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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The Lame Cherry family is aware of the Richard and Stephanie, Honeywell jet engine air filter which kindly came our way as TL is healing from a bronchial lung burn when dealing with chemical city, but like in all things in my life, there is always more to the story than what is the story for normal people.

    To be plain, TL was coughing up phlegm around 6 AM in the darkness and I have my place in rubbing TL's back to comfort and I had my eyes closed in robot mode when TL said, "Did you see that!!!"

    I opened my eyes and saw nothing, but knew TL witnessed something. As TL is not a cat with night vision, it should be explained that the jet engine air filter, has a blue light on it, to show it is working as the jet engine sound would not be an alert that the thing is on.
    I like the blue light. It is pretty and it illuminates like a night light, so it is never completely dark in the room.

    .......and that is when I saw what TL had just witnessed in it looked like the shadow of a fluttering sheet on the wall and ceiling. I even checked the window to make certain nothing was outside and flipped a calendar on the wall to see if that is what was making the moving shadow that appeared and disappeared, and none of it was creating this manifestation.
    It was rebuked in Jesus and it ceased from that point on, but that is honestly the first time we had ever seen anything like that, and I did check the blue light to make sure no insect was on it either or aything else flitting around, but no moth would have transferred to that size.

    Scientifically this is fascinating as I have witnessed various geist from literally seeing what looked like black torn sheets flying through the trees to the bumblebee type black fuzz balls, but none of them ever cast a shadow. That is what is odd about this, in we saw no visible object, but only saw the shadow of it in the blue light.
    That opens up the Ultra Violet question in do geists or psychic charged evil energies appear in blue light whe white light hides them? I know we both saw something which had no explanation which we have never seen before, and Jesus Name ceased whatever it was, so it is a conclusion this was one of those ragged energies of darkness which indeed does cast a shadow and that part is first, as I have never heard in the paranormal of any geist casting a shadow. That would indicate it has to be a semi energy and yet matter entity, a neither nor and either or, a fluidity of changing it's state, sort of like that Star Trek episode when Kirk was chasing that Dichromium or whatever that gaseous energy cloud was which was a creature.

    It is a mixed reality of these things we experience as they are both troubling and fascinating. I would rather have Peace, but every so often something like this happens which just has only a geist explanation.

    I had always thought those Legend of Sleepy Hollow and shadow horror movies were just imagination, but now realize that people actually were witnessing dark energies as what we have witnessed are exactly at time what one sees in film recreations.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Being poor affords TL and myself the opportunity to have to engage in things and do things that the 99% of society are either too timid or lazy to engage in. For example the Obama Trump inflation has literally priced fruit out of most people's diet. I mean the 98 cents a pound crapper apples are now 5 dollars for 4 pounds and you can forget about Minnesota bred Honey Crisp as they are 3 to 5 dollars a pound.

    Enter into this Bun.

    Bun is a not too distant relative of mine, with his nephews who will not sell their homestead to us. Never mind they do not live on the place, live in another town, and the gorgeous Victorian house is falling down. Bun though will allow us to pick apples off his tree, at least when Mom asks he does, and more to the point, now that Bun is in the geezer home waiting for death, his nephew seemed not too enthused, but allowed us to go over and pick some apples.

    I like Bun's place. There are wild turkeys on it, a small creek or crick as they are called, and deer. Deer we know because they eat the apples and poop on the windfall apple resting places.

    This though is about fruit pickers as TL and I splurged 20 dollars for a DO IT BEST, pictured above, with a telescoping light aluminum pole, which is heavy on the light side at you do not want to do chin ups on it, but it screw tightens into place, and it surprised me.

    What surprised me is my neighbor, Mousie, yes Mousie because he chattered so fast like a mouse in every conversation had a fruit picker which I hated as a child. It seemed so slow, but this one we got I simply delight in using it. It works very nice on non ripened pears, the key being soft fruit will get holes poked in it, as these apples which are not that soft, but had the death grip on that tree and were stuck in places I do not know how an apple grows, got some scuffs and holes poked on them.

    If you just keep at it, you will be surprised how much fruit you can pick in 45 minutes. Bun's tree which is just a semi dwarf, meaning about 25 feet at the top and about that big around, we picked 4 five gallon buckets of premium apples off of it, and I filled one of those cow molasses lick tubs which is 5 pails of apples too of windfalls in that time, with apples galore on the tree and a tub and a half on the ground.

    This is a Minnesota Haralson, which is the second generation of Minnesota apples. OK I love conversing about apples, so here is a lesson in fruity fruits.

    In the beginning there was Eve and her nice fruit......too far back, ok in the beginning was Rome and they had the Fameuse apple or Snow Apple, they brought to Angleland. From that the English happened upon the Pippin line of apples, which ended up in America.

    Soon enough the Americans in the Northeast were finding apples that were growing on their own and apples they grew from seed which made those original European apples taste like the sour old things they were.
    Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple was a real gem in the Esopus Spitzenberg apple which is really a spectacular apple in apple natural selection.

    It was from this seedstock that a Minnesotan obtained like a bushel of apple seeds from the east and planted them. Most apples only were hardy to zone 5 and Minnesota is zone 4 to zone 3. In that, one apple appeared in the Wealthy apple. The apple Americans chose though was an Iowa seedling named Delicious, which is a very good apple when fresh, but has been so engineered it is horrid now.

    The Minnesotans in all their wealth from God though went at it in breeding apples, and from their Wealthy hardy stock arose the second generation in the Haralson, which is a most interesting battle of sweet, citrus, crisp, juicy delight.
    TL loves these apples and they are wonderful fresh eating, juicing and for making crisps.

    Canada had a lovely McIntosh, but it is early and a softer apple, which is not as pleasant. It makes great jelly though and applesauce.

    These apples became the Fireside, which honestly when raised in Minnesota soils is the sweetest, crispest and best apple ever. You can not though convince the University of Minnesota of this, as their Honey Crisp and Zestar is what they worship at, and they have a 4th generation coming out, which they deem as better yet.
    Personally Honey Crisp is not that friendly as a home orchard apple as the trees are brittle.

    My apples are not anything with names. They are apples that were seeds off of trees I obtained seeds from like a Chestnut Crab which is a lovely apple, like a small Honey Crisp, which one grew to my lovely and best apple tree which is tough as nails and in most years produces a pile of apples.

    Not this year though after 2 heavy years, so it was over to Bun's to raid his tree. We picked 4 buckets of extra fancy apples which would run at cheap prices of 100 dollars, which will last us into December, feeding on them heavy. 100 dollars is a good thing to be saving.

    This fruit picker is exactly the thing for all occasions. I have not tried it out on peaches, as this is not peach friendly country. I use this quite heavy in pulling on things and and have not bent the tines. The one I have has a foam in the bottom and I left the Do It Best cardboard in it to cushion the fruit.
    I can get 4 big apples into it, so it is not up and down all the time and picking is fast enough for us. We just did ours this morning and I would not mind doing it again, which we might, but I want to leave some apples for the deer too.

    The thing is people are so damned lazy now that they will not go out and pick an apple, just buy them in the store. Bun was good about putting a moth catcher out there, so these apples are all worm free. It is why I was picking up the windfalls for the goats and chickens as apples left on the ground make worms a problem.

    It is just something I do not understand in people not picking their own fruit. This is easy and at 20 bucks that picker paid for itself already. I grew up on a sharecropper place where we had nothing, so I have been phobic about planting things for years. I can not afford a 50 dollar apple tree, but I sure can plant seeds which will produce as good as fruit as I am eating, and if not, I sure can bud graft a good apple onto some throw back tree.
    When we get our place, I am going to be planting hundreds of apple trees, as they just have such a nice frequency and nothing is so pretty as apple trees in bloom or filled with apples.

    As we drove home, I noticed a line of trees on a neighbor's farm, and they were Mountain Ash. I was thinking they were fruit trees, and here are those red berry things that are about as worthless as a Trump promise as of late. Why someone would plant almost 200 dollar worth of trees you can only look at is just beyond me.

    When we were in the metro it was just as bad, as I think I saw in an area of of 3 million souls, 2 apple trees and sorry ones at that. What the hell kind of people is that who do not plant apple or peach trees.
    Then again maybe they are like TL's old man, whose nickname is Johnny Applekiller. I swear a more brown thumbed man does not walk the planet. He put in fruit trees and they are the same size they were 15 year ago. Good thing he is a genius in math, as he sure ain't got the number down on apple trees.

    I live in a place where people plant fruit trees, and there is usually one around some place that the people allow others to raid. Like the gal I was confirmed with was telling me, she picks fruit in a little town as the guy there let her and another woman raid his tree to their heart's desire.

    So the Do It Best fruit picker with telescoping pole is a thumbs up in the one we got from the farm store. It has paid for itself the first time out, better than a ladder and the only thing better at picking apples are Daisy and Baby Belle, but I tend to not like having cow slop on my fruit and once they go in the mouth, it is a hard time trying to get them back out the way they went in.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As most of you probably missed this buried news event in Trump Trauma over North Korea this week, a most interesting event took place in a person who deliberately withheld information on their security clearance, accepted Chinese bribes to schedule a meeting in Florida between Trump and Xi, and the person who threw Donald Trump jr. under the bus in Russiagate, in Jared Kushner just received his top secret security clearance.

    Perhaps Kim Jong Un will have his issued next week as they are handing them out like crack whore dime bags now.

    It was the New York Times which featured this bizarre story, and the quotes in it are even more strange, as what the Times was focusing on is if Kushner got a security clearance, he would then be off Robert Mueller's indictment list. That is a strange cover as Jared Kushner has been given immunity by Mueller for ratting out the Trump's and spying on his father in law. Do not forget that is was Kushner who pulled the trigger on Mike Flynn which started this entire bogus investigation and has been picking off loyalists and Christians from the start.

    Mr. Lowell said that Mr. Kushner has cooperated fully with the special counsel and met with Mr. Mueller's investigators twice for many hours.

    Interesting quote as everyone else who fully cooperated with Robert Mueller was framed, but Jared Kushner was never indicted by Mueller.

    Jared Kushner Gets Security Clearance, Ending Swirl of Questions Over Delay

    Mark S. Zaid, a veteran Washington lawyer who handles security clearances, said it was highly unlikely that the special counsel would uncover evidence of improper foreign entanglements and not flag it for security officials.
    "If I were Jared Kushner, I'd be sighing a breath of relief today," Mr. Zaid said.

