spoke.

    Nom de Deus!!!!



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    When I pray, often my problem is I pray and fall asleep still holding that prayer. I know that all things are possible with God, but I also know that when things are not 'cast upon God' and I am holding onto them, that this is not bringing about a conclusion that I am seeking.

    If I could explain, Martin Luther, taught I believe that you pray your prayers, and get things done and then go to sleep peaceful in the belief the prayer will come to be by God. People in reading this blog have noted the problems I have had in finding a home. This is important to me, and here am I being taught things by God yet, but there are things that I can work on yet, and one of them is the advice which I provide here, and that is after you pray for something important, expecting it to be a reality, is for you to also visualize yourself as if daydreaming in seeing yourself in possessing what you pray for in what you will do with it or how you will live your life with it.

    I was talking to a guy who we asked about some land, and he told me this story, "You know La'me when my brother and I were kids, we both got some fox. Back then there was a bounty of 3 dollars for a fox. We thought we were millionaires with all that money.
    The guy who paid the bounty lived here and when I came here I told my brother, "When I grow up, I am going to buy this place and live here".

    Duane is not exactly a Christian. He has been in bed with more women than Hugh Hefner for starters. He is though in his own way someone you can trust and is a good guy. He told me that when the place came on the market, no one wanted it, and the real estate broker was down at the lake where Duane was, and he asked Duane if he was interested, and Duane said he was, and thus was that prayer answered after a number of years.

    I make that point in here is not a guy who was exactly a Church goer, and yet here was a statement of what would happen, actually did happen. He was a kid who just stated a reality of what he wanted, and the reality sought him out. It was not over night as he said when he grew up, and by God that spoken word happened.
    It was not renounced. It was not disbelieved. It simply was out there for years manifesting until it came to be.

    That is what I have noticed in the most not that important stuff I spout off about, will come to be or even things I have in passing thoughts, while the stuff I dwell on and labor over really are too long in coming.

    Bob mentioned he appreciated the Christian teachings here and I apologize for not doing more of it. I apologize that I have been disgruntled in Trumptopia, upset about lack of donations, focused on things which have pissed me or TL off, like betrayals over that place and wondering what to do next. As I have recorded here that Uncle who betrayed me, went down like a rock and he did a second crash to the earth after the meds got him up. It is not like my prayers are not being answered, it is more that I need to apply myself better in envisioning us on our place in joy of having it, and that is the advice I provide here.

    Each of us in sickness have a Bible verse in being renewed every day in the Word of the Lord. We have a promise of everything which would delight us as with God all things are possible. Each of us though needs to start enjoying things in manifesting in our living the future we envision. It it not like you are not going to enjoy the daydream, so you should reward yourself in being happy in it, as what could be better than saying your prayers, putting them on God, and then enjoying yourself in your dreams come true to go off to sleep?

    Here am I quite skilled at pulling things down. I need to work on enjoying my dreams come true, not coming true. Each of us as a part of this Faith must be in that future that we have prayed for.

    Ventura Highway (America) - YouTube

    "Ventura Highway" was released November 4, 1972 by the rock n' roll band America, from their album "Homecoming". The song peaked at #8 on the Billboard Top 4...

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I know that honesty is not something which comes to mind when one thinks of liberals, socialists, or for that matter what is lurking around Conservatism now as our chosen Pied Pipers leading us over the edge, but in that, that is what is so refreshing about Dr. Edgar Berman in his memoirs of Vice President Hubert Humphrey, in this socialist leftist bleeding heart, actually brought to his book the word axe and liberally applied it to the fake democrats who plagued that party as today.

    If I were to ask you who was the first black to dine in the US Congress dining room, most of you could not answer that it was the first black staff member in the Senate, and was a friend of Senator Hubert Humphrey.
    This dining did not go unnoticed as the Senate banned Cyril King in would not seat him, but Humphrey raised holy hell that day, and Cyril King who would become governor of the Virgin Islands, ate with White Senators that day and that day forward.

    That is what is the history in this, as democrat DC as Hubert Humphrey put it, was as repressive as Baton Rouge of the deep south, a decade after he experienced discrimination there for the first time.

    I like Edgar Berman as he scientifically worships his friend Hubert Humphrey in Berman never was swayed by the podium or light. He saw the world for what it was and saw Hubert Humphrey for the child of South Dakota in innocense and honesty, who should have never made it to the top, because this democrat was a nice guy, with a real bleeding heart, and he cared about people and being honest.

    Humphrey had a phobia about debt from the Great Depression. It would take an act of God to get him to take out a loan for a home and he considered the credit card the most ruinous invention of all. In those ways, he was the mirror of Federalist Christian John Adams in detesting usery and those who plagued Americans with that slavery.

    Humphrey was an off the rack kind of guy. He simply never changed from his humble roots. Berman states that two others who rose to the top in George McGovern of South Dakota and Fritz Mondale of Minnesota, as soon as the paychecks started rolling in, their off the rack clothing disappeard and they were both lavishly spending tailors on Bond Street to dress them like millionaires of the day.

    Berman especially contrasts Humphrey from the BRUTAL ARROGANCE of Lyndon Johnson, the POLITICAL ANIMALS that FDR and LBJ were, the calculating deviousness of Richard Nixon and the OVERBEARING PRIDE AND ARROGANCE or HUBRIS of Jimmy Carter.

    For all of the lying, rhetoric, demagogues, nothing changed Hubert Humphrey. He was still the nice guy.

    Arthur Schlesinger, once wrote in his book that Humphrey was "vulnerable" for being so nice, but Hubert Humphrey noted to Berman, that "He thought he did not do too bad" for being a nice guy.

    Larry O'Brien, a Kennedy man, who was probably the deep throat who assisted the democrats in setting up Richard Nixon for Watergate framing, was a Humphrey adviser after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. He told a story that when Hubert had his cancer surgery, O'Brien finally worked up the courage to visit him, as O'Brien was phobic about doctors and hospitals.

    O'Brien hoped that he could duck in and out in 5 minutes, but related that Humphrey kept him there as a "sweet son of a bitch" recovering from cancer surgery, for two hours, assuring O'Brien that hospitals and doctors were not so bad.

    In that Berman asked the cut throat O'Brien how it wa that Hubert survived in being so nice.

    O'Brien stated, "Don't let anyone ever tell you he was anybody's patsy. He just did it differently - his own way - But he knew what the hell he was doing, and no matter what anybody said, he stuck to his way.
    But don't forget that he was twice as smart as any other Senator on Capitol Hill".

    That was Hubert Humphrey, the strangest of politicians who followed his heart, and kept pushing legislation until it passed, even if it took years. Not by wearing people down alone, but because Humphrey educated himself on the machinery of passing bills and knew every trick to get things done. Humphrey always believed and lived by, if you worked hard, things in life that you wanted would come to you.

    The one thing which Edgar Berman never realized as it was not said, is Hubert Humphrey thought from the heart. By that I mean he was not an idiot liberal who came up with ideas to solve his butt hurts in snowflake whining, but when there was a problem which touched his heart, he went to that South Dakota Scandinavian place that his socialist father taught him, and thought out a solution which could not be defeated. There was an intellect behind Hubert Humphrey which is what is missing from liberals and most Conservatives today.

    In summing up Hubert Humphrey, Larry O'Brien produced the best epitaph in if Humphrey had made the White House, he would have been an outstanding President, because Humphrey studied everything and knew the mechanisms of how government worked.
    Humphrey always thought JFK brought something special to the White House which Humphrey did not have. O'Brien stated that Humphrey had the same special quality which would have delighted and led America where she was already willing to go, but that Humphrey just had the JFK quality in a different way.

    I do not want to leave people thinking I am swayed by HHH in his politics, because I am not in the least. We are being destroyed in the world of kindness and virtue which Humphrey created which has debased the soul of America. There is a vast difference between poor immigrant children farmers and business people needing help from the government and having the self discipline to stop taking hand outs once they were able, and the current world where we have million dollar politicians taking Social Security and gold standard health care, because "they paid into it or it is a perk". That is what is destroying America is the majority are stealing from the Treasury because they can, and the regime is dumping more 3rd world Visa Vermin stealing from the accounts in massive debt, as Pentajew is rigging the system for bankers who fund the Pentagon war machine to keep the world police state repressing all peoples.

    Edgar Berman once stated that Vice President Spiro Agnew wrote a note to Humphrey when he had cancer and said he was sorry he was ill, but he was sorry that Humphrey was soft on communists too. That seemed harsh, but that is the measure in the goodness of Hubert Humphrey in the good things he accomplished, never provided the self discipline he had to stop being a welfare tramp.

    Hubert Humphrey was an adult and could limit himself. That can not be said of any politician now from Minnesota to DC, and can not be said for the majority of Americans, as the minority of Americans are being genocided as they hang on in disciplining their lives as the world whores around them in debauchery and indulgence.

    Once Hubert Humphrey died, his leadership vanished, and what was left was a failed Bible thumper in Jimmy Carter and a successful staff humper in Teddy Kennedy, which produced a female rapist in Bill Clinton and an international rapist in Barack Hussein Obama.

    Hubert Humphrey brought American blacks to the White establishment, but a foreigner in Barack Obama established a racism which blackened the light of the world.

    There simply are no more Hubert Humphrey's in the left and worse yet, there are no Edgar Berman socialist there to be the conscience of the souls who need to be reminded what sinners they are.

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  • Austria sets up consulate general in China's Chengdu - Xinhua ...

    Chengdu is the economic hub of southwest China, ... Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also attended ... Belt and Road Initiative spells opportunities for ...

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I never mention who I am for the reason stating that I am a Librarian Tactician or Tactical Librarian would be of little value as there is not a past historical nor present reference in which for you to base your comprehension upon. One might as well inform a Neanderthal that one was an AstroNavigator for all the understanding this reference would mean in prehistoric times. The Neanderthal of you can not comprehend the one of me who exists in the future of where I dwell as there is only one of me.

    I was considering the China Belt Road as Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has this issue before him. As I have never really examined this chopstick trail, as I had no interest in it, I was interested in the fiction of it, seems to have several evolving forms.

    Examining these variations one advent appears in them all, and that is where trade routes appear, will appear Chicom PLA military bases to protect those economic interests, and displace American interests and supplant European interests, and the matter of fact points in this:

    The Chinese - Indian - Mideast - European route, are perfect invasion routes to conquer India, the Mideast and Europe. The northern leg to Moscow is a rather ridiculous ruse as there is nothing for trade in eastern Europe to Moscow. A simple left turn in Bulgaria Romania would place Chinese PLA secure in the Turkish mountains as an operational base fully in control of Europe in a week.
    The Turkish leg of this Belt would provide Russia with a southern spear in Turkey to lay waste across the Mediterranean.

    The Moscow route if one notes is a super invasion route through Prague and into the Rhine. Given this, Russia could smash European forces at Prague in 36 hours and in three weeks surround the remaining European military or NATO and obliterate them.
    This of course would be timed with a necessary crippling of American might in Middle Eastern bases taking America out of the action.

    In the Lame Cherry examination, this Belt should have built into it natural chokepoints to be insisted upon by the Chancellor in order to destroy any invasion military from Asia. Nothing of course could be done from Moscow to Prague to the Rhine as that road would be undefendable.
    The reality is that once PLA bases are in place in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran with extensions in a now Trump adversary of Turkey that the United States and Europe would be neutralized upon those chokepoints and the stopping of an invasion would be mute. Instead of nuclear plutonium pollution of the select passes to bottleneck these forces, the necessity would then fall to using nuclear weapons to stop the Chinese or Russian waves of invaders on European soil, or the mass capitulation of Europe.

    That is what the Belt is. The African route is the supply line to feed China as are the Mideast oil. Venice will be a dumping maritime port to suck the life out of European commerce. The land routes are invasion routes. In this, Europe will either be overtaken by economic enslavement and if she resists, Europe will be invaded by armed Chicom and Russian land forces, becoming a vassal continent.

    Chancellor Kurz has a vast undertaking in this unique point in history as never before has a road been built to facilitate an enslavement of a continent by trade or the conquering of a continent by military force. Be certain in this that the China Belt has one additional dimension and that this road is designed to displace the United States from Eurasia, drain the lifeblood of trade from the United States, pin America behind her ocean walls, where isolated America will be rendered a slave state.

    In this, it certainly would have been more astute if President Donald Trump had not disregarded the offer of Vienna as a Putin Trump Summit, for Mr. Trump to now be of assistance to the decision making process of Chancellor Kurz, instead of making Europe a trade war adversary for the reason that the decisions the Europeans now make, will decide either the end of the United States in the next generation or her attempted survival.
    With Mr. Trump's Visa Vermin and this Chinese Belt, America, all of the Americas will be nothing but a tan skinned mongrel dual continent as zoo primate as the Negroid of Africa, about to become a Peking exhibit in the 22nd century.

    The President of the United States has embarked upon a most uniformed policy.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • I could never tell the entire story as the public needs their heroes, and actors need to work. It is just knowing the story, which has always been enough for me.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Few people realize the selflessness of the greatest television actor ever in JMV, Jan Michael Vincent, in the careers he made and the careers he saved. Most people were nobodies until JMV came along.

    JMV saved me from being a whore but not from being a liberal, as there was only so much he could do........

    Take Bite the Bullet, starring JMV and creating Gene Hackman and James Coburn who were nobodies before this. It was just the association with JMV which propelled them to epic stardom.
    Granted, some like Candace Bergman, was always the dummy's daughter, but if not for JMV, she would have been a whore in East LA giving it away, like JMV made Kim Bassinger, but nothing could save Kim from Alec Baldwin. JMV just could only do so much.

    JMV is one hell of a man among men

    The thing is he learned this selflessness from Ben Johnson on The Undefeated years before. See JMV was on the set with John Wayne and Rock Hudson. He was just too powerful of a star until Ben Johnson, approached JMV and said, "Listen JMV, you are just too bright of a light. You got to understand you are bigger than John Wayne. America needs her heroes, so tune it down to the small screen, instead of the big screen. You will always know boy, that you are the top of the acting profession, and will be rewarded in being humble in knowing all you did for America.

    Yes Mr. Michael Vincent sir, I always wanted to be a man's kind of man like you.....

    Besides, you don't want to be alluring that Faggot Rock Hudson's ass humpers, as once you get that feces penis scent around you, you never get it washed off, and have waves of shit house flies buzzing you. Look at Hudson's trailer over there, looks like a Mexican shit dump with that black cloud of flies blotting out the sun. It is just better boy to tone it down, let Americans have her heroes and not end up being a shit house fly attractant as Raid is not going to be invented for another few years".

    I know what that boy did, and I appreciated it!

    As we can all see, JMV did the greater thing, and made it small screen. Yes he is the greatest television actor in history and by doing so, saved and launched so many careers that you simply can not count them all.

    Man that JMV can act the ass off a mountain

    All of this had to be said, because JMV is the reason we have so many wonderful actors like Gene Hackman and Jimmy Coburn, and of course the greatest actor ever who benefited from JMV humble nature in Joaquin Phoenix, the greatest actor of all time.

    We owe it all to JMV


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    We hear a great deal from President Trump about Conservatives being censored on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube when it comes to Alex Jones and how fake news is the greatest of harms to America when it comes to President Trump.

    But what happens when it is an innocent American, who loves Donald Trump, said it was the highest honor to serve in the White House as an accomplished academian from Duke University?

    Donald Trump cuts this man off completely, fires him and treats him like dirt for giving a speech where it just so happened that the FBI's mole Richard Spencer was there and CNN "found out" about it.

    "In 2016 I attended the Mencken conference in question and delivered a stand-alone, academic talk titled 'The Intelligentsia and the Right.' I said nothing objectionable and stand by my remarks completely," he told CNN in a Saturday email.
    "It was the honor of my life to serve in the Trump Administration. I love President Trump, who is a fearless American hero, and continue to support him one hundred percent. I have no further comment,"

    Darren Beattie is an innocent man. His rights have been destroyed not in Turkey in some preacher in prison, but in the Trump White House. Those are the facts, including no one would have given a damn if this speech writer had stayed on at the White House, but once again here comes John Kelly as with Omarosa in bringing out the long knife to get rid of another Trump supporter.

    What good is it to have a Republican in the White House who will not promote or protect the very loyalists who worship Donald John Trump?

    This is the Trump White House which engaged in this, not democrats or Turks.


  • Of Course I Can Handle My Booze!!!

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Well I knew it, I just knew it, that behind every scandal is a goddamn Irish Mick, from Ireland to Watergate, and sure enough Russiagate has finally come to the Truth in John Brennan has confessed.

    "Sometimes my Irish comes out, in my tweets..."

    See the problem with John Brennan is not that he is a communist, it's that he is Irish.

    You remember this right in Teddy Kennedy's problem was not that he drown girls under bridges, but that he was Irish. Same with know he was Toby Black Irish, and sure as hell that was his cocksucker proclivity too with little boys, but his problem was he was Irish.

    Been drinking this since I was four years old!!!

    Now the Truth can finally be gleaned in how MI6 Theresa May conned poor John Brennan into being a traitor to America in that clever Christopher Steele of Pissgate Dossier's. That May sent over a plane load of Irish Boilermakers in whiskey and beer and that John Brennan was pissed to the gills, blitzed, shit faced, drunk as a skunk. That poor bastard would have sent his wife to Gitmo if Theresa May had ordered it as he was so soused, that the floor was where Peter Strzok found him most days when he reported to Brennan.

    The Real Mother's Milk

    That would account for how nuts Brennan has been. He is a drunk. Probably doesn't remember a damn thing since Obama nominated him. Poor Irish bastard probably pisses in the corner vase and thinks he has discovered a new herbicide as the house plants are all going yellow.
    It would explain how he has hot twin daughters with black hair. Hell them kids aren't his as they are too attractive. Obviously the old lady was out getting the bony pony from some beef cake while Brennan was sucking the Tulamore Dew like his mother's nipple.
    Hell I bet his mum weaned him after the first week on Irish whiskey and the kid has been having it as a food group ever since.

    Is the Pope Catholic? Of course I'm drunk, it's 9 am on a Monday!!!

    Obviously John Brennan needs to be institutionalized and treated for the Irish National Past Time and he needs to be protected from English vixens like Theresa May, as no telling what this drunken Mick did or gave away with that plane load of booze bribe. Sure that plane load only lasted a few days, but I will bet somewhere there are still CIA flights coming in for Brennan and all you have to do is follow the bottles on the road from Brennan's house to the airport to trace where the bribe is being delivered as once you have them Mick's hooked, it is like Obama and little boys.

    With that now settled that John Brennan is nuts, but he is nuts because he suffers from that Irish disease, we can all calm down now and just put him into some detox center, not by any open flames for a few years, as dude probably has 180 proof blood and we can all go along and pretend this embarrassing situation did not happen.

    Oh and Brennan is probably not a Communist or a Muslim. He probably was so drunk that he though that asked, "Do you vote in COLUMNS" and "Do you prefer MUSLIN on your bed sheets", as that makes more sense.

    I really feel bad for John Brennan, as I suspect his admission of being an Irish Mick probably arose when he lost his security clearance and thus his paycheck, and the old ball and chain was not going to put up with a drunken Irishman without a paycheck. See you can keep an Irishman around as a wife, in his being shitfaced all the time as it means no sex with him, no dealing with him, and you get all the money, but without the money, you will have to go out and take it out in trade, and let's face it in if you seen Mrs. Mick, in that woman would have a hard time making a living offering it for free.

    Tear down that damned Washington Monument
    and put up a real monument to Guinness!!!

    Anyway, John Brennan has confessed he is just another Irish Mick, which explains it all.

    PS: I just took a piss and it ignited into a blue flame. Perhaps I should lay off that whiskey on my buckwheats in the morning.