    Again most of you missed the connecting dots in this, in Kushner who was stonewalled by American security for 18 months from a security clearance and degraded just recently by John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff, had a most interesting person confirmed in another Jew, Stephen Feinberg, to the President's Intelligence Board.

    Steve Feinberg

    Chair of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board
    Assumed office
    May 12, 2018
    PresidentDonald Trump
    Preceded byShirley Jackson
    Jami Miscik
    Personal details
    Born March 29, 1960 (age 58)
    New York City, New York, U.S.
    Political partyRepublican
    Spouse(s)Gisella Sanchez
    Children3 daughters
    EducationPrinceton University (BA)

    For those who do not know who this billionaire financier is , there is one word which says it all in DYNCORP, the mercenary army of the world. That part is interesting in Eric Prince who was running his own mercenary army an trying to get the CIA to fund it globally has been sidelined by the mother of all black operations in Feinberg.
    Review the quote the below and then ponder how Kushner was stonewalled until one official named Feinberg who runs the new Trump mercenary army got his appointment and immediately the decks were cleared for Jared Kushner.

    "With respect to the news about his clearances, as we stated before, his application was properly submitted, reviewed by numerous career officials and underwent the normal process,"

    So what is the little Jared up to, or more to the point what is little Jared being given cover for by the two biggest heavy hitter Jews in Stephen Feinberg and Benjamin Netanahu?

    In addition to his work on Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, Mr. Kushner acts as an intermediary with Mexico, is pushing for reforms to federal prisons and is working on revising the North American Free Trade Agreement.

    Well we know that Kushner's peace is about Greater Judea, starting wars in the Mideast for which Americans are not under the command of the IDF, as the Philistines reach genocide in their ghetto. We know that Mexico is the same dope haven and human traffick cesspool, now made legal. and that NAFTA is about Kushner Street getting the deal while Americans get shafted again. That all looks like Jared Kushner is call girl being pimped by Feinberg and Netanyahu.

    Of interest in this, that the Times propaganda piece featured none other than:

    Maggie Haberman contributed reporting from New York, and Mark Landler from Washington.

    The very Trump DIA assets which were abused by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and who Trump has been leaking to in order to remove unwanted political parasites from his team, are the ones giving CIA cover now to Jared Kushner 007.

    Pay special attention to the New York Times CIA piece on Kushner though as the featured photo is Kushner with young women standing erect with a painting behind Kushner pointing the finger at Kushner. The Times is telling you something cleverly in sowing the Mockingbird into your mind. The finger is being pointed at Kushner.
    These photos do not happen by accident, but are taken and angled deliberately and chosen from thousands.

    The CIA Times knows something about Jared Kushner and a finger is pointed at someone when they are guilty of something. Guilt allows for blackmail control. The deep state is had a smile over this being posted.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The efforts of President Trump for a summit with Kim Jong Un have been an unmitigated disaster for the simplest of reasons in Donald Trump has elevated North Korean communists to 'nice guys" and equals to what is deemed American morals.

    That is the problem in all of this in the President has legitimized North Korea and now the current structure is, Donald Trump called off the summit, and now it is the Two Koreas who are attempting to drag the obstinate American back to peace.

    Late Breaking News!

    Moon, Kim pledge joint efforts for successful
    U.S.-North Korea summit
    (Yonhap News Agency)

    Kim reaffirms commitment to complete denuclearization in summit with Moon.
    Leaders of two Koreas agree to hold summit talks whenever necessary: Moon

    In diplomacy, Donald Trump looked weak as he gathered all his Pencelings around him and threatened North Korea with his nuclear weapons. It is the worst sort of "White House Mob Unity" when the President has to have a gang with him, against one Kim Jong Un. That is what psychologically weak individuals do in attempting to make an US against YOU.

    The summit is once again thought to be on though, after this degradation of the US position and the failure to obtain one human rights concession from North Korea for their rhetoric over American B 52's which had no purpose in South Korea in war games, unless the intent was by Mr. President to foment this very exchange.

    The only thing which is certain of which will not happen is the President went on a Twitter rage at the Times, over one of his officials, who turns out to be real, and who with that Muslim spokesturban released a press statement which was sabotaging Trump unity.

    The Failing @nytimes quotes "a senior White House official," who doesn't exist, as saying "even if the meeting were reinstated, holding it on June 12 would be impossible, given the lack of time and the amount of planning needed." WRONG AGAIN! Use real people, not phony sources.

    This the Muslim mafia in the White House undercutting Jewish Donald Trump.

    4. I've obtained audio of the WH press briefing. You can hear Raj Shah, Deputy Press Secretary, introduce Pottinger (along with the terms - which are standard) and then Pottinger makes the statement that POTUS says was never made. Lots of reporters in briefing room and on phone.

    The President needs to fire this Pottinger, those who wrote this press release sabotaging these talks and fire this Raj Shah for the deep state agent he is.

    Personally, the Lame Cherry concludes it is poor policy to lower the United States to North Korean levels of nice guy and to not be a strong enough President that John Bolton can not keep control over the NSC as that is why he was brought in, in replacing that nuclear war nut Herbert McMaster.

    This is not how adults negotiate by ridding themselves of the high moral ground.



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    This is a simple tomatoe soup recipe which I was forced into as I was looking for a vegetable for Sourdough and Swiss grilled sandwiches.

    It takes about as long as to open the things which I had laying around here from a quart of tomatoe juice which was 4 years old I think and I had been meaning to put it into chili.

    1 quart tomatoe juice
    1 303 can of diced tomatoes in Italian seasoning (Picked that up by mistake)
    2 tablespoons of chicken boulion
    1/4 cup fresh celery leaves.

    Just cook this until the celery is cooked and that is fancy tomatoe soup.

    This goes very well with the Sourdough and Swiss, which goes together really well.

    I also served tater tots as what is a sandwich without tater tots to fill in.

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  • You're such a good pet, you haven't wet on the
    floor in ages Barry.......

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    It is surfaced as a question of angels on pin heads from the pin heads, if Barack Hussein Obama could be impeached while out of office or deceased, and the answer is yes. But while the shortsighted would think it was a waste of time, the long game would understand the far reaching implications of this trial.

    Fitton explained that his tweet Sunday, saying "Obama, btw, can still be impeached," was to generate discussion about holding Obama accountable, not to suggest that impeachment necessarily would be the best course of action if evidence warranted prosecution. He wanted to emphasize, amid all the impeachment talk by Democrats on Capitol Hill, that if anybody should be impeached, the evidence indicates it should be Obama. William Murphy, a professor of American history at State University of New York at Oswego, confirmed that Congress could impeach a former president, noting the penalties of conviction including a ban from holding future office.

    The first reason would be to impeach Obama and not President Trump.

    Second, it would be to bring forth the crimes of Barack Hussein Obama before the public, to set the political stage or a Grand Jury indictment of Birther Hussein.

    Third, this act would end all Obama succor from the United States of America. Meaning no Obama retirement pension, no Obama Secret Service protection, no "presidential library funding nor aligning with the United States", no use of the title of President of the United States and a lean upon the fortune which the Birther has spent from the United States in retirement, for it all to be paid back.

    The most telling in this is the Obama Complex in Chicago which is about to start looting the Treasury as it pretends this indoctrination center of communists is going to be turning out brainwashed zombie and making billions of dollars as the Education Department will be funding this.

    There is the remedial necessity too of politically emancipating the Black voter from the Obama Plantation. Most are ignorant of American History in it was a Black man named Anthony Johnson who went to court in Northampton, demanding to hold an indentured servant forever, thus a slave. Johnson won the case, and in that the Christian Colonial charters of only 7 year indentured servants, came from a Black from Angola, slavery all through America.

    Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured servants. All masters were required to free their servants after their time was up. Seven years was the limit that an indentured servant could be held. Upon their release they were granted50 acres of land. This included any Negro purchased from slave traders. Negros were also granted 50 acres upon their release.
    Anthony Johnson was a Negro from modern-day Angola. He was brought to the US to work on a tobacco farm in 1619. In 1622 he was almost killed when Powhatan Indians attacked the farm. 52 out of 57 people on the farm perished in the attack. He married a female black servant while working on the farm.
    When Anthony was released he was legally recognized as a "free Negro" and ran a successful farm. In 1651 he held 250 acres and five black indentured servants. In 1654, it was time for Anthony to release John Casor, a black indentured servant. Instead Anthony told Casor he was extending his time. Casor left and became employed by the free white man Robert Parker.
    Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654. In 1655, the court ruled that Anthony Johnson could hold John Casor indefinitely. The court gave judicial sanction for blacksto own slave of their own race. Thus Casor became the first permanent slave and Johnson the first slave owner.

    The case for the political realignment and emancipation of American Blacks from Obama, for the evolution of the Trump Republican Party voter base, returned to the Lincoln coalition of the Black Republican.

    The United States is facing a reality that Barack Obama stole two United States elections by flipping 10 million Republican votes with the deep state. There is absolute proof now that image Obama's White House ran a Benedict Arnold operation in attempting to overthrow the United States elections by framing Donald Trump for the installation of Hillary Clinton. In effect, Obama the British subject, went far beyond the most heinous traitor in American history.

    Make democrats defend all Obama policies, including the rigging of the election by importing illegals, funded by MS13 out of Chicago for the Latin vote to replace the democratic Black vote. Make Obama and his cronies defend the Black Genocide in impeachment evidence.

    It is all there.

    Obamas Sign Multiyear Production Deal With Netflix to Push Anti-Christ, Anti-American, Pro-Marxism Propaganda

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

    As all of you have missed the above, this the HAARP addition of Trump State, as while it was blasting the United States with blizzards and bankrupting agriculture cold, the weathermods have been joining with the Israeli IDF in softening up Iran.

    A third important conventional military front is eastern Syria, where U.S. and French forces, in cooperation with local allies, hold around 30% of Syrian territory, including the greater part of the country's oil and gas resources. This territorial holding prevents the operation of a contiguous Iranian land corridor from Iran to the Mediterranean and the border with Israel.
    It also offers an example of a successful US partnering with a local proxy. Its maintenance is crucial

    As you can witness in the above satellite map, it rains in Syria, southern Saudi Arabia and China, but there is a huge pressure ridge blocking all moisture in......wait for it, evil Iran, evil poppy producer Afghanistan and evil recently blacklisted Pakistan by Donald Trump's junta.

    Keep in mind that Iran is already in the midst of an economic and environmental crisis. Spyer points out that its currency, the rial, has fallen 47 percent against the dollar since January. The country is blighted by drought -- precipitation across the country fell by 46 percent in the past 50 years, and Tehran has seen a 66% drop in rainfall in just a year. Naturally this is hitting the agricultural sector hard.

    It is almost as if someone is breaking the Muslim Shia backbone of the nuclear states in their nefarious trade.
    Just as if someone had been planning this.

    Drought in Afghanistan affecting over million people

    Afghanistan faces the threat of serious drought this year after recording the lowest snowfall and rain in years over the 2017/18 winter, officials said on April 23, 2018.

    Drought conditions in Balochistan to worsen: report ...

    LAHORE: Pakistan Meteorological Depart­ment (PMD) has said that the three to four spells of rain and snowfall in the country in March are not going to improve the water situation in major reservoirs, as reported by a local English daily. The mild drought-like conditions that the south-west ...

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. They talk about cyberware as a distraction as the real softening up is the weather.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    TL was asking me tonight why I bake apple pies as I hate them. I mentioned that as God gave us two deep dish apple pie glassware in a 9 and an 8 inch, that I wanted to try them out, and I had never had deep dish apple pie in my life, as being raised Lutheran that kind of extravagance would be frowned upon as some gluttony or whatever Lutherans now under seige from the Vatican infilitraitors could come up with.

    I love apple though. I love eating them, studying them, planting them, reading about them and looking at pictures. I have three types of porn really, gun porn, apple porn and chicken porn. I simply can not get enough of these subjects and can be content for hours reading about those subjects.

    It is in this though on deep dish apple pie that I desire to share something in my vast 2 apple pies I have baked in them. It seems that you just can not ruin a deep dish apple pie. There is something about that vast reservoir which makes the pie crust behave, even when it was browned a the Apple Crumb Deep Dish was that we had tonight.

    I am fascinated by the observations one makes in cooking. For example this German crumb topping or basically an apple crisp with oatmeal topping, the apples were firm yet. The cookin of them in the escaping of the moisture gives a less cooked apple texture to them. I never would have thought a pie crust on top could change the dynamics of fruit that much.

    I am though sold on deep dish pies, and that includes pot pies. Crust behave better and the contents respond much better to the depth in volume. Is all part of the dynamics of heat transfer as a shallow pot has more surface area up to a point to transfer heat than does a tall pot with the liquid in a column.

    I know I would prefer blueberry crumb, peach crumb to apple, and soon am going to do a strawberry rhubarb crumb in deep dish when that stuff gets manifesting from the ground. I would like to do a cherry, but pie filling is so expensive now, and I just wonder if that crumb would not be pleasant with cherries. I do not have the patience to let thing set up for a day either, as my pies tend to puddle the first day as I am digging into them.

    If you can, I do believe that most people should try deep dish pies as they do seem to behave better. I never knew I had a need until God placed those pie glasses before me and I picked them up for like 40 cents each. It has been a wonderful adventure though as it has made me a convert to at least baking apple pies, providing they are deep dish. In fact I think that regular pie sizes should all be banned and all should be made deep dish.
    Seems the last time I was doing deep dish, the snow was crapper and I had baby calves not living up to life standards. It seems sometimes I am living years at a time in a few months.
    It is though gleaning every moment in this adventure of life and as I plot to produce a strawberry rhubarb crumb in the coming weeks, it is a bridge to somewhere that will deep dish please me many times over, more than even eating that pie.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    If you asked most people how many tits a cow has, most people would not know, and the rest would answer, FOUR. That is because America breeding has standardized udders, but this is the story of Audrey, named after Audrey Hepburn.

    Audrey decided to calve as a heifer in a snowstorm as all cows do. I had her in the barn, but as all calves do it fell out the door and was laying there trying to die.
    Audrey tried to attack me, which was not good, so baby calf came inside to the house, tried to die, got heating pads on it, got doused with warm milk and about 7 hours later started looking like it was not dying.

    The thing is I had to milk Audrey who like all cows want no part in this, and that is the first time I noticed something odd about her back right tit.
    I honestly thought she must have stepped on it or cut herself as milk was leaking out of the back of the nipple, but I had snowstorms and a calf trying to die, so that was something for another day.

    The next day I milked her, and blew out the longest cork plug I have ever saw in a nipple. Yes nature has cows cork their nipples so the milk will not run out.
    Milking went ok and I thought she probably healed up, and then the next day she started leaking again, and that is when I figured out she had a 6th nipple by this 4th rear nipple. This was the first time I had ever witnessed that as most cows like her had a 5th high up on her back udder which do not have this bred out of them.

    I have read the old farm manuals and they say to nip these little nipples off as they just get in the way and cause problems in lessening milk production. As Audrey though was a pasture calf with a cow, I never paid any attention to her special circumstances which are something rare.

    I figure the calf will just get it's mouth on both eventually and work it out that way, but that thing trying to milk the 4th nipple is usually leaking so things get slick and I dislike it.

    There is nothing I can do about it now, as am not cutting on a cow's bag as that is not proper and would be a major surgery. Is just one of those rare things. The fact is though cows from the forests of Europe used to have 5 to 7 nipples. I have no idea why as history records nothing of these short nipples ever having any use or purpose as calves never touch them and this one must have like a tablespoon of milk in it.

    Is just one of those odd things as her history should be all confirmation in the udders in being Galloway, Hereford, Simmetal, Shorthorn and a touch of Angus maybe too. Why she threw back is a mystery but I noticed her calf has the same protrusion so it is a strong genetic trait.

    The old farmers just nipped them off to make things nice appearing and to not get in the way of sucking or milking.....every drop counts when it is not a milk truck Holstein as in the modern age.

    Is just one of those things and while I doubt the original Audrey had any additional nipples, I never showered with her at the convent or had associations with her ghastly husband, Mel Ferrer. That woman had more problems with men in that drunk William Holden, then she went back to that Mel thing. If only she had been with Jose she would have been thrilled her whole life, whether she had 2 nipple or five.

    That is about all there is to write about this most informative post.



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I observing the latest jousting of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, in President Trump cancelling the meeting with North Korea, after the North blamed John Bolten and Mike Pence for their rhetoric, which brought another Vice President growling dog threatening nuclear war, and North Korea now offering to meet in Singapore, there are basically a few realities at play here.

    North Korea is answering to China, who wants this meeting with Trump and Kim, so North Korea pulled back their rhetoric.

    The United States appears to have surveillance in North Korea and China, and is fully aware of what the North Korean reaction will be, especially as Donald Trump had produced for him from Gina Haspel's DIA run CIA a most pleasant personal letter, as this is what would provide public appeal and appeal to Kim Jong Un.

    After being outplayed by Kim Jong Un for thee entire tenure of Herbert McMaster, Donald Trump began showing signs of a correct foreign policy, save Trump's blinking in cancelling B 52's flown in South Korean war games.

    So now we have Trump blinking and Kim blinking. It was intelligent that Mr. Trump chose this far point before the Singapore meeting to reset the negotiating point, but what has come out of this is the propaganda that Kim is a nice guy and Trump is a nice guy, and their seconds are the bastards in the room.

    On Thursday, Vice Minister of the North Korean Foreign Ministry, Choe Son Hui, said that whether the U.S. "will meet us at a meeting room or encounter us at nuclear-to-nuclear showdown is entirely dependent upon the decision and behavior of the United States," according to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency.

    The fact in this is North Korea parried with stating it is willing to meet with Trump anytime. That means as Trump made the move, that the onus is now on Donald Trump if North Korean goodwill prevails, as North Korea was in process of dismantling a nuclear site.

    So the North Koreans were shutting down a nuclear site which collapsed, which is a zero gain, except the propaganda of it, as North Korea except of the mistake of nuclear threats, is the nation looking for peace, but it was thee Americans who were flying nuclear bombers in war games on their borders.

    The ignorant can rave on this that North Korea blinked when the human mind breaks this down to the one word FAILED. That is what Americans will associate with Donald Trump in failure.
    When President Reagan and Secretary of State George Schultz were faced with this from the Soviets, the various gambits were muted and Gorbachev was appealed to. Up until now Kim Jong Un's proxies have been doing the talking. It was incorrect in Donald Trump pulling out from the meeting. As this blog stated, his response should have invited the North to observe the defensive maneuvers with South Korea and brought the issue of Human Rights to the forefront in prisoners released in China and North Korea.
    Mr. Trump has yet to raise a concern about human rights which is the Trump card. That is a mistake and it is a complete mistake for Mr. Trump to not have first appealed to Kim Jong Un directly in a letter and in public, informing Kim that his subordinates actions in cancelling the meeting with the South and moving the North to the old caustic rhetoric is not the diplomatic response which would lead to a summit in Singapore. The request then for Kim to personally affirm the Spirit of Singapore and to speak for the peace of North Korea as the rhetoric from subordinates was one of conflict.

    Once that basis was established and the ball was in Kim's court to react to, and if he did not produce the message which was one of appeasing the US position, then President Trump could cancel the summit.

    At this point the feeling of this entire scenario is Mike Pence as afraid of Kim's sister at the Olympics and when North Korea pointed out Pence's rhetoric was unacceptable it fell to Donald Trump to protect his weak spined Vice President.

    Choe also made a disparaging comment about Vice President Mike Pence who had said that North Korea asked to have the meeting.

    "As a person involved in the U.S. affairs, I cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing out from the mouth of the U.S. vice president," Choe reportedly said

    The Trump clappers cheered all of this as North Korea blinking, when it did catch North Korea off guard, but they responded correctly by punting it back into Trump's court in the responsibility is again on Donald Trump. If Trump says nothing, then Trump is the obstructionist, if Trump responds for the summit then Trump psychologically has accepted the North's position in the North made Trump move and accept the North's offer.