    Nuff Said


  • Barry just calls me Alice the Goon

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    One has to discern if one is reasonable, that when the CIA's Jake Tapper, jumps into the cage match with the deep state's James Clapper in tag teaming John Brennan for being loonier than Alice the Goon from Popeye, you got to figure the handwriting is on the wall that John Brennan needs to be McCarren Act swept away to a Straight Jacket Hotel.

    James Clapper, the director of national intelligence under former President Barack Obama, took a swipe at former CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday, saying that his former colleague's anti-Trump rhetoric has become "an issue in and of itself."
    "Do you think that John Brennan's hyperbole is an issue here, is one of the reasons we're having this crisis?" CNN's Jake Tapper asked Clapper during a panel discussion about President Donald Trump's decision to revoke Brennan's security clearance.
    "I think it is," said Clapper, a CNN analyst. "John is sort of like a freight train and he's gonna say what's on his mind."
    "John and his rhetoric have become an issue in and of itself," he added.

    HYPERBOLE: reckless deception

    Hypberbole is defined as EXTRAVAGANT EXAGGERATION, which is what America always looks for in intelligence officials (sarcasm) as we now have Tapper and Clapper, both informing thee entire world that JOHN BRENNAN HAS NO INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION TO BACK UP THE RIDICULOUS ATTACKS HE HAS BEEN WAGING AGAINST DONALD TRUMP. John Brennan has made it all up and that is what James Clapper just admitted about his intelligence cohort who ran the Smear and Frame Trump for Hillary 2016 AD in the year of our Lord out of the Obama White House.

    Reckless deception is what John Brennan stands condemned by in his own people. Reckless deception is exactly what Russiagate is all about.

    Let me clarify in I said Brennan is goontard not Alice the Goon

    That is quite damning and even more so in the revelations in how Comey and Mueller made millions of dollars by giving contracts and jobs to each other in the conglomerates which hired them in selling influence.

    What is not noted by these revelations is that this goes beyond contact work for John Brennan.

    Schweizer explained the motivations behind political and news media recalcitrance towards President Donald Trump's removal of security clearances from former Obama-era intelligence officials John Brennan and James Clapper.
    "One of the reasons you're going to see a lot of pushback and a lot of screaming on this issue of security clearances is that it goes to the heart of their ability to cash in," said Schweizer. "If they don't have a security clearance, they cannot cash in with these contractors in this way.

    This is not about conglomerate manufacturing, but is about MEDIA where Jake Tapper works as much as James Clapper in CNN and CNBC, count on these former Obama and Bush officials to see classified reports and discuss classified information with current intelligence and government officials, which they can leak cleverly on media programs to kick the hell out of politicians for the deep state.
    That is what is at stake here, beyond Brennan leaking the name of a CIA operative in Yemen, is the fact that no one can now speak to Brennan about the Trump coup in briefing him on classified information, and that means CNN and CNBC have absolutely lost a source to hound Donald Trump with.

    As this blog has stated, no one should have a perpetual security clearance. Once out of government, you lose it and if you need one for industry, then you reapply and it is limited to the work there. It is ridiculous of a current intelligence official to have to reach out to someone like Brennan, as the employed intelligence community has more than enough accomplished officials, and as they do not set policy, that is the President's prerogative to bring in former officials or agents to brief them and gain their advice for a political outcome.

    One asks Henry Kissinger how to deal with Moscow, not John Brennan, as Moscow is a diplomatic and not an intelligence issue.

    But there we have it all in officially, John Brennan is now the equal to Alice the Goon for being raging hormones nuts. It if fitting as Brennan actually looks like Alice.

    Why does Chris Matthews keep calling me Mr. Brennan?


  • I died 30 years ago, but Hologram Roy lives on forever.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I came across this post on Censored News from WND which said that Roy Orbison was going to perform in Toronto.

    The problem is Orbison is dead.

    (CBC) Roy Orbison hasn't appeared on a concert stage in 30 years, but a hologram version of the iconic American singer will soon tour North America and make a stop at Toronto's Sony Centre this fall.
    Tickets for the Live Nation concert on Nov. 4 went on sale Friday. The very best seats will cost more than $400.

    I guess that is ok as World Net Daily is dead and they are still taking up space online too.

    The thing is I see in this great hope for the dying from friendly cancer, John the hero McCain, because if he ever does die, that plumper daughter Megs can tour America with Hologram John, just like Roy Orbison is touring America.

    I see great prospects in this in Arizona's GOP can run Hologram Hero McCain in the next election, if John McCain is dead by then. See the GOP no longer has to waste time corrupting and blackmailing Tea Party people, and they can just run dead people who are not dead, but holograms, and I am sure some Bush appointed judge will call them a life form, and we will never have to worry about politicians again, because John McCain will rule forever from the Senate as the Hologram who would not die.

    That is Arnold J. Rimmer

    So for all of you who have been deeply depressed this now over a year that John McCain was dying from friendly cancer, take heart as John McCain will be with us forever and when the GOP figures this out, John McCain will be Senator Hologram from Arizona in the next election again. We can count on him promoting terrorists in the Mideast, Nazis in the Ukraine and voting to eradicate Americans from America in favor of Trump Visa Vermin.
    That should really give some peace of mind to those who have been in mourning now, for this over a year that John McCain has been dying of friendly cancer as now John the hero McCain is eternal, as Hologram John.

    Hologram John for President 2020!!!

    Just pop a token in for liking John McCain as 5 tokens equals one vote in the community of voters and next thing you know you have Crypto Currency voting McCain as President, which seems to be the thing this Mike Adams likes for his alternatives to the internet...........

    It would assist in this if Mike Adams would stop using National Socialist German symbols for Google as Google is not National Socialist, but is part of the Fascist Conglomerate structure of the NSA CIA funded police state.
    Sort of anti Semitic to be lumping Google secular Jewry as German Nazi.

    Anyway Hologram John McCain will fix all of this, but he should probably die first as what would we do with John the hero McCain and John the hologram McCain both running for President.......who would we choose?

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The story of Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon is one of two men who both emanated from the same emotional core. This final chapter in the competition for President began as Hubert Humphrey was dying of cancer and on Christmas day all he could think about was the man who defeated him in Richard Nixon.

    It seemed strange to Humphrey surrounded by his family, in all he could think of was Nixon, but after pondering the subject for some time, he thought he would just give Nixon a call as what could it hurt as it was Christmas.

    Humphrey got an assistant on the phone and the assistant eventually brought Mr. Nixon to the line. They spoke for sometime, with Nixon noting his memoirs were coming out, but that he treated Humphrey far more fair than Humphrey had treated him.
    This took Humphrey back a step and Humphrey replied that his book was written with fresher wounds, and from being defeated, and the victor always has a different attitude.

    When Humphrey brought up the Nixon Christmas, he said he thought he heard Nixon sob, as he said that his wife, Pat was ill, and the girls would be with their in laws, so it would be a quiet day.

    The conversation ended, but the statement by Nixon bothered Humphrey as he simply did not want anyone thinking he mistreated them, especially at this stage of his illness. A few weeks later Humphrey used the excuse of Nixon's birthday to phone and say Happy Birthday to the former President. The conversation that time left Humphrey being satisfied that all was well between them.

    It is rare in politics that two political titans inhabit the same stage. The first instance was John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who tore each other apart politically and mended fences in letters later in life. That was about the only other time America had two such grand adversaries in Nixon and Humphrey, and yet they too made amends to each other in the end.

    Nixon had been meddling with South Vietnam to not end the war until after the election, which of course Humphrey was infuriated over, as it did cost him the election in the end, as he simply could not overcome a third party democrat in George Wallace and President Lyndon Johnson being so adversarial against his own Vice President and only coming on in the end to almost win it for Hubert Humphrey.

    There were many things that went against Humphrey in 1968. LBJ, the Chicago Riots in which liberal children had the bajesus beat out of them by democrats in Chicago by police and simply that Vietnam War, in which the loyal Hubert Humphrey simply could not make a clean break from his President in resigning the Vice Presidency and to lay the blame on Johnson.

    Hubert Humphrey was the most gifted politician since Senator Thomas Hart Benton in changing the American identity in laws. Richard Nixon was the most gifted political strategist in not having an equal, but in form like that scheming socialist, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Both though were titanic presences on the political stage who formed the American identity for other leaders for generations to come.

    It bothered Hubert Humphrey that Nixon was sobbing, not for Nixon, but because this was a President sobbing. That is what moved the Senator most in form and to heal the wounds between them.

    For all they were, they were both the same emotional heart, Humphrey more open but more reserved inside and Nixon more protective, but open inside as he protected himself. They were both poor children and both were self made men by the educations they achieved. It is their story which is the American story of two young men who no one would have picked to lead America, both rose to the leadership, and at the same time affected America from both parties as the greatest politicians of their generation.

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  • President Lyndon Baines Johnson

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    They're like kids - unless you whack them across their ass once a day, they'll run all over you.

    They're as slanted as an old cow shed, but where they really get their rocks off is on that editorial page. That's where the big guns think they're really getting at you. And don't let anyone tell you any different.; these editorial flunkies do exactly as their owners and publishers tell them. And these smart ass columnists are as whorish as Washington lawyers or New York bankers.

    I could have their peckers in my pocket anytime - if I cared. But who wants them?

    Give me the headline writer, the photo editors and the cartoonists and you can have all the editors and columnists you want.

    Mr. President you may think you take it form the press, and Mr. Vice President you think they give it to you pretty good, but you gents get the kid gloves treatment by comparison to me. If you want to see the worldwide, all time patsy to those jerks, you're looking at him. They not only tell me how bad my voice is getting and about my connections to the mafia, but even about my sex life and how I should spend my money.

    Yes Mockingbird is an interesting CIA enterprises which is the flock which keeps on giving.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I will not invest a great deal of time in this as it is a matter of rich people reside in large metropolitan areas which will be targeted as past events as 9 11 have proven, and as rich people are not donating to this blog in the types of large donations they should be, leaving it to those who are Christian, there is not a reason for me in my Spiritual growth to post things to save people who have left me without home and for dead.

    This is another alert though centered on Iran. Iran has been engaged in planting stories taking credit for 9 11 in helping terrorists, threatening America enough for a Twitterage from Donald Trump, and literally Iran has been playing directly into Brzezinski known chess policy to invite an American strike upon Iran.

    Now America is laying the framework for Iranian sleeper cells. (Some popular girl mentioned Iran was behind the Las Vegas massacre) Which are now deemed a direct threat to the United States, as Donald Trump is gearing up for a Greater Judea War.

    Iranian-backed "sleeper cells" are in the United States and waiting for the word to attack, experts told Congress on Thursday.
    "The answer is absolutely. We do face a threat," said Emanuele Ottolenghi, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies who spoke at a hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee's subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. "Their networks are present in the United States."
    "Iran's proxy terror networks in Latin America are run by Tehran's wholly owned Lebanese franchise Hezbollah," he said, the Washington Free Beacon reported. "Their presence in Latin America must be viewed as a forward operating base against America's interest in the region and the homeland itself."

    No one is asking, save this blog, why would Iran be inviting a massive attack from America? It would seem foolish, but again deduce the realities of an American attack.

    America has the Oasis Coalition of Sunni and Jews, whose population is nothing compared to Shia Iran.

    America has now isolated itself in Europe is backing Iran, Russia is backing Iran and China is backing Iran.

    America is now facing Eurasians who have more people under arms, than America has in a population.

    From a tactical operational standpoint, Iran has a finite number of military and civilian targets to hit. Iran is a rather rugged terrain. Iran with it's leadership will survive if America launches WMD's or conventional munitions as Iran can absorb all American firepower and survive.
    If America is forced to invade Iran with heavy armour, Iran's rugged geography would provide a guerilla warfare haven to mount massive casualties on Americans.

    From a diplomatic standpoint, Russia is in treaty with Iran to come to her military aid, and China dependent upon Iranian oil would also supply as in Syria, the correct firepower and military strength to negate American military projection and success.

    Iran has been under American sanctions since Jimmy Carter and Iran still survives intact.

    This is why Iran is prompting the United States to engage militarily with Iran, for the reality that Iran has factored in that Iran will win against American air power or WMD's. Iran will win if America is moronic enough to deploy troops in Iran, because Iran will bloody America in a guerilla war. Iran will win if America strikes as Europe is against America, Russia is against America and China is against America.

    In factoring the above, whether it would be Iran or any number of nations seeking to initiate a 9 11 type nuclear holocaust to force America into an economic isolation and shattering, the odds are now beyond the average that as America is willing, Iran is willing to be struck as Iran has factored in the long game, in the Shia outnumber the Sunni and Jew, and the world outnumbers the Americans now being replaced by Trump Visa Vermin. Iran will win, because her terrain will absorb the blow and time will allow in number for the Sunni, Jew and Trumperica to crumble from within.

    No one is asking why Iran is engaged as she is, as her MI6 agents are goading America to strike.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Name one war since HW Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama started in the Mideast which has not been a festering sore on the United States as America has nothing but these Oasis Bases which are not defensible and will crumble in an Afghanistan war of attrition.

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  • Sorry Nigger, no parade for you, but I am starting a nuclear war
    in Iran, so it is almost like the same thing in your flag draped coffin....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Are you enjoying being manipulated?

    Did I not tell you I smelled a rat in the Alex Jones social media meltdown, as Jones had disappeared after the 2016 election?

    Just remember in reading the following Twitterage from Donald John, that this registered Republican, Conservative, Christian, who wrote the time line to place Donald Trump into the White House has been in Facebook limbo since 2016 AD in they year of our Lord AND NO ONE GAVE A DAMN!!!

    But now that it is an election year pawn which will trigger all of you Trump clappers, the NSA funded social media, suddenly starts going scorched earth on a few notable names who have disappeared, as if the NSA ordered them to do this, after a warning shot was fired by Facebook stocks being divested of in billions by an NSA money pull out.

    You have notice flaming Mark Zuckerberg has disappeared as if someone told this Jew there was a new Jew game in town and he had better go hide under a silicon chip or someone was going to take his front company away from him, as Murdoch had MySpace taken from him.

    President Trump Blasts Big Social Media for 'Totally Discriminating Against Republican/Conservative Voices'; 'We Won't Let That Happen'

    Bill Maher is another Mockingbird fixture and he is now rolling back liberals. Why? Because of the Webster Griffin Tarpley admission that the democratic party is to be split to the Trump sodomite socialist and the Clinton lunatic communists.
    Maher as a CIA mouthpiece is preparing the liberals for the split as is the Daily Show.

    You Know Things are Bad When Even the Leftist 'Daily Show' has to Urge Democrats to Stop Giving FBI Election-Rigger Peter Strzok Money

    Joe Lieberman is apparently going to lead the normal debauchery lunatics over to team Trump, as Lindsey in the gay ear Graham with Marco sweat spot Rubio, leads the faggot GOP to the bend over section.

    What remains then are the Conservatives who will be 3rd party, as all the "cuckservatives" will Sean Hannity mouthpiece for a kinder gayer conservatism.

    I will ask again, are you enjoying being manipulated?

    I for one have not appreciated the Kushner mafia trying to destroy this blog in 2016 by sending Cuckservatude Treehose out to allow posts smearing me. I have not appreciated in the regime of Donald Trump that I had a very expensive global hawk drone flying over the brier patch daily. And once I mentioned it after weeks of this surveillance, and it was in drafts, the drone suddenly stopped flying in daylight.
    Of course that is all coincidence and of course this current White House is completely right wing, and I can attest to that as I was rewarded with a press pass, I was given a multi million dollar book deal, and while I did not play hide the penis with Don jr., I of course was given a 6 figure job from one of the Pacs as of courses I have been so amply rewarded for all the work I did.

    You are following the Pied Piper and going right over the edge of the abyss, as you have been so Trump abused emotionally for the past 2 years, that you are wore out, and you just want some peace, which all of this is about, and when the time comes to vote, you will zombie pull the leaver because you don't care any more......and what you will be voting for is the disgusting group of "Republicans" who have done nothing for a year now in leaving you languish, and whose policies look like Chuck Schumers..........just like Donald Trump's policies are all Jeb and Hillary policies.

    Are you enjoying being manipulated?

    I am going to help you with some advice now, as I would not have cable if I could afford it. I though treated us to some fries, and the fast food place had on FOX on big screen. Turn off that MKULTRA pulse you have overloading your systems as that continuous visual bright flash of color with they hypnotic effect of the scrolls are an electronic doping. You are stoned as in narcotics in the too big visual face of Big Hooker in your face, with the big sound, the speed to not be able to process the information is setting up everyone whether CNBC, CNN or whatever on the left to accept anything that has already been decided.

    I will warn you again that EVERY election has already been decided for the midterms. The agenda on impeachment or not to impeach are already there, as are all the other policies which will appear which you do not want.

    That is enough warning you again, as I have vented in only Jew mafia funded Alex Jones matters, but someone like me does not, nor do the thousands of Conservatives who have been banned by Facebook. I would and do not go near Facebook and I will never again. Our emergency and regular phone have all internet access, including Facebook deleted. I still have "alerts" from my carrier about updates for Android which only the NSA knows what that spyware is tracking now, but it is frustrating as hell to not have a home where I can tune the world out of. We did prowl around and I spoke to two farmers about some land, but the one was using it and the other said it was family homestead land. I can't blame people for that, as they were very nice about it, and one gave me sweetcorn to poison me, so how the hell can anyone complain about that!!!

    Oh one more thing my children and my deadbeats, are you all that head up your ass, that you bought Donald Trump cancelling that military parade in DC in costing 92 million dollars?

    DC Democrats Criticize President Trump After They Announce $92,000,000 Price Tag That Cancelled Military Parade

    See if President Trump was really interested in a military parade, he has a joint Naval and Air Force Base at his beckon call, called Andrews Air Force Base.

    It is adjacent to Washington City. It is FREE and even people with heads up their asses can see that Donald Trump could gay parade around this massive facility for hours as there is more than enough room for a real humdinger of a parade to honor the military.

    Now is La'me Cherry just more intelligent than all of the Pentajews working for him, including Donald John or is it the fact that Donald John, just like all of his promises in MAGA never intended to deal with this parade?

    Still enjoying being manipulated?

    Judicial Watch reported last week that two flights to the "winter White House" in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida by Preisdent Trump in February and March cost $1,281,420.
    Between 2009 and 2016, President Barack Obama's family travel cost taxpayers at least $96,938,882.51.

    CBS News' Laura Stricker confirms, based on a review of federal purchase orders, that the U.S. Secret Service spent the following on Jared Kushner's and Ivanka Trump's family trip:
    • $6,884.03 for "multi-day ski passes for USSS personnel"
    • $59,654.39 for "hotel accommodations for USSS personnel"

    No money for the military, no money for the wall, no tax cuts for poor people, no lower prices for gas, no Rationed Death relief, but there is money for those necessary things.

    Still enjoying your being manipulated?



  • With lips like that you know he sucked cock....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Hollywood celebrity is a plague upon political campaigns as it involves the attention whore who is bored with money, fame, sex, perversion and seeks to morph themselves onto some Clinton or Obama to actually become that political power, before their 15 minute performance bores them and they need to snort a line of coke during the commercial break.

    Wow this is just like the monkeys at the zoo tossing me a banana, but you give medals.

    Edgar Berman in his Hubert Humphrey memoirs was rightly disgusted by celebrities who appeared who were vacuous. Some like Jimmy Durante would do a comedy act with Hubert Humphrey and were of great political benefit, but others as in this story about Paul Newman which Berman was saddled with, reflected the Barbara Streisand idiocy joined at the hip with Bill Clinton.

    Newman appeared with the Humphrey democratic campaign, and Hubert asked his friend in Dr. Berman to sit in on the "get acquainted meeting" which Newman was to have with Muriel Humphrey, wife of the Vice President. Newman's lone job was to introduce Muriel at a campaign rally to see how things went.