    I was not in favor of any of this from the start, but as this last escapade has developed, instinct concludes that Donald Trump is listening to Kim Jong Un's inner dialogues, in the President knew of the North Korean offer to a South Korean meeting before the South alerted America.
    There is too much being revealed in this by the American's actions. It reveals espionage and once this forensic psychological manipulation and sanctum intelligence is understood by North Korea, they will use this resource against President Trump in outplaying the Americans again.

    In review of the above, this was played wrong again by the Americans. I do not believe the President's Dennis Rodman camaraderie appeal with Kim Jong Un is a sound basis for building a stable settlement.

    Those in the media who doubted Donald Trump, and did not understand his WWE theater which was first posted here in exclusive, and are not embracing the Trump chaos, are not comprehending that Trump's friendly and stable letter to Kim Jong Un is not the correct response as it now sounds like two nice guys who are not going to talk so nuclear war will prevail and the one nice guy in Trump is the one who cancelled the meeting.

    This is not about getting one side to blink, this is about getting North Korea to react as you intend them to for your position IN A STABLE POSITION.

    That is not now the case.

    Nuff Said



  • Don't worry Megs, Uncle Joe likes to play daddy

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    John McCain is not dead apparently, in this is like 300 plus days his friendly cancer has been showing McCain the love, but John McCain instead of being at peace, is even more caustic and hateful.

    The latest in John the hero McCain as a treacherous dupe to destroy America when Benedict Arnold failed is his defense of defending the crazy dossier of Pissgate in stating he was too stupid to figure out it was bogus, and now is damning people to hell for noting how anyone who made the mistake the first time, would never make it again........except John McCain who says he would repeat the mistake.

    John McCain: 'Go to Hell' If You Don't
    Like that I Passed Pee Dossier to FBI

    Breitbart Big Government, by Aaron Klein Original Article
    NEW YORK — In his newly released book, Sen. John McCain admits he knew the anti-Trump dossier that he infamously passed to the FBI contained "unproven accusations," "mostly raw, unverified intelligence" and allegations about which the senator "had no idea" if "any were true." Yet McCain maintains he had an "obligation" to pass the wild charges against Donald Trump to FBI Director James Comey and he would even do it again. "Anyone who doesn't like it can go to hell," McCain exclaimed. In the book The Restless Wave, McCain provides an inside account of how he says he came across

    Let us just cut the crap. McCain was played by MI6 and the reason he grabbed that dossier is because he is a vindictive prick who would destroy the United States, cause nuclear war and ruin innocent people, just so John McCain could fuck someone over again.
    That is what John McCain is, but he is too cowardly to admit it.

    A person give the opportunity to make peace with the world, usually makes peace with the world, but not John McCain. Instead John McCain has been a hell beast on women and showing he is what he always has been, a malevolent bully.

    What is interesting in this, is John McCain is sentencing millions of people to hell. The interesting part is Jesus says by what you judge others with, you will be judged. Last time I checked the fulfillment of the Law is caring about others. Except for John the hero worried about who gets to feed the fatty frumper Megs, otherwise the Vietnamese who saved him have not gotten a nickel. John McCain has not tried to help the millions he sentenced to rationed death on Obamacare. Instead John McCain is being the same adulterer who betrays everyone on this oaths whether it is Americans in being a collaborator with the enemy in Vietnam or his sick wife who he dumped for a beer heiress.

    As a Christian one tries to lament a John McCain going to hell for being unrepentant, but every few days John McCain proves he is getting what he wants, as he has been building his own hell for his entire existence in being enmity with God, and that is John McCain's choice.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I am thinking about suing Mark Zuckerberg as it was his spying on the world which set off a European firestorm on data collection, something which I have never done on this blog. Yet Blogger is posting these notices on this blog and alerting the Lame Cherry of Google posting these notices.

    European Union laws require you to give European Union visitors information about cookies used and data collected on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent.

    As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to explain Google's use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies, and other data collected by Google.

    You are responsible for confirming this notice actually works for your blog, and that it displays. If you employ other cookies, for example by adding third party features, this notice may not work for you. If you include functionality from other providers there may be extra information collected from your users.
    Bizarrely in this Google actually tells users how to disable their own notice, something which I will not do as this is more bullcrap that I am not going to deal with with in people who do not donate.

    European Union (EU) laws require you to give EU visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent.

    As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to help meet these regulations. The notice lets visitors know about Google's use of certain Blogger and Google cookies on your blog, including Google Analytics and AdSense cookies. Learn about Google's privacy practices and how Google uses data on partner sites.
    Change the notice
    How to change or disable notice

    To change this notice, add a SCRIPT tag with 'cookieOptions = {...};' in the HEAD tag with values for any of msg, close, learn and link.
    To disable this notice, add a SCRIPT tag with 'cookieChoices = {};' in the HEAD tag.

    If you have edited your blog in a way that hides this notice, it will be your responsibility to notify your visitors about cookies used on your blog and if necessary, obtain consent. Also, if you have added other blog features that set cookies, including third-party analytics or advertising services, you'll need to provide additional or a different notice.

    It is your responsibility to determine, based on your cookie use, what else would be appropriate. If you choose to use a different notice, be sure you still comply with Google's EU user consent policy. Learn more on generating cookie notices.
    See the notice
    To see the notice if you're outside of the EU, view your blog and change the country code, for example or If you use a custom domain, you won't see the notice outside of the EU.

    I had planned to post on this, but will give you this exclusive. Cambridge Analytica has been destroyed. Do you think it's software and protocols went away? Not in the least. All it means is the police state now control this means and is spying on you with it. It also is a reality that the European police state collects more data on you than I ever have on this blog or ever will.

    Nuff Said



  • Protecting Women from Sexual Deviancy no longer Matters

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Today President Donald Trump proudly pandered to the Negroid vote in America in pardoning the following:


    Sexual Racism in Negrophilia

    While condemning an all White Jury who obeyed and followed the law in protecting young men from being transported across state lines for out of wedlock sexual intercourse, which produced unwanted pregnancies which over burdens women and society, and spread disease, and promoted debauchery against Christian values.

    Late Breaking News!

    President Trump on Thursday granted a posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson, boxing's first black heavyweight champion.Trump had been urged to do so by "Rocky" actor Sylvester Stallone.
    Johnson was convicted in 1913 by an all-white jury of transporting a woman across state lines for "immoral" purposes.

    Promoting National Sin against God's Holy Law which is the foundation for a peaceful and prosperous life which builds a peaceful and prosperous nation, is not something President George Washington would have ever allowed, nor would President Ronald Reagan.

    II Corinthians 6: 9 - 10

    Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

    Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

    The President can pander to the Negroid vote while not doing one thing to save the Blacks in Chicago from Obama dope wars, but the President can not undo the Judgment of God, as a fornicator in Jack Johnson is in hell as are his jungle boogey paramours.

    The President would be far better in visiting the framed and lynched by his favorite subject in Law Enforcement.

    For example, Leonard Peltier a half breed Sioux out of North Dakota has rotted in prison his entire life for the murder of two FBI agents in South Dakota. The problem is Peltier did not murder the FBI agents, but he knew who did, and refused to talk, so the government lynched this buck as a political prisoner against the American Indian Movement which was a communist terror front.

    Leonard Peltier

    Leonard Peltier - Wikipedia

    Leonard Peltier (born September 12, 1944) is a Native American activist, a citizen of the Anishinabe & Dakota/Lakota Nations, and member of the American Indian Movement (AIM). ). In 1977, he was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive terms of life imprisonment for first-degree murder in the shooting of two Federal Bureau of Investigation ...

    As another example who has appeared here, in Yorivon Kahl, the son of Gordon Kahl. For those unfamiliar with this saga of 1983 America, President Ronald Reagan told the US Justice system to leave Gordon Kahl in peace as a tax protester, but the deep state refused, and one day in Medina North Dakota, Gordon Kahl, his friends and son were ambushed in a road block, exactly as LaVoy Finicum was.

    In this case the Kahl's were armed and did not allow themselves to be executed. When federal law enforcement attempted to execute Gordon Kahl's son, the fat old Veteran who was a farmer, reacted in his military training and put the law enforcement officers all down in a few seconds.
    His son was wounded, and Gordon Kahl fled for his life.
    The federals tracked Kahl down and murdered him with a shot to the head and then burned the house down he was staying in, in a disastrous cover up.
    Yori Kahl now has had his life stolen from him, as he was convicted to a life sentence, for the crime of not dying when federal law enforcement botched his murder.

    Federal Ambush of the Kahl's in North Dakota

    Yorie Kahl 251 - American Free Press

    Yorie Kahl's Fight for Freedom . By Victor Thorn "Yorie Kahl is an innocent man, and he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison if we don't do something to help him."

    The pardon and clemency of a President of the United States is supposed to be one of value, not the act of overthrowing God's Law to protect women.

    I personally think that Leonard Peltier deserves to rot in prison for all the hell that he and Means and Banks raised in the AIM movement which led to the murder of two FBI agents, but when a President starts handing out pardons to cocks wet with pussy juice which has been rotting in the grave for decades, it sort of delegitimizes the pardon, and those who have been lynched and framed by the federal deep state who are deserving of pardons should be the ones Mr. President is releasing from prison.

    If the American Indians were a more numerous voting block and could provide billions in campaign donations, Leonard Peltier would have gotten his pardon. If Yorie Kahl was Jewish, he would have gotten his pardon too as Jewry is a family Trump business and the money rolls in from those banks and trading houses. Peltier and Kahl thouh are examples of the deep state doing to them first which they have done to Donald Trump and his staff. I can read non stop stories, and post stories here about the crimes against Donald Trump, and people care about it, but what about the people who do not have the Twitter account or the mob protesting their being abused by the deep state? The answer is nothing is done, because too few give a damn about abuses of justice to the less powerful.

    We will see how ignorant the Negroid is if Mr. President pimping and pandering for the Black vote will gain him votes in his new Trump Party.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I like the Twilight Zone, even if it is hokey in most episodes, but there is one episode which was the all star casts of all star casts of the best stars who would dominated cinema and television for the next 20 years.

    It is the shooting of Pinto Sykes in The Grave in 1961 AD in the year of our Lord.

    The cast is in a saloon and is mesmerizing, and you can see by the list of this phenomenal cast.

    Lee Marvin as Conny Miller, James Best, Lee Van Cleef and Strother Martin.