    Things started degrading from the start though as Muriel Humphrey attempted to brief Newman on some points he should be making to help the Vice President. Berman termed Newman Hollywood's political savant, but left off the idiot part.
    Mrs. Humphrey mentioned in passing how important the 1948 Democratic National Convention was to Hubert's career when Harry Truman won the nomination. Newman just sat there stupefied as Muriel was in disbelief that Newman had no idea that this is where the Civil Rights movement began in the Democratic Party and it was Hubert who gave the speech. Nemwan had no idea that Strom Thurman led a walk out and this convention began the Dixiecrats in the Democratic party.

    Muriel finally exclaimed, "You mean you are not aware of this being one of the first important Civil Rights Speeches ever given?"

    Newman sat there with his big blue eyes in absolutely not a trace of a thought or a reference to reality behind them. The Vice President's wife then had to brief Newman on American history before he could introduce her.

    As Edgar Berman later noted, in 1978 AD in the year of our Lord, President Jimmy Carter appointed Paul Newman to the United Nations committee on Disarmament, where o a world stage at the UN, Paul Newman proved he knew less about arms than he did about Hubert Humphrey.

    Stories like this should not be lost to history as they are important insights, as important as Lee Marvin noting in a walk in New York with Paul Newman that he was going off to have sex with a little girl as he was a pedophile, or that in Hollywood Paul Newman was part of the fag crowd who was taking it up the ass from James Dean or cocksucking what ever dripped off a foreskin.

    It is though what politics attracts in the worst form of attention whores.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Look I can't help it that you were born an ignorant sod and have sodded all your life in ignorance of mayonnaise. I mean, come on sister, you got the internet and all you do is text and steal things from this blog. You don't do anything to alleviate the burden you are on society in your mayo ignorance.

    See I too was ignorant, until God killed some old woman with worthless children who threw away here Kitchenaid 4 C, which I in turn purchased, without of course the manual, as why would any woman keep instructions in how to use something.

    So I did not just sit there, I looked online in what is called a search engine which numbers of you do not seem to be bright enough to use. I downloaded a manual PDF and in reading it, found few worthless recipes, but discovered hidden away, was the key to France. Yes you too can be Julia Child without being an obnoxious liberal or listen to Meryl Steep as a faux whatever that thing is.

    Yes pictured above is a may recipe and instructions. That is how you actually make something, instead of just open a jar and ladle things out.
    It amazes me in how all of you like being mayo hostage. That Spin Blend has you by the balls and that Kraft has your ovaries in a carton all over mayo.

    Most people do not know that Patrick Henry Cherry yelled during the American Revolution, GIVE ME MAYO OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!.
    Then there was Betsy Ross Cherry who sewed a flag with may on it, that almost became the flag of America, but George Washington opted for Betsy Ross' flag as Martha had problems with curdled mayo.

    As America moved on, it was Abraham Lincoln Cherry who penned, Four score egg yolks and 7 gallons ago, my forefather brought forth mayonnaise for the American People.........

    All through history the Cherry kindred have liberated Americans from mayo hostage. They even took it to space on Apollo 18, it was Neil Armstrong Cherry who said on the moon, "One small scoop for man, one giant spread for mankind".

    Unfortunately like mayo recipes the history of the Cherry family has been censored from the public's knowledge.

    As I said, I can't help it that you were born ignorant, but I can haul you to knowledge and put it before you in a real mayo recipe. It is the life calling of the Cherry kindred to bring mayo formulas to all mankind to release their suffering and to benefit their lives.

    I have done my part, as your women and men folk from a generation before did not give you the precious knowledge how to make mayo as Ronald Reagan Cherry said, "Well there the mayo goes again".

    Nuff Said



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    We now have something more we can agree upon in the world of Islam in ISIS, that is Obama created ISIS to steal oil out of Syria and Iraq, in order to launder money to fund Obama community organized projects and US elections, is a most excellent teacher.

    I am not going to bother naming these two liberals who are pictured above, as what is the point of name fodder. One simply does not name a grain of rice in a bag as they are Darwin benefactors in the food chain, in some things are in this world to procreate and some are the shit which flushes down the drain.

    This American snowflake duo though decided to prove that evil does not exist in the world, as it is just an idea. They then went off on bicycles across Eurasia sweating it up in their nethers on crotch cycles.

    "I don't buy it. Evil is a make-believe concept we've invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own—it's easier to dismiss an opinion as abhorrent than strive to understand it. Badness exists, sure, but even that's quite rare. By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind. No greater revelation has come from our journey than this."

    Well evil being a make believe concept, ran into a vehicle with Muslims who rammed the bike parade and then the Muslims jumped out and stabbed the deniers of Truth to death.

    I wonder what these Obama voters have up aps running in they apparently never see photos like this as it is too upsetting, so they say evil does not exist.

    I know all of this is ridiculous and is not even worth bothering with, but this is the stuff that is in government deciding how our lives are being managed and they are in such denial that they can not even deal with reality.

    What bothers me most is the feminine excuses these people make for their own lives. They were vegan and look at this statement in because they want to ride bikes, therefore bikes are acceptable forms or transportation.

    Bikes are a clean and quiet and simple way to get around, and a cheap one, too. They may make you more vulnerable, sure, but also more approachable. Humans can be an astoundingly generous species, and whether out of amazement or pity or a mix of both, one is likely to be offered more smiles, more encouraging waves, more curious conversations and genuine offers of a bed or a place to camp when biking than by perhaps any other mode of transport."
    This photo says it all in this environmental rapist. His bike has rubber, destroying rain forest and exploiting poor people Metal needs coal to smelt it. He is dressed in nothing but synthetics from the oil industry and his bowls are all plastic from the same global warming. Then there his his stove putting those greenhouse gases into the air burning all of us up.

    Yet none of that reality was even contemplated by this couple of snowflakes...........and if it was, it was dismissed as they had decided this was the proper green way to live, and all those people who have cars using oil, like the oil to lube their bikes, and tires like the tires they have, like plastics like the plastics they have and like food, raised in the same Monsanto industry are evil, just like God and Christians are evil for stating there is evil in the world.

    Their dogma is something to smile about and degrade others, but do not let Christian America stand as that is a real problem.

    Personally, I am quite pleased that these Darwin graduates are now not available to breed more of this asstardness into the gene pool, as this is nothing to lament in Obama terrorists got some of his snowflakes, but celebrated as things this stupid are like gazelles going up and sniffing leopards.
    Donald Trump should give away bikes, backpacks and tickets to all of these snowflakes and turn them loose in Muslim lands where Islam is not evil and we can be certain that evil does not exist, as according to the snowflakes it is not evil for Muslims to murder liberals, as evil is only a concept.

    Nuff Said



  • Osa Johnson and her Griffin and Howe, Springfield rifle

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Osa Helen Johnson

    The Great Lion Adventure began for Osa Johnson upon leaving camp the first day in her car upon spying a great male lion 100 feet away which had just killed a zebra, which had stampeded a herd of thousands. The male lion was not the least bit pleased in being disturbed by the Johnsons had come to photograph lions, and as was always the case, Osa held the gun while Martin filmed.

    Vintage photographs reveal Martin and Osa Johnson's journey ...

    Martin and Osa Johnson travelled across East and Central Africa, the South Pacific Islands, and British North Borneo studying wildlife and documenting their trips between 1917 and 1936.

    The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum - Chanute, Kansas

    The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum tells the story of the romance of these film pioneers.

    The Africa where Osa lived and played

    The lion was soon off, and so were the Johnson's chasing it over roadless terrain at 40 miles per hour with Osa doing the driving. The lion was a bit perplexed what this new rhino was, but gamely kept ahead of the car until Osa found what filled Africa in a pig hole with her car.

    There was a great deal of bruised knees and a squeaking grinding sound which appeared that deemed a further investigation. Where upon the Johnson's got out, popped the hood and as Martin peered inside to discover the problem, Osa happened to tell Martin not to move, because 50 feet away, there were now two male lion heads peering at them through the grass.

    Osa the proficient fisherman

    Martin rather excitedly told his wife to get the gun. Her reply was that she already had it, and was carrying it on her knees thee entire time, and that she would watch the lions while he fixed the car.

    The car's wounds were a broken muffler, which after some wiring was now held in place as the not amused lions continued to look on.

    The duo deemed a retreat would be in their interest and got into the car and started to drive away, with one of the lion switching his tail and performing a charge just to remind the humans whose country this was.

    Osa with her husband, Martin, holding a Winchester 95

    The Johnson's on returning to there camp as they had been out looking for another camp with better lion activity reported the events to their African mechanic and that they would stay where they were. To which he replied, "This is simba country. There is no better place. It is all simba country".

    Osa in Indochina

    The time was 1928 in confiscated German East Africa, and Osa Johnson for a nice afternoon had chased a a lion with her car across the plains, wrecked her car, held off two lions with a rifle while her husband fixed the car, and then was escorted off the plains by a charging lion.
    This was Osa Johnson's first day on the plains of Africa.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In the examination of democratic Vice President Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 AD campaign with George Wallace of Alabama and Richard Nixon of California, there is a most interesting detail which was provided by his physician in Edgar Berman.
    Late in 1968, Hubert Humphrey had decided upon his chief advisors and in them are literally the fabric which until the Obama Marxism, the framework of economic and international policy of the United States. It was an amazing group of core thinkers who for the most part came from the administration of John Kennedy.

    The Four Horseman were:

    Clark Clifford, Henry Kissinger, Walter Heller, Sam Huntington

    Clark Clifford was a Christian Zionist who was born in Kansas, and was the architect of the election of Kansan Harry Truman to the presidency. It was Clifford who began the American Israel genital joining of US policy as it was at his urging, against Secretary of State Marshall that Truman recognized the State of Israel in 1948 AD in the year of our Lord.

    Clifford was both hawk and dove on Vietnam war policy and the reigning in of the Pentagon budget. He was a pragmatist and noted as the counselor of 4 sitting democratic presidents. Jimmy Carter once quipped that if he ever turned to Clark Clifford, you would know he was in trouble. Carter turned to Clifford and so did Bill Clinton.