    Lee Marvin would be fantastic in The Dirty Dozen to the Comancheros. James Best you will remember as Roscoe P. Coltrane on The Dukes of Hazard. Lee Van Cleef was Mr. Martial Arts in starring in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Strother Martin would define roles from Paul Newman to John Wayne to Raquel Welch.

    It amazes me how Stalmaster - Lister cast this cast as all were bit part actors at this stage of their careers. This is what is so interesting in they chose these actors on talent and it was that evident even then. It is so interesting to watch these actors not get "lost", as Lee Marvin is a huge presence, and yet all of these actors were this imposing that they all held their ground.
    It is why Lee Van Cleef was so good with Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach. It is why Strother Martin was never overshadowed by John Wayne. It also is a testament to comedic actor James Best in people never realized just how good of actor he was, but then on Dukes of Hazard he starred with Sorrell Brooke and Denver Pyle, along with Catherine Bach, who people never gave credit for her stage presence either.

    Hollywood simply does not present talent like this any more, and it is why Hollywood is failing, as without writing talent, without actors and nothing but perversion, they are no longer telling an American story any longer.

    It would be wonderful if casting directors had the same ability and talent pool which the industry once had, but that no longer is the reality. There simply can not be any one in a million casting like this again, as so many of these old programs did not have B cast, but future A list stars like the world no longer has.


  • Ivanka is growing mashed potatoes, Don jr is growing milk trees
    Eric is planting gold, Tiffany has a greenhouse for raising Porsche
    and Barron is picking fruit baskets....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Recent Grant Projects - Grants and Education

    Grants and outreach to advance sustainable innovations to the whole of American agriculture.

    For all the hype of President Donald Trump cutting things back in government, I see that Sonny Purdue over at USDA is the same money whore all of them are as he fats his way across America conning farmers.
    The basis of this column is the outrageousness of waste of Donald Trump concerning farmers conning the American people out of money running up this trillions of dollar debt.
    I disovered this in a pages long bragging of $515,000 dollars being looted from the Treasury in "grants" to a NCR-SARE, North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program. This translates as stealing money legally by those connected to the regime.

    I think the best explanation is to use an example of one of the grantees, and then explain what I beleive is taking place, as I know these rural people in how clever they are. They would make a fat Mexican squatter look ignorant in swindling welfare in what they come up with.

    Featured performer is Lisa Rettinger of Grandview Orchard and Nursery Stock in Antigo, Wisconsin. She was awarded $7303.00 for the project, "ROTATION OF ANIMALS THROUGH AN APPLE ORCHARD FOR PEST AND DISEASE SUPPRESSION, SOIL IMPROVEMENT, AND ADDITIONAL VIABLE REVENUE STREAMS".

    OK for the brier patch translation of this from the Daisy and Baby Belle perspective.......

    I have an apple orchard which the deer are eating apples. I can not afford or am too cheap to buy fencing and I am too lazy to pick up apples as apples on the ground harbor apple maggots and disease, so I find this regime money give away, and I say, "Hey I will come up with a con where the government pays for my fencing, gets me a new computer and other things so I can "monitor and record" things to make it seem like I am doing something, and the America people who can not afford anything, buy me a fence for nothing.

    My rotation of animals is Baby Belle and Daisy eating apples. Before that it was goats and pigs work wonders too. I did not get paid over seven grande though for the solution as it does not cost 7000 dollars for common sense. The cows eat the apples, and that cures the disease and pests......all free in the brier patch.
    As of soil improvement, that is cows shitting in your orchard which does not amount to shit, because a generation ago people with orchards KNEW you did not run animals in your orchards because it compacts the soil.
    What the additional viable revenue streams are, that could be selling milk from the cows or selling the hogs that ate the apples. It is all bullshit no matter what it is.

    Now you get an idea about how this swindle works in things being translated.

    Here is another gem from Indian Sioux country in cow chip Dakota.

    Patricia Hammond from Martin South Dakota, at Rebel Earth Farms was given $7500.00 for REBEL EARTH FARMS VALUE ADDED, DIRECT MARKETING LAKOTA HERBAL TEA HIGH TUNNEL PRODUCTION".

    That one takes a bit of studying as these skirts are really clever, but this appears to be someone wanted an expensive green house to grow weeds in it, that she is the selling to morons in the cities as "herbal tea".
    This is high desert country, so we are not talking Lipton tea, and is instead some damn goldenrod or catnip, or who knows what. The point is you just paid for an expensive greenhouse as someone had a scheme for growing some kind of weeds, in a place where the cactus have a hard time growing 8 out 10 years.

    Shall we continue on?

    Let us do one more as an example. Here we have James Leek of Pat & Rachel's Gardens of Olathe Kansas. I have been to Olathe, and it is high desert scorched earth too. They got though $22,500.00 for the project, "ADDING VALUE TO SMALL FARM PRODUCE BY PROCESSING AND FREEZING VEGETABLES AND FRUIT".

    As I have said, I have been to Kansas, not going back. I think in all of Kansas City Missouri and Kansas I saw 2 apple trees. Those people will plant nut trees like acorns, but forget it in planting fruit trees. So the translation is Pat and Rachel have a market garden for the farmer's market which sells guinea eggs to morons who think you eat guinea eggs, (This would be TL's sister who was raving about them in being too ignorant to understand that normal people would think you were nuts and every farmer would grin in thinking, "Well somebody had too man guinea eggs which were about rotten and decided to sell them to town folks who would bite on that one", and yes that is university educated on scholarship in the reason for sojourning in guinea egg land.)
    I digress.....
    So Pat and Rachel, wanted you to buy for the a processing and packaging system for their business, so they can sell chit to guinea egg eaters as "organic" as no one is buying the chit at the farmer's market fresh and it is rotting, so now there is going to be a pile of chit in the freezer to sell.

    See how clever these rural folk are? They can twist just about anything. If NASA was handing out grants they would figure out how to power a rocket on wheat and do a study on the benefits of taking a milk cow to Mars for fresh milk.

    All of this happened under Donald Trump and USDA Secretary Sonny Purdue who is spending more money on travel than a crack whore. If all of these farm ideas were so great, people would get off their asses and spend their own money, but when the government is giving away money, then these smart asses figure out ways to get you to buy things for them for their crapper businesses. See the crop in this is harvesting your money and not growing things.

    Here is a list of these asstard grants:

    Rob Faux of Tripoli Iowa, 7500.00 for growing flowers in a melon patch.

    Michael Osweiler of Chandler Arizona, 7481.00 for trying to keep Monsanto pollen out of his crops in Iowa.

    Michael O'Rourke of Downs Illinois, 7500.00 to grow weeds in your corn and bean crops to keep other weeds from growing in the field you are too lazy to cultivate.

    Casey Sabatka of Chicago Illinois 14,975.00 for trying to grow a garden in polluted Chicago soil.

    Richard Barnes of Fort Wayne Indiana, 22,474, how to con Mexicans to pick strawberries and make money at it.

    Liz Brownlee of Crothersville Indiana, 15,000, how to sell farm butchered meat to farmers.

    Karen Carlisle of Nobelsville Indiana, 7493.00, putting woodchips on your crops to not kill them as there is zero nutritional value in woodchips.

    Timothy Carter, Russiaville Indiana, 3300.00, how to kill grass without spraying it in your pasture.

    Brevan DeWeese, Russiaville Indiana, 6499.00, planting a garden using trash and conning children to weed it.

    Matthew Jose, Indianapolis Indiana, 6210.00, washing picked lettuce.

    Linda Woodbury, Morgantown Indiana, 22,500.00, making lettuce a gift for the sick in hospital.

    Melissa Boersema, Johannesburg Michigan, 7500.00, sprouting potatoes.

    Rachelle Bostwick, Kent City Michigan, 7486.00, growing wheat with your vegetables.

    Frank Corrado, Bangor Michigan, 7500.00, showing bees pollinating blueberry plants.

    Jordan DeVries, Manistee Michigan, 22,050, planting apple trees too close and using nets to try to keep the disease from spreading.

    Joh Skalko, Esko Minnesota, 7500.00, getting your own bee farm.

    Veronica Baetje, Bloomsdale Missouri, 22,100.00, making cheese.

    Brent Hood, Springfield Missouri, 5771.00, raising shrimp in your backyard in a city.

    Jameson Hubbard, Kansas City, Missouri, 7498.00, how to grow and sell produce in a city where it should not be grown.

    Pieter Los, Hermann Missouri, 6650.00, mowing between your corn stalks.

    Bomb Semyck, Tecumseh Missouri, 14,972.00, growing mushrooms not on your place.

    Jane Suemme, St. Louis Missouri, 20,106.00, trying to keep bees alive where the city sprays for mosquitoes and kills everything.

    Ben Tegeler, Springfield Missouri, 15,000.00, making compost.

    Jenna Wilkins, Kansas City Missouri, 19,462.00, making booze from vegetables.

    Erin Gaugler, Bowman North Dakota, 15,000.00, cutting pastures and bailing it instead of letting cows graze it off.

    Scott Yahnke, Omaha Nebraska, 15,000.00, getting orphan boys to weed gardens.

    Timothy J. Malinich, North Ridgeville Ohio, 7494.00, growing tropical figs in cold ass Ohio.

    Jerah Pettibone, 7151.00, Columbus Ohio, feeding bugs to pheasants that eat rabbit poop.

    Jeanne Saum, Groveport Ohio, 14,986.00, working geezers to death keeping bees.

    Rachel Tayse, Columbus Ohio, 14,927.00, growing saffron in Ohio.

    David Volkman, Maineville Ohio, 12,005.00, picking hops at the right time.

    Amanda and Chris Konechne, Kimball South Dakota, 7500.00, feeding cattle bale strings.

    Jess Bernstein, Mount Horeb Wisconsin, 5350.00, weeds growing in a just planted pasture.

    Jeff Endres, Brooklyn Wisconsin, 22,500.00, frozen cow crap on frozen fields.

    Sheri Howard, Green Bay Wisconsin, 6929.00, using freeze dried weeds in herbal products.

    Scott Johnson, Evansville Wisconsin, 13,242.00, comparing potato size in fields.

    Lisa Kivirsit, Browntown Wisconsin, 22,333.00, baking things in a farm kitchen to sell.

    Brad LaFave, Blackcreek Wisconsin, 22,404.00, growing perch fish outside where they already are grown in nature.

    Christopher McGuire, Belmont Wisconsin, 6979.00, how to make apple trees have branches which they already have if you do not prune them.

    There are probably other wasteful programs in other regions, but I happened upon this in some papers which would be used for packing in shipping boxes and as no one else will report on this kind of waste, it appears here.
    As you can see by the above, most of this is centered on WOMEN who are online surfing and finding ways to spend other people's money or people in large cities finding ways to spend other people's money.

    The reason most of the above is not done, is because it was proven hundreds of years ago to not do those things, as you can not raise tropical plants were it snows as it is not cost effective and you have to weed your crops to get them to produce a crop.

    Nothing of course will be done about this, as none of these grants should have ever been awarded in the first place, but under President Donald Trump this nonsense continues. For a reality check though, whoever at the USDA awarded these funds, should be fired and they should have to pay this half a million dollars back to the Treasury as this stuff is so retard it is screaming bullshit with red lights flashing.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As Stefan Halper has disappeared, it is vital that the rabbits in the hat which are still part of this magic act, face full Grand Jury questioning in Stefan Halper, and that ultimately means the government body who was paying Stefan Halper 1 million dollars, and that is the DOD, which was operating at Think Tank which appears to be a CIA front meant to monitor the Pentagon, launder money through and for the DOD to take orders from the CIA.

    When James Baker was put in charge of the Halper Think Tank, it is a reality that Baker reported directly the Secretary of Defense and that is Ash Carter who was in control of the DOD during this entire period of framing Donald Trump.

    In researching just who Ash Carter is, there is something which jumps out in his deep state career, and that it was Ash Carter who was joined at the CIA hip in writing policy papers, including predicting that a massive terrorist attack as on 9 11 would take place in America, and it was Ash Carter who authored Homeland Security.
    If one searched in this, Gary Hart, one time presidential candidate, actually wrote the Patriot Act before the attack. All of this is evidence of foreknowledge of events which would transpire, and all through this, Trump frame job, the silver thread which runs through it all is the CIA was running this illegal operation, and in several key departments and agencies, it was the CIA officers in those department which were running this intelligence operation.

    In 1997, Carter and former CIA Director John M. Deutch co-chaired the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group which urged greater attention to terrorism. In 1998 Carter, Deutch and Philip Zelikow (later executive director of the 9/11 Commission) published an article on "catastrophic terrorism" in Foreign Affairs. From 1998 to 2000, he was deputy to William J. Perry in the North Korea Policy Review and traveled with him to Pyongyang. In 2001--02, he served on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism, and advised on the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

    The FBI's main CIA officer appears to be Peter Strzok. At Defense there seem to be a myriad of CIA case officers from Ash Carter, to General Dunford, to James Baker, and on down to Stefan Halper.

    This is not an over reach in this as for years the CIA employed numbers of reporters, and actually funded most of the overseas bureaus of all media. Those reporters were all embeds from the CIA, and as one examines the framing of Donald Trump it is like the Kennedy assassination, in it crosses all departments and agencies.

    Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan (L) and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew visit before President Barack Obama announces his nomination of Ashton Carter to be the next Defense Secretary in the Roosevelt Room at the White House December 5, 2014 in Washington, DC. Carter, who served as the second in charge at the Pentagon under both secretaries Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel, is expected to face a smooth confirmation process in the U.S. Senate.
    In this photo, there is CIA Director John Brennan and US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew discussing the appointment of Ash Carter by Birther Hussein. That is most interesting as in the listed departments of Brennan's inter agency framing and spying of Donald Trump, the US Treasury s listed as a collaborator in this operation. Now we see Brennan and Lew coordinating intelligence policy concerning their man, Ash Carter, who just so happened to have one of his think tanks running an operation against Donald Trump.

    It gets even more interesting in Ash Carter was a prized Bush boy in a confidant of the Bush fam.

    During the Bush administration, he was also a member of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's International Security Advisory Board; co-chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Policy Advisory Group; a consultant to the Defense Science Board; a member of the National Missile Defense White Team, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on International Security and Arms Control. He has testified frequently before the armed services, foreign relations, and homeland security committees of both houses of Congress.

    And with this link, the entire colluding cast is present, with MI6 appearing and educating Ash Carter.

    Former MI6 head recounts how intelligence gathering has ...

    The Harvard Gazette ... and Ash Carter listen as John Sawers, ... Former head of Britain's MI6 recounts how intelligence gathering has changed deeply.

    US Attorney John Huber along with Congress needs to bring these collaborators before a Grand Jury and before committees to liberate what appears these political minders that Barack Obama embedded in every department and agency.
    We know for certain now that Defense, Treasury and State were coordinating out of the CIA in John Brennan against the 2016 election process.

    Only Asia knows where Stefan Halper is hiding. It is his overseers who are the management in this, and must be questioned and investigated.

    It is vital that this not be limited to the ogre John Brennan as there is a definite corruption of departments involved in all of this, and it is these collaborator who must be indicted for high crimes, instead of being ignored by the media.

    It is not Carter Page, the FBI cooperative witness who needs to be focused on, but Ash Carter who was allowing this Halper operation to be run and paying 1 million dollars for it.

    We have to get the right Carter.

    Nuff Said


  • The Starbuck's crappers that Blacks long to dump in

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Recently it was reported that Starbucks was saying customers are customers, even if they are off the street and not buying anything, as they can sit there and order nothing.

    So I wrote to Starbucks the following correspondence which basically said, I wanted to be an employee, but not work for the paycheck, a six figure salary.

    Recently you requested personal assistance from our support center. Please find our response below.
    Thank you for contacting us.

    Customer (05/20/2018 07:32 PM)
    Dear Starbucks,

    I would like to do a story on Starbucks after reading of an account where it is now corporate policy to allow people who are not customers to be termed customers after this incident:

    "Starbucks will allow people to sit in its cafes and use its bathrooms - even if they don´t buy anything. The new policy, announced on Saturday, comes five weeks after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia store after one asked to use the bathroom before he had made a purchase. "

    As my blog runs on donations which no one donates, I thought it would be novel if Starbucks would expand their customer program to an employee program, where I would be paid as an employee, but not work for Starbucks I was thinking some six figure pay scale

    As Starbucks has customers who are not customers, why should I not be a paid employee and not work for you as other minorities do.

    Thank you.

    To this I received a reply from Starbucks from a Franklin E., who apparently reflects the Starbucks Board of Directors in intelligence, as I asked for a job and this fine employee was prattling on about something else.

    So that is the follow up in I don't get the big donations from the rich people and Starbucks is not bright enough to pay me to not work for them when they are giving customer status to people who are not customers.

    Response (05/20/2018 08:37 PM)
    Hello La'me,

    Thank you for contacting Starbucks. I just finished reading your email and appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us.

    La'me, I was sorry to hear how disappointed you were regarding the new restroom policy. Creating a culture of belonging is one of our core values that differentiates Starbucks as a unique place for our partners and customers around the globe. Restrooms in our stores are available for anyone to use, even if they are not a paying customer. The safety of our customers and partners. however, is still a priority.

    I want to assure you that I've shared your comments with the appropriate teams for their review. We are always looking for feedback from our customers about the Starbucks experience. You know better than anyone else what you want from Starbucks. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our products and service to create satisfied customers.

    Thanks again for writing us. If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

    Have a nice evening!

    Franklin E.
    Starbucks Customer Care --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Visit us online at .

    It is blessed hard for a working girl to get a break in there is zero comprehension in reading skills at the gay establishment of select Clinton and Obama voters.

    Let's sing...

    The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction ... - YouTube

    "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones Composers: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Lyrics: I can't get no satisfaction I can't get no satisfaction ...

    le sigh


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I had been meaning to write about the Puntz, but with the Puntz it is a matter of a daily drama of something the Audrey Hepburn can will come up with next.

    In the past three days, we had the Puntz decide that sleeping on my chair and then my lap was the acceptable location, and then we would crawl up onto my desk ledge, parade around, fall off, onto this laptop and claw two keys, the \\\\\\\\\\\\ key and the ;;;;;;;;;;; key, to which instead of enjoying my Inspector Morse I was looking up online in how to pop keys back onto a keyboard, as thank God, it was only popped off and not destroyed like before in needing replacements.
    That should probably teach me to write letters to the anti Christ.

    Next up was a dual event, where the cat crawled up onto the place where she usually sleeps and then dumped a pile of turds on my clothes. Apparently we were sending a message about baby calves getting more attention in getting to pee on the floor while the cat does not.
    Next the sleeping in the chair was broken up by the Puntz tearing into my hand with fangs as I tried to move her. Yes we do not like not being the complete center of all attention in rotating animals around the planet.

    This was followed up on day three, with two piles of turds. One on the table an one on the cupboard. If these were large donations, I would now be ready to buy some land and build our earth sheltered home. As it was only cat turds, it was just for the pure enjoyment of it all.

    I have concluded that these bobtail cats are in a world of their own as they do not act like cats at all, but like dogs with Audrey Hepburn attitude. Apparently Mom was not as kind as I was about poop on the table as the cat was doing the MEOW to me and would only get on the table with me putting her there. I don't know why people just can't chill as animals have bad days and sometimes they got things to say and turds and fangs are about all they have to communicate with.
    I figure all of this is just the part of having a cat own you. You take the normal stuff and just ignore the other stuff as a chore and stop trying to control the world an animal lives in.

    I don't think this cat would ever be seen if she was outside as we have another cat named Rimmer, who is a Manx and that cat is like a ghost. She is perfectly nice, in fact she is Princess Grace of Manx cats compared to the Puntz who is attitude to the power of 10, but these cats are all just standoffish and you get to pet them when they decide, and their ideas are more temperamental than normal cats.

    I can not blame the Puntz as she has had mite issues for awhile and we are treating with that ivomec stuff that they spray Negroid in Africa with. She is better, but has her ornery moments yet, and her moments where she just has to bite me to show she can still perform that legendary feat.

    With that, that is the story of the Puntz and my hope that two kitty litter boxes will suffice to leave the turds where they belong, instead of my Treasure Island discovery process like hunting Easter Eggs.