    Professor Sam Huntington was a Harvard, mentor to Zbigniew Brzezinski and penned the phrase, CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS.

    He argued that in a post-Cold War world, violent conflict would come not from ideological friction between nation states, but from cultural and religious differences among the world's major civilizations.

    It was Huntington's visionary examinations of external and internal America which produced a global thought of all nations. He has proven correct in the reality that suppressed nationalism will not remained suppressed, as it is ethnicity and religion which drive the races and not political ideologies into confrontations.

    Henry Kissinger, is the infamous choice of Hubert Humphrey and this German Jewish immigrant of the intelligence community shaped US foreign policy for Republicans, which is why it is interesting that Hubert Humphrey had chosen Kissinger.

    Kissinger's resume for it's beginning is out of Rockefeller casting and was entirely deep state intelligence related in the assembly of human interactions on a global scale.

    From 1956 to 1958 he worked for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund as director of its Special Studies Project.] He was director of the Harvard Defense Studies Program between 1958 and 1971. He was also director of the Harvard International Seminar between 1951 and 1971. Outside of academia, he served as a consultant to several government agencies and think tanks, including the Operations Research Office, the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Department of State, and the RAND Corporation.

    While Humphrey was defeated by Nixon, Kissinger's star rose implementing the same policies for President Nixon which he would have implemented for Hubert Humphrey.
    Kissinger was a Rockefeller adviser and in 1968, he was to be part of the Humphrey presidency as the force which was Henry Kissinger was appreciated on the grand scale.

    Lastly is the German American, Walter Heller, who was a Keynseian economist, but he was the author of the Kennedy tax cuts and linked the dynamic of tax cuts, reducing the tax base, requiring higher marginal rates.

    he promoted cuts in the marginal federal income tax rates. This tax cut, which was passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and Congress after Kennedy's death, was credited for boosting the U.S. economy.

    Heller was one of the first to emphasize that tax deductions and tax preferences narrowed the income tax base, thus requiring, for a given amount of revenue, higher marginal tax rates. The historic tax cut and its positive effect on the economy has often been cited as motivation for more recent tax cuts by Republicans.

    Later, when Johnson insisted on escalating the Vietnam War without raising taxes, setting the stage for an inflationary spiral, Heller resigned.

    In one of the disasters of American history, in the throws of the day John Kennedy was assassinated, Heller met with President Lyndon Johnson and unveiled the Great War On Poverty policy to get the American economy expanding.
    When Johnson later refused to raise taxes to fight the Vietnam War, Heller resigned, but the massive social spending in America which bled the economy dry with Pentagon spending, is what has crippled America ever since, as the Heller Dynamic is embraced by Republicans in tax cuts, but democrats scream for raising taxes on production.

    Heller's ghost actually guided the Nixon socialist policies on economics as he proved right on inflation was driven by war and government spending in the volumes which America was spending, and Nixon even attempted price controls. It was only through the guidance of economist Milton Friedman that the US economy attempted to be righted again under President Ronald Reagan.

    Many people have always lamented that Hubert Humphrey was never president, but in examining the minds he chose as his advisers in Clifford, Huntington, Kissinger and Heller, it is a conclusion that President Richard Nixon's administration was an extension of John Kennedy and in fact, Nixon implemented the same policies which Hubert Humphrey would have due to foreign and domestic policy.

    It is the same bizarre reality of President Donald Trump promising MAGA in 2016 in the year of our Lord to his voters and from Gary Cohn tax policy, John Kelly Visa Vermin policy, to Mike Pence foreign policy, with the Kushner's liberalism, Americans with Donald Trump have gotten the same presidency if Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush had been installed.

    The only problem is that Hubert Humphrey's policies in an impossible situation were an attempt by Richard Nixon to protect Americans, while the extension of Obama era policies by Donald Trump have shattered MAGA and inflicted upon America the worst type of hyper stagflation impoverishing Americans and replacing them with a foreign worker slave class.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I start this Christmas reformation project six months early for it to take hold upon Americans as Christmas is not at all what the Germans who bestowed that day on America ever intended.

    See Christmas was not about giving presents in dropping coins down chimneys into socks drying there, but Christmas was about not getting your ass whipped in German tradition. It worked marvelously well in Germany and all through America, and this was the tradition.

    See there was Good Christmas and Bad Christmas. No lists of naughty and nice and who got presents or not. See the good kids got KristKindl or Kris Kringle, Christ Kindl, and the bad kids got Belznikel.

    Now Belznikel was the answer to all societal problems as Belznikel would be spoken of throughout the year to brats in warning them what awaited them on Christmas Eve. Nothing was like Christmas Eve in the cold and dark, houses making sounds, cats on the roof, as little imps waited for hours for what they dreaded.

    What they dreaded was suddenly hearing something stomping toward them. Grabbed by their necks, shoved into a sack, carried into the darkness where a switch beat their asses for being evil the rest of the year. As the children knew they were being carried away to outer darkness forever, the message was pretty much sent, and by that time the hysterical child was dumped into the front yard in a pile of snow as Belznikel tramped off to beat some other child.
    It worked very well in villages as little children could hear the screams of other little brats and knew Belznikel was everywhere and there was no where to hide. That left them running for their lives back inside, if the door was not locked where they could beat on it until their little fists were red and all hope was lost, as they were let inside, and in trying to plead for help were walloped to get their asses back into bed, and not be running around outside like naughty children that Belznikel would take away forever.

    Christmas was an amazing day then as good children got apples and oranges and bad children sulked in a lesson that only took the name Belznikel would be coming back for them again next Christmas Eve if they did not shape up.

    America could do wonders with this in Donald Drumpf reinstating Christmas as it should be. Who would not enjoy some real television of Donald Trump dragging Ivanka out to the front yard as Belznikel in whipping her ass with a switch. It would bring great joy and good tidings to the entire nation in all of those sobs, save a bunch on Christmas bills and we all could look forward to a peaceful new year as liberals would almost be vanquished over night, as I am certain that an adult version of this could be instituted to serve the President in who would not want to see Nancy Pelosi get her ass whipped by Belznikel from the US Rangers. Granted Nancy might be into it and like it, but one does have to take chances in setting a nation right again.

    So now you know what Christmas was meant to be in terrifying bad children and rewarding good children with not getting their asses whipped, with no complaints of getting an orange instead of a smart phone.


  • Ok as Gramma said, "If you won't listen, you are going to feel".

    I received a very nice note from Bob today and wanted to respond without posting it, but for those who pray, I pray Bob has Christ's restorative powers flowing into him in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

    I do not want people to think I have abandoned them in not mentioning notes or replying. The Viking has a long overdue post for here as the care of his Mom is an effort of love, especially now that she thinks he is now his dad.
    Jeanniejo who helped begin the Tea Party experienced this in her father, a WW II hero, no longer recognized her, except as the nice lady who brought candy.
    As for what I have been experiencing, let it be said that yesterday someone plotted she did not want to go to town to wash clothes the cat soiled, so she came up her arms were numb, with her puffing as she does which she does for dramatic effect, and telling me of nausea. So I got some pop, which she gulped down, and then ate like a horse her breakfast, as TL and I went for town, to which we arrived home and she was "better".

    We are both pleased she is not "sick", but it is our dramatic dinner theater. It is simply something to deal with in some parents become more profound sweethearts in difficult situations and some make situations even more difficult.

    I have been negligent here as I am even more exhausted than usual. They are spraying for bugs here in crops and that makes my head feel like nails are being driven into my skull from the inside out. What the tiring part is, is the Spiritual Warfare. I pray a great deal, fall asleep, wake up to the Puntz needing to go potty and I pray some more.
    I am not going to reveal my methods which God has perfected, but here am I talented at this when I am so moved to Spiritually go after people.

    TL and I take a nightly drive to observe things on the Uncle's place. It is about 200 yards from the road in the house, but I can glean a great deal of knowledge by observation in just driving by. From his thinking he was going to die, then his insulting me when I did check on him, and then taking pain meds which he burned what was left of his joints out by mowing lawn and things, the new results are these for those who do not think prayer works in cutting the sinner off in the Name of the Lord.

    His vehicle sits in front of the house where it was in the garage. He has to use it to go check the mail. As of this week in the past few days, he is up later, meaning pain. I believe was sleeping in his chair due to the lights on there and the television set on glowing later than he is ever up, and the last venture was no lights on in the living room, but a light on in the bedroom........meaning he is now apparently spending his time in bed. Again that is super pain.
    Considering I had super pain which he could give a prayer about, this is a pleasant balancing of the scales.

    While I still do not have my name on the deed. I am not giving up. The Holy Ghost pointed out what Bob mentioned in the place will fall apart with the relatives and I will get it then, but I do not want to wait. I have a new Inspiration which I am about to unleash tonight as the night time is the right time. (That I will reveal in for the Christian the best time to run operations is when people are asleep in their beds. Their defenses are all down and the windows are open to their wills. I used to do some wonderful sneak ups on reading people in their sleep in who they really were without ever leaving my bed.)

    Anyway, as pain is not kicking him in the ass hard enough to get him to do what is right. It is time to add another dimension to this warfare, as it just might be God is expanding the Spirit in me to more advanced things than moving pennies up walls to moving mountains. No Christian can ever give up. If one examines this, by God I flattened someone who was healthy in a few hours, and in this exhaustive praying, his words are now burying him......but not under the sod as I need that signature on the deed and the elimination of the brood of vipers trying to eat my dreams and leave me for dead.

    Again anyway, I may not like doing these things, but God has to do this stuff millions of times over and it was done to me to get me to do the proper things God demands. I just figure the ability will grow in me and I will be doing this like yawning, as dropping mountains on sinners is easy due to the gravity involved.

    I should though close this, but thank you for your thinking of me in the good of you. I am tired from having this many dimensions opened and even more distractions poking at me.