    Nuff Said



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I have had a shitty day with good things to glorify God in it, and as I sit here looking for filler, I thought I would post a list of something which is the title of this work in The Top Ten Best British Television , since of course no one has ever really done this.

    The British are very adept in when they hit things rights. I am not going to separate drama from comedy, but mix and match. I also will attempt to refrain from Masterpiece Theater as posting on Dickens and Austen who have been done to exhaustion is Dickens and Austen, and not British television.

    My favorite British series is One Foot in the Grave. Richard Wilson was perfect in interpreting a man thrown out of British employment and having to deal with the sods of what is Britain in her downfall.
    There are millions of Victor Meldrew's in this world being screwed over every day.

    Close on this is the drama mystery series of Inspector Morse. John Thaw was again the best of British actors, who far surpassed the legends, as did Richard Wilson in his performances.
    John Thaw was the virtue of all things British manliness and brought this to every performance as he never just appeared as the "greats" did in expecting to be adored.

    Third, Keeping up Appearances with Patricia Routledge who was a comic genius, the male version of the humor of Benny Hill. I do not include Mr. Hill in this, nor do I Monty Python, not that they were not the best, they are just not my personal choices for top ten best.
    Who else but the British could have four sisters named after flowers with all embarrassing lives like the British royals.

    Fourth, Red Dwarf. This comedy is so perfectly bizarre that it's only rival being from outer space is number five.

    Fifth, Fawlty Towers. This was John Cleese an Claire Booth's besting of Python. It only lasted a year as the Brits did not even get their own humor, but Cleese was perfection in this and was a disappointment in the things he was celebrated for in muck like A Fish Called Wanda.

    Sixth, Sherlock Holmes starring the legendary Jeremy Brett. If ever a series captured Holmes and the essence of Conan Doyle's monumental detective stories this was it. It is perfection unlike that rubbish of Benedict Cumberbatch who has about ruined that genre.

    Seventh, Sharpe's Rifle, starring Sean Bean who again put out his best work and has not achieved greatness since of this caliber of performance and writing.

    Eighth, Rumpole of the Bailey. Leon McKern was the man who carried an entire show and series. He took bland writing and British pomposity and railed against it.

    Ninth, Horatio Hornblower. Think of this as Sharpe on the high seas, but with a moral flair Sharpe has missing. The writer of these books was the same author who wrote the African Queen. Ioan Gruffudd stars in this drama of honor. He is best known as the lead in Amazing Grace.

    Tenth, Dr. Who, the Tom Baker years. Everyone has a Doctor they love and in this horridly bad special effects sci fi, Tom Baker carried the phone booth longer than all and he was brilliant in placing his own identity into a doctor who was more boring lab scientist before Tom Baker appeared.

    When the Brits do thing right, they did them wonderfully from around 1980 to 2010, but after that they have been turning out worse sodomite promoted rubbish than Americans recycling horridness.
    When Brits do things wrong, they have archives filled with the same worthless images which fill all other nations cinema.

    These though are my top ten and would benefit any person's collection to include them.

    Nuff Said


  • Stefan Halper
    The CIA's Man at the Department of Defense

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    We knew these jobs in the shadows always existed in payoffs and espionage, but the crime of John Brennan with Stefan Halper, is that they exposed a CIA embedded group at the Department of Defense, whose purpose was to monitor the Pentagon.

    - Lame Cherry

    That is the reality or the condemnation of the high treason of John Brennan. It is not that this sodomite intimidator who paraded around the CIA with fag rainbow ribbons, nor this Muslim apologist who went Jihad on Michael Flynn and others, not even Brennan running an operation to overthrow the American elections, but it is the reality that John Brennan in order to frame Donald Trump, exposed the main CIA monitoring hub in the Pentagon, to spy on the US military and to gather intelligence on US strategic projections for the future at the Office of Net Assessment.

    ONA was created by President Richard Nixon as a strategic think tank to project the United States military to understand not what the next war would be, but to fight the war after that war. Mr. Nixon though had a deep state coup conspired against him, as Donald Trump did, as numerous other foreign leaders have by the CIA on the General Lansdale propaganda machine. Sometime though after Mr. Nixon was forced from office, the ONA was taken over by the CIA as a means to spy on the Pentagon. It then proceeded to be a money laundering machine pimping for those who were place by the CIA there. That is who Stefan Halper was, a company man for the deep state, who apparently in this bowing to British rule, loathed the Jewish Neocons, which swung him hard into the camp of Hillary Clinton.

    A staffer, Adam Lovinger, warned about such contracts, and the head of the office, James Baker, allegedly engaged in retaliatory moves against him, even stripping him of his security clearance. "Adam Lovinger, a whistleblower and 12-year Office of Net Assessment (ONA) veteran, has repeatedly warned ONA's leadership they faced risks by relying on outside contractors as well as the problem of cronyism and a growing 'revolving door' policy, where ONA employees would leave the defense think tank and join private contractors to do the same work."
    Indeed, the office looks like a slush fund to pay off cronies, producing useless work.

    It is that useless work which ONA engaged Halper in, as he jetted across oceans, coordinating with British MI6. His cover project was a work charging Americans almost 400,000 dollars the past two years as he worked at framing Donald Trump, was an examination of the Chinese and Indian economies, which requires about 2 paragraphs to note they are slave labor. It is in that though as Halper was offering thousands of dollars to Trump associates to jet to England and create papers on subjects which policy papers are already operational, that Congress really needs to examine the books of Stefan Halper, to figure out if this money was really being laundered for CIA operations against Americans.

    The Department of Defense paid Halper $282,295 on September 27, 2016 — just months before the 2016 presidential election — for work titled, "INDIA AND CHINA ECON STUDY," says, a website that tracks spending data for the U.S. government. This sum was one of two payments made to Halper for the job; the second, worth $129,280, was made on July 26, 2017. The record lists Halper's "Period of Performance" as September 26, 2016 to March 29, 2018. shows the Department of Defense paid Halper a total of $1,058,161 for work between 2012-2018. The work designated for "India-China" study comprised nearly 40 percent of that compensation.

    This gravy train was for a purpose and with Halper that purpose was installing Hillary Clinton as president, as Halper deemed her the more stable for Russian and American relations. That point is bizarre as everything about Hillary Clinton and her Soros backers were for a war in Europe between Americans and Russians.

    As you can read in Halper's own statement to the Russians, he is indicating that America will be subservient to 10 Downing as Halper was working for MI6 too to bring his about.That must not be lost in this, as that is why Theresa May at MI6 was meddling for Hillary Clinton. England wanted Clinton to be president, so that England could start another continental war with a European power and make America bleed for the palace.

    In March 2016, Halper told Sputnik News that he believed then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would prove more effective than other candidates in maintaining the "special relationship" between the United States and Britain.
    "I believe Clinton would be best for US-UK relations and for relations with the European Union. Clinton is well-known, deeply experienced and predictable. US-UK relations will remain steady regardless of the winner although Clinton will be less disruptive over time," Halper told the Russian news outlet

    As a side note in this, every one of these crooks is hoping that Rod Rosenstein will run the clock out on these investigation with November elections. When the President demanded and investigation of this, Rosenstein turned it over to the IG, but in this alternative universe, Congressman Mark Meadows states that the IG has no power at all in this to force people to appear. Rosenstein is protecting Brennan and his associates in this coup which the FBI and DOJ were involved in.

    The DOJ swiftly responded by tasking DOJ Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz with examining whether inappropriate political bias fueled the FBI's counterintelligence investigation.

    Mark Meadows: Rod Rosenstein's Referral to the IG 'Is a Ruse' — It has No Subpoena Power

    I desire to expand this, as sources are now indicating that Halper was not the only mole sent in against Team Trump. It is the reality that the FBI was the cover for a multi front operation. We know that the Halper contact with Carter Page was CIA instigated, but when one notes that Halper was getting DOD checks, a new reality appears in this blog broke the story that the US Treasury was involved in these meetings too. Halper's paycheck means the DOD was involved in this coup against Donald Trump.

    It is also unknown whether his July 2016 interaction with [Carter] Page was brokered by the FBI or another intelligence agency [italics added].

    We know that ONA had appointed to it after Richard Nixon's first appointment "retired" that another James H. Baker appeared to take control of this espionage operation of the CIA run out of the Pentagon.
    We know that the Ash Carter of Obamaland hand picked this Baker for the job, and we know what Stefan Halper was involved in with British election meddling.
    Baker reported to General Marty Dempsey, Chairman of JCS.

    May 13, 2015
    Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has appointed James H. Baker to serve as the director, Office of Net Assessment. Baker succeeds Andrew Marshall who retired in January after 42 years of service in the Department of Defense.
    "From his service in uniform to his work on the Joint Staff Jim Baker has devoted much time and energy to thinking about the future security environment," said Secretary Carter. "He has the experience, creativity, and long-term vision to help our military and our nation chart a clear path forward into an uncertain future - assessing today's trends to prepare for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities."
    Baker is currently the principal deputy director, Strategic Plans and Policy, J5 and the strategist to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Marty Dempsey.

    On 11 April 2011, became the 37th Chief of Staff of the US Army. Five months later, on 1 October 2011, he took office as the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    We also know that Dempsey was illegally decorated by the Queen of England for promoting American subservience to England.

    In October 2016, he was made an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II, for commitment to British-American defense cooperation

    Dempsey though soon found his great reward at a University, where he has his own website promoting himself. Who he was replaced by was General Dunford under whose auspices the entire ONA was operating under Baker while reporting to Dunford.

    Dunford surfaced not long ago caught in a lying contest with another General over the Trump bombing of Syria which a General McKenzie stated the mission was over before Syria launched missiles, while Dunford stated Syria was indeed firing off missiles.

    Lame Cherry: General McKenzie Now Changes His Story On Syria

    The problem is in the British press, namely in two stories by the Express, quoting American Generals Dunford and McKenzie, ...THE LAME CHERRY CAFE.


    General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. is the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's highest-ranking military officer, and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council.

    Prior to becoming Chairman on October 1, 2015, General Dunford served as the 36th Commandant of the Marine Corps.

    It begs the question how these military generals could allow the CIA to be running a surveillance operation on the US military, if they were indeed loyal to the Pentagon. The answer to that is these are political officers, the sodomite squad, the minders of the CIA placed into power by Birther politicians. That is why ONA worked as a money laundering and espionage asset. It was a political operation.