    That means sleep which is a necessary option. Readers are a thing which list as much as Google allows as they keep resetting the numbers as having this blog ranked where it should would get more of the buzz traffic. As I don't do ads as a service to readers, that does mean a great deal as I do not generate revenue that way. That means donations which here am I still praying on.

    But as always, God bless the good and may God's blessing be for the brats to repent in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

    Gotta jet

  • Yes Bobby, I thought I would bring you both up to my bedroom
    so you could see my portrait with my naked shoulders....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    When the deep state assassinated communist adulterer, Martin Luther King jr., it set off a set of events that if not for Edgar Berman who attended the funeral with Vice President Humphrey all of this information would have been lost to history.

    It was all quite disgusting really as the Vice President in a sorrowful mood as was the nation entered a circus of street vendors selling ice cream, street urchin blacks hanging from light poles, and the reality of the Secret Service which was protecting the Vice President had strewn on the floor of the Vice Presidential limousine, sub machine guns, tear gas and piles of medical supplies. To put it plainly the Secret Service was expecting the worst, in a riot and a murderous firefight and when they noted a Black Panther leader there, all their hands immediately went to unbutton their holsters, as the situation was that tense.

    Paul Wellstone Funeral - Election Rally - YouTube

    The funeral - memorial service for Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone turns into a Democrat political rally.

    It was not really a funeral, but it was not the catastrophe of insanity of the Senator Paul Wellstone funeral of Minnesota either, in which unhinged Wellstonites ranted on stage for Republicans and Independents to "repent' of their political sins and come to the dead messiah Wellstone to make the event a true resurrection of America.
    For King's funeral, the place was packed with politicians, and each one knew that since Hubert Humphrey had delivered civil rights to the Kennedy's in making it a national issue to gain power from, all of the political elite were there to get their pound of political flesh of the King corpse.

    In the two following photographs one can see the thoughts of Hubert Humphrey sitting in this circus as the true Humphrey is there genuinely consoling the widow of Dr. King.

    But in the next, one can see Humphrey with his arms crossed, within himself in knowing that at any moment he might be assassinated and a riot would break out slaughtering many in a political disaster, which he wanted not any part of, but was stuck doing as he was President Johnson's representative, in the Black community trusted Hubert Humphrey for all he had accomplished for them.

    What would be lost in this, as it has been deliberately covered up by the media, as we only see footage of Bobby Kennedy on the night of the assassination going before a black crowd, in grand theater, is the fact that as RFK was not yet assassinated, it was the Kennedy machine which was at work propping up the King corpse to tell blacks and liberals to vote for Bobby.
    As Edgar Berman reported with disgust, "The Kennedy people were all over the funeral attempting to run it their way.

    Yes Bobby Kennedy was using a funeral to try to keep Hubert Humphrey from the democratic nomination by stage managing a funeral for his political benefit.
    Frankly I find this photo released by Bobby Kennedy's campaign in using the widow of Martin King one of the most hilarious historical photos ever taken, as one can see the earnestness of Coretta Scott King in leanin forward, while Bobby Kennedy is all leg and arm wrapped up in not wanting to be near this negress, while RFK's wife looks on from her Hyannis Port seclusion in pondering she has never seen a Negroid out of their proper zoo setting of an apron while tit sucking some rich white baby.

    Now you see why the official campaign released black and white
    photo did not have the colour version with the portraits in back.

    Poor Ethel though, always the second rate chatel to the Irish man, in she gets the hard chair, while her lord gets the cushioned recliner, and both of them are thinking, "Yes let her talk and think we are listening as now with her husband dead, and Jack dead, we have a blood link I can ride to the White House".

    As Berman noted though with all of the orchestration, after they left the funeral, parts of the city were aflame as police and national guard were posted on every corner.

    Now you know a bit more about the real history and how distasteful it all was in what the sensibilities of a kid from Doland South Dakota, who was named Pinky, who became Vice President Hubert Humphrey survived with submachine guns on the floor of his limo and Kennedy milking a corpse for votes.

    Nuff Said



  • Die Vision der Neuen Ordnung ist die Kopfschmerzen des Alten Ordens

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Can there be any more perfect definition of the 22nd Century Leader than Sebastian Kurz in the motto of Austria and himself, than "Bergauf, --sterreich!" Onward and Upward Austria?

    Sebastian Kurz is thee true Alpiner Mann, the Alpine Man. At home hiking in the rugged mountains in the affirmation of this strength and youth, where old women like Theresa May and Angela Merkel would die of stroke, and a faggot like Emanuel Macron would blister himself on the first rock, Sebastian Kurz is the true leader of Europe for the future.
    The age of the fossil leadership of Europe is to face the final solution of going the way of the dinosaur, while the vigor of new Kurz bred political leadership will move the European Super State out of the shadows of Russia and off the leash of America.

    "Bergauf, --sterreich!"-Sommertour - YouTube

    "Bergauf, --sterreich!"-Sommertour Sebastian Kurz. Loading ... Military honours for Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz - Duration: 9:51.

    The German motto of the last century was Strength through Joy, and what could be more joyous than the Saxon race in all of it's ethics bringing a prosperity to themselves and the world, whether it was the German settlements of the Volga and Crimea in Russia, the German pioneers of America, the German colonists of Africa, everywhere the German planted their spade and used their hoe, prosperity was brought to those nations and peoples.
    Being pleased though in who one is not enough though for Sebastian Kurz and the Pan Europa. It is onward to a better future, whether it touches the cyber world of things to come or the security of national borders protecting the native born sons and daughters of Europe, this is Bergauf, --sterreich! This is MAGA of Donald Trump of America, but where Trump has let his voters down to the swamp of socialism, Kurz has liberated his peoples everywhere his gaze has touched. There will no be no European left behind in the greatness of the European Continent.

    Strength Through Joy - Wikipedia

    Kraft durch Freude (German for Strength through Joy, abbreviated KdF) was a large state-operated leisure organization in Nazi Germany.

    Sebastian Kurz is as at home with the leaders of the world as he is with the volk. Animals have a fondness for him and he for them. This is the true Renaissance Man who is capable of contemplate conversations on the arts of the world to understanding the arts of the agrarian people. This is a leader from the Danube settlers who took lands from the Muslims, endured world wars, and emerged with their son Sebastian on the other side of the 20th century to lead the world in the Kurz Model of the 22nd century.

    The old order is vanishing with the reality of a new and better progression of mankind having evolved. From the welfare stagnation of Europe which Americans funded to the sloven nature of the European race, has emerged this new man , this new ideal, this educated leader drawing from the strengths of the past and moulding them to the force of the future.

    This is Sebastian Kurz, the leader who quietly arose in the Trump tide and the leader who is accomplishing all of the rhetoric of Donald Trump, with the success of Making Europe Great Again.

    This is MEGA Kurz.

    Nuff Said



    Als eine andere Lame Cherry ausschließlich in Materie gegen Materie.

    Gibt es eine perfektere Definition des Führers des 22. Jahrhunderts als Sebastian Kurz im Motto von --sterreich und sich selbst, als "Bergauf, --sterreich!" Vorwärts und aufwärts --sterreich?
    Sebastian Kurz ist der wahre Alpiner Mann, der Alpine Man. Zu Hause wandern in den zerklüfteten Bergen in der Bestätigung dieser Kraft und Jugend, wo alte Frauen wie Theresa May und Angela Merkel an einem Schlaganfall sterben würden und eine Schwuchtel wie Emanuel Macron sich auf dem ersten Felsen blasen würde, ist Sebastian Kurz der wahre Anführer Europas für die Zukunft.Das Zeitalter der fossilen Führung Europas steht vor der endgültigen Lösung, den Weg des Dinosauriers zu gehen, während die Kraft der neuen politischen Führerschaft von Kurzz den europäischen Superstaat aus dem Schatten Russlands und von der Leine Amerikas abziehen wird.


    "Bergauf, --sterreich!" - Sommertour - YouTube
    "Bergauf, --sterreich!" - Sommertour Sebastian Kurz. Wird geladen ... Militärische Ehren für --sterreichs Kanzler Sebastian Kurz - Dauer: 9:51.
    [Domain suchen]

    Das deutsche Motto des letzten Jahrhunderts war Kraft durch Freude, und was könnte freudiger sein als die sächsische Rasse in all ihrer Ethik, die Wohlstand für sie und die Welt bringt, ob es die deutschen Siedlungen der Wolga und der Krim in Russland waren, die deutschen Pioniere Amerikas, die deutschen Kolonisten Afrikas, überall haben die Deutschen ihren Spaten gepflanzt und ihre Hacke benutzt, den Nationen und Völkern wurde Wohlstand gebracht.Freut sich aber, in wem man für Sebastian Kurz und die Pan Europa nicht genug ist. Es geht weiter in eine bessere Zukunft, ob es die Cyber-Welt der Dinge berührt oder die Sicherheit nationaler Grenzen, die die gebürtigen Söhne und Töchter Europas schützen, das ist Bergauf, --sterreich! Das ist MAGA von Donald Trump aus Amerika, aber wo Trump seine Wähler in den Sumpf des Sozialismus gelassen hat, hat Kurz seine Völker überall dort befreit, wo sein Blick berührt hat. Es wird keinen Europäer geben, der in der Größe des europäischen Kontinents zurückbleibt.

    Stärke durch Freude - Wikipedia
    Kraft durch Freude war eine große staatlich betriebene Freizeitorganisation in Nazi-Deutschland.
    Sebastian Kurz ist mit den Führern der Welt ebenso zuhause wie mit dem Volk. Tiere haben eine Vorliebe für ihn und er für sie. Dies ist der wahre Renaissance-Mann, der in der Lage ist, Gespräche über die Künste der Welt zu betrachten, um die Künste des Agrarvolkes zu verstehen. Dies ist ein Anführer der Donausiedler, die Land von den Muslimen nahmen, Weltkriege ertrugen und mit ihrem Sohn Sebastian auf der anderen Seite des 20. Jahrhunderts auftauchten, um die Welt im Kurz-Modell des 22. Jahrhunderts zu führen.
    Die alte Ordnung verschwindet mit der Realität eines neuen und besseren Fortschritts der Menschheit, der sich entwickelt hat. Von der Wohlfahrtsstagnation Europas, die die Amerikaner für die schlampige Natur der europäischen Rasse finanzierten, ist dieser neue Mann, dieses neue Ideal, dieser gebildete Führer hervorgegangen, der aus den Stärken der Vergangenheit schöpft und sie zur Kraft der Zukunft formt.
    Das ist Sebastian Kurz, der Führer, der leise in der Trump-Flut aufstand und der Anführer, der die ganze Rhetorik von Donald Trump vollbringt, mit dem Erfolg von "Making Europe Great Again".
    Das ist MEGA Kurz.

    Nuff sagte

  • I swear Uncle Joe that I have hot twin daughters.....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    If you were an FBI criminal investigator or a CIA analyst, what would your conclusions be in examining John Brennan's actions and statements?

    See when someone in the deep state put my Facebook in limbo, sent Homeland out here on a wild goose chase and now it has evolved to a drone flying over the brier patch, and the continued monitoring of this blog's drafts, why is that not a broader effort to suppress my freedom of speech and punish a critic?

    See this blog is far more powerful than John Brennan's rants, because instead of ranting liberalism, this blog tells the Truth to the Trump base, who may not like being told what they already know, but they are listening.

    If you read Hubert Humphrey's memoirs, he had the same ludicrous opinion as John Brennan that Richard Nixon was a threat to America and Nixon scared the hell out of Humphrey, the way Trump scares Brennan.
    Why though is John Brennan afraid? Because Humphrey based his assessment on the intellectual genius he deluded himself with that only Humphrey's was correct. Brennan has the same delusions that somehow Donald Trump is going to bring down an America which does not exist.

    The Lame Cherry is going to take you back to the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord campaign. This blog informed you that there were spies inside the Trump campaign feeding all sorts of disinformation to Jeb Bush to Hillary Clinton, to the media. You remember the off the wall stories of Trump was in this as a publicity stunt to Trump was working with Putin.
    Now remember none of the Stormy Daniels or Omarosa stories appeared and they were in plain sight. It's almost as if who Trump was being backed by in the DIA was running a disinformation campaign of juicy details of what people wanted to hear in order to cover up the sordid details of Donald Trump's tongue and cock which is now leaking out.

    John Brennan was told things by foreign intelligence. He was told things by his CIA asset in the FBI in Peter Strzok. If you notice in this in what Brennan is telling the world, is that he is still being fed intelligence information from insiders and Brennan goes berserk every time they jerk his chain. Do not overlook the jerkin of the chain statement as Brennan trusts the people and they are feeding him information about Trump shutting people up and down. All of these McCabes an Strzoks are proof to Brennan in what he is being fed, and Brennan's "intelligence professionals" are a slip on his part in who is feeding him this information which triggers the rants.

    What do you think the odds are that Brennan's sources are all DIA assets inside various departments, as in all of this, even in the media, who are the only people who are getting fed any information, because they are all DIA assets.

    If one reads what Brennan posts in context, this mind is so off balance that he is obsessed with a Mahdi complex where Trump can not match up to Brennan's pure morality, of the celibate husband and wife of 34 years with two immaculately inception children.

    Brennan's work partner, his wife Kathy

    Brennan protests too much with his gay flag waving debauchery against Trump, as part of what is driving Brennan over the edge is Donald Trump nailing all these women. The very forensic psychological evaluation of John Brennan in the CIA files in all of his weaknesses and how to trigger them, have starred Donald Trump in fact or fiction.
    Ask yourself in how long before Wikileaks appeared, Edward Snowden appeared, how possible is it, that those who have been running this counter coup, actually fed Birther Hussein Obama the information to put their patsies into the exact positions to protect Hamrod Clinton and trigger to go after Donald John Trump by design, including that interesting Rothschild group in London who actually thought it was all their own idea.

    From this moment on, John Brennan says anything on his smart phone, mentions something in an interview, or posts some rant, which hints of one aspect of new classified information, Brennan will be facing federal charges. It has come to the point that the raging pit bull in the cage being fed raw meat, is now the pit bull cornered for a reason in order to progress this to the next step to manipulate Brennan again.

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in mater anti matter. If I had the money John Brennan has, I would be off enjoying it and not thinking I was the next Mahdi, as I particularly do not play puppet on the string to the DIA like some people.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There started a series of posts on democrat Hubert Humphrey, the Vice President of the United States, as witnessed by one of the best historians of record in his friend and advisor, Edgar Berman who honestly looked in most instances like Leonard Nimoy's scowling brother, Hock on Star Trek, if a character existed.

    Berman was a socialist, a real bleeding heart liberal, but in that definition do not allow that to colour you on modern liberals, as Berman basically detested everyone in the democratic party who was not Hubert Horatio Humphrey. I will agree on that point and I personally delight in a man who was as accomplished as he was in being a philanthropist in Africa with Dr. Schweitzer, to performing the first plastic esophagus replacement in a human, and the first real dog heart replacement. He was a pioneer and the reason most of you have never heard of him, is due to this conclusion by this brilliant man.

    Edgar F. Berman was an American surgeon and author. He is most remembered for his 1970 assertion that women were unable to hold leadership positions due to their "raging hormonal imbalances"

    As Berman said, the women all hated him, and the men all thought he was their leader. The point in Edgar Berman is he was correct about 90% of the PMS females on the planet and 100% of the women in the democratic party. With Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters prime examples of the condition which is wrong with women.

    This series of posts arises by chance as all things arise by God's design here, in the Viking is from Minnesota and months ago I spotted this book in the thrift store and picked it up, as I have a soft spot for Humphrey, as he is the reason liberalism embedded in the United States. It was not Teddy Kennedy who stole the credit and got all the blame. It was HHH whose decades of hard work, and it was work with the best of intentions, not to create an FDR monopoly party, or the base for the Trump sodomite socialists and Clinton Obama communists to rule by either party in the White House as Conservatives were exiled, but because Hubert Humphrey as Edgar Berman actually cared about people, and everything from Medicaid to Civil Rights to Nuclear Test Ban Treaties came out of the genius of Hubert Humphrey, and Dr. Berman who refused payment as part of Humphrey's White House staff had an eyewitness seat to all things Humphrey from the Senate, to the White House, to the Senate and to his final dying days.

    Humphrey loved Berman as a trusted friend and Breman loved Humphrey with his triumphs and faults. It is a rare honest liberal who will sit down on the death of their icon from cancer, and literally tell the world what assholes, asstards and assjackers everyone was in the democratic party from Lyndon Johnson, to Jimmy Carter, to George Meany, to George McGovern.

    Dr. Edgar Berman Is Dead at 68; Writer and Humphrey Confidant ...

    Dr. Edgar Berman, an author, newspaper columnist, surgeon and personal physician to former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, died of a heart attack yesterday at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. He was 68 years old. In the Kennedy Administration, Dr. Berman was consultant to the White House Task Force ...

    What is most interesting in Edgar Berman who was the unemotional side, yet with deep emotions of Hubert Humphrey who was all emotion on the outside and kind hearted inside, is as much as it hurt Hubert Humphrey to lose to Richard Nixon in 1968, in many ways Edgar Berman was deeply hurt even more, because even with the 1976 withdrawal to Jimmy Carter where that Baptist pariah who could not beat any democrat and limped along to beat Gerald Ford, said that he wanted Humphrey in the race to beat him badly, it was the cancer which followed soon after that Berman having dreamed with Humphrey for the Oval Office had it all taken away, and the 1979 memoirs is his evening the score for his departed friend, as Hubert Humphrey would never have engaged in final balancing of the scores, but Berman in devotion did.

    It was an amazing relationship of two men of intelligence and drive who complimented each other. It was an insight of how badly Lyndon Johnson treated Hubert Humphrey in torturing him as Vice President as an "enemy" when LBJ had been forced to eat dirt by the Kennedy clan and lackies for his two years in serving John Kennedy.
    As Hubert Humphrey stated, "The Presidency magnifies the good and the bad in a person, and the best and the worst always comes out".
    LBJ always said that he could trust Jack Kennedy, but he never trusted any of the Kennedy's or their lackeys. That is one more thing that got HHH into trouble with Johnson on the campaign trail, in HHH was liked by the Kennedy people and HHH was always someone mending fences in being cordial as he hated conflict. To that Johnson fumed at Humphrey over being nice to Bobby Kennedy, "How can you be nice to that fascist!!!".

    As I have stated, Edgar Berman is the freshest historical breath out there since Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. Where else will you ever read that Lyndon Johnson called Bobby Kennedy a fascist, because he was one and was one of the greatest demagogues and dark figures to ever rise in American politic.

    So in the hopefully yet to be written anecdotes involving Hubert Humphrey to educate you on the history of America and the reality that once upon a time there was a politician who actually told the Truth like Ronald Reagan and was engaged in trying to make things better for Americans, unlike what plagues America in the 21st century, you can remember one honest man, an accomplished physician from Maryland, who could have cared less that he was ostracized after the facts he stated about women and liberals, who would never measure up, because for him the heart of America ended with the death of Hubert Humphrey and what was left in the democratic party were the heartless and the amoral in the republican party. Berman was a true friend past the grave to Hubert Humphrey.

    There is one fact in this which you can quote the Lame Cherry on and this is it:

    Hubert Humphrey created the modern democratic party from the frankenstein monster of parts in the corpse of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, made Kennedy pretty, but this Florence Nightingale creation was turned into a sodomite whore by Bill and Hillary Clinton with Barack Hussein Obama, who were bankrupt of liberal ideals as they changed human rights to amoral immorality.

    - Lame Cherry

    Thank you Edgar Berman.

    When did being a woman become a special condition ...

    May 24, 2014 · When did being a woman become a special condition? Catherine Bennett. Is menstrual leave such a good idea? ... Edgar Berman, physician to Hubert Humphrey, ...

    You tell me Edgar Berman was not right about liberal women not being able to handle any power and then you tell me that the Trump West Wing is not ruled by raging hormonal imbalances.


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