    The United States Department of Defense's Office of Net Assessment (ONA) was created in 1973 by Richard Nixon to serve as the Pentagon's "internal think tank" that "looks 20 to 30 years into the military's future, often with the assistance of outside contractors, and produces reports on the results of its research".[2] The Director of Net Assessment is the principal staff assistant and advisor to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense on net assessment.

    Andrew Marshall was named its first director, a position he continued to hold under succeeding administrations. In October 2014, Marshall announced plans to retire in January 2015. He was replaced by Jim Baker in May 2015

    Current staff

    Staff members have included:

    None of the above in the least are military thinkers or men of military accomplishment. The conclusion is these are all CIA political minders as this is what ONA is, and again this is the crime of John Brennan in he exposed to the world the confirmation that ONA is a CIA asset.

    There are those who rightly conclude that ONA is rubbish. Halper appeared on a junket where something called the THREE WARFARES was being discussed as a major paper. What 3 Warfares is, is that weird promotion of psychological, media and legal warfare in the next war Yes your new horizons warfare was coming from the chopstick gung ho, and if one reads the reality of this, the military rejected this nonsense as nothing they deemed essential to war.
    The net result all this paperwork generated money to CIA projects with the cover of studying these idiotic ideas.

    During the question period, Dr. Stefan Halper a Senior Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge, asked theCNO for his thoughts on China's Three Warfares and possible reactions to it. The CNO responded that Three Warfares "is difficult and doesn't align directly with how we do business"and supported the use of international protocols in "continuing the debate" with the Chinese.

    Psychological Warfare seeks to undermine an enemy's ability to conduct combat
    operations through operations aimed at deterring, shocking, and demoralizing enemy military personnel and supporting civilian populations.
    Media Warfare is aimed at influencing domestic and international public opinion to
    build support for China's military actions and dissuade an adversary from pursuing
    actions contrary to China's interests.
    Legal Warfare uses international and domestic law to claim the legal high ground or assert Chinese interests. It can be employed to hamstring an adversary's operational freedom and shape the operational space. Legal warfare is also intended to build international support and manage possible political repercussions of China's military actions

    That is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. John Brennan exposed a CIA front operation to get Hillary Clinton elected and it apparently has been laundering huge amounts of your money for years.

    This needs to be audited and tracked down what these operations were against Americans as that is what Halper was engaged in for the CIA, and John Brennan and Stefan Halper both need to be indicted.


  • Do cyanide caps come in fruity flavors?

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    With the dragnet now closing in on the homophilia bully John Brennan in his Islamocommunist worship as he threatens the President one day and Congress the next in the worst Twitter stalking ever, Roger Stone has weighed in on this matter of the high crimes of John Brennan and his treacherous associates, in advocating that Brennan do something honorable like Reich Marshal Herman Goering of the Nazi's and commit suicide.

    cyanide capsule

    "John Brennan should pop the glass capsule and take the cyanide now," Stone told host Amanda House, Breitbart News's deputy political editor. "He's the perp who started the entire Russian dossier matter. He's lied about it under oath. He's going to die in a federal penitentiary."

    I am reminded though of Rahm Emanuel and Birther Hussein's mantra in never wasting a good crisis, so cyanide seems a bit not dramatic enough.
    I mean we don't have to hire a hit team like they did for CIA Director William Colby for wanting to protect the system in drowning him in his canoe......besides Brennan is such a big fat man that no boat could carry him, but perhaps there are options that John Brennan and Hillary Clinton could explore.

    the barbell has accidentally fallen and I can't get up

    It is not any exception that Hillary's name is mentioned, as we all remember the Clinton associate who was about to turn evidence and a barbell fell on his neck. Perhaps the rainbow ribbon wearing Brennan could be at the men's club with the other homosexuals and somehow a barbell could fall on him as happens to Clinton associates.

    In thinking in Rahm Emanuel terms as this was an Obama operation, how about blaming the Russians. John Brennan could crack a tube of Polonium 210, go monster face and be tits up, with Vladimir Putin notching another corpse to his bed post.

    Pb 210

    Then again, Brennan could do the chemical weapon thing, as the British MI6 unleashed that on a Russian and blamed Moscow............but the problem is the Russian got better, and did the kid, and unless Brennan is a dog as a pet dog was all that went tits up, and if this is morgue address, Brennan had better find a better prescription.

    More dangerous than aspartame Cola

    I like the exotic. On Hogan's Heroes, Andrew Carter was partial to Cobra Venom. I realize that is a bit on the wild side, but how about that for a headline:

    Cobra Slays Spook.

    I am sure that something could be worked out before John Huber puts the cuffs on John Brennan. Maybe it could be something like the lovely heroine Lisa Page could be attending the opera, and out of the shadows someone hideous ogre appears, attempts to grab the Frau Page, who fights off the ogre from practice in fending of Peter Strzok and John Brennan as the ogre is chased up on stage, climbs a rope, swings from a chandelier which bursts into flames burns down the theater.
    Hell if Brennan stages it at the National Cathedral with John McCain's corpse on the pyre, it would be a two for one, but waiting around for McCain to die from friendly cancer is something that should have Brennan maybe figuring on something else.

    Trump is the Insane one

    Yeah that is the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but I don't think Brennan could play the organ with those meat fisted hands he has.

    Maybe there should be a reality show in John Brennan offing himself weekly and the audience voting in suggestions for the next week. It of course would have to be things you had a chance of surviving as falling into tree chopper is sort of a one way ticket.

    It should be more something like an umbrella with a poison pellet, sort of Russian Roulette with umbrellas.

    Poisoned umbrella and radioactive tea: How Russians in UK ...

    In 1978 Georgi Markov was jabbed with an umbrella which fired a poison pellet into his ... agent used in 1978 to kill the ... bid to kill a Russian spy as ...

    It could be like six pellets on a table and it would be like gum ball machine would dispense one, load it into the umbrella and we could all anticipate when some shadow figure would appear on screen and give the star a jab.

    I once heard that the CIA infected targets with heart disease in a scratch from a woman's fingernail during sex. I am all for that, but I think everyone would puke in seeing John Brennan have sex with a prostitute, little alone legal age teenagers who looked 8 years old.

    Then again what about auto erotica asphyxia like Robin Williams with a rainbow necktie. Can not we all in support of homophilia in showing the gay colors, because is it not as Clinton's Surgeon General said in Jocelyn Elders, "Senator these people are all going to die anyway..."

    Joycelyn Elders is Back! - The Rush Limbaugh Show

    You remember Joycelyn Elders? She wanted ... But what else was she famous for? (interruption) Yeah, we're all gonna die. ... She's a former surgeon general!

    Well John Brennan is not immortal, so should he not be like that gay protester who lit himself up with gasoline for the cause. It doesn't have to be a rainbow neck tie, maybe it could be.........

    How about 101 ways sticking things up your anus can be lethal.

    The Attack of the Killer Gerbil eh?



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    It is an amazing thing how the United Kingdom disappeared in zero readers this past week as MI6 collusion with John Brennan at the CIA became a story covered here, and it took sometime for the readership to return. Apparently someone was blocking this blog.

    That happens all of the time in Google actually is in search engines censoring this blog too.

    This post though is not about me, but about the Tim Lord, Tim Rifat. Now with a name like that, one would think the British police state would not care in the least and simply dismiss this guy, but about a year ago they threw him into the nut house to try and hold him for life, after someone posted some pig sex things on the British royals on his site.
    Well it is back again, as Mr. Rifat was off to Asia, and in the interlude, somehow the police, fire rescue and British military was called to the apartment building where Mr. Rifat's flat is. The reason was a "leak". Again you have a leaky faucet and from that the bomb squad appears?

    This is what the European police state is and what many Americans, like those in Chicago go through in the damnedest things appearing on their doorsteps.

    Here is a quote:

    "I asked one of the policemen 'are you sure it is not a prank call?' and he said no, he had seen the device."
    Explosive ordnance officers examined the flat and left the scene at around midday telling residents they could return home.
    Police told residents the item they had found had been potentially dangerous but had turned out not to be a bomb.
    A spokeswoman for Sussex Police described the device as "hazardous and potentially explosive" but said the suspicious items had been made safe.

    So Tim Rifat lives on Brighton on the Beach, and that is Sussex where the Nose of Sussex in that Quadroon Queen now rules as that is her domain. Now take a look at a few of the photos what the police did to Mr. Rifat's home, in stating it was not a bomb, but something potentially dangerous.
    That kind of thing could be a can of Raid as that will blow up too if you put it into a fire.

    Did you notice that the police state ripped his walls down? They were in the electric box screwing around, and were ripping wiring from the walls. They literally smashed Rifat's entire home and it had nothing to do with a bomb, but had to do with intimidation.
    For the record, I have watched women in North Korea give holy hell to police there and the police do nothing. There is literally more freedom in North Korea, Russia and Syria than in England.

    Apparently Mr. Rifat's computer equipment was in danger of exploding too, as wires and metal are known to detonate all the time. Yes that is sarcasm, but it is just how absolutely police state England is. They do this to a citizen while Muslims roam free murdering the British.

    You can witness all of the pillaging which took place on this where the dangerous toilet was also of special attention to the British police state.

    If I were Mr. Rifat, I would simply immigrate as he honestly could do no worse in Australia or Canada. He stated he liked Vietnam, if that is the case I would move to the central highlands and live out my days there.

    Magna Carta. the Golden Thread, one law for the king and one law for the peasant. When was the last time Queen Charles got his house ripped apart eh?

    Nuff Said



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

    I was speaking with a gal in our grocery store and she asked me what "weather" pages I used, so I thought, I should place them here, as which ones have been the best for me.

    I have criteria in having limited internet, in they can not take forever to load and in watching them, it is amusing this past winter in NONE OF THEM MATCHED.

    For a two week weather forecast I use a site called Time and Date. It has loads of things to search for on there, and interestingly big HAARP storms did appear on this page before anyone else had them generated.

    I do visit Yahoo weather as they have a good site, but in that sWeather, from that SKWIRE which has a number of free programs. sWeather I think runs off of Yahoo, but it has to be updated every year to run that feed, but I keep the app on my laptop and it runs the temperature and a 5 or 10 day forecast, with sun or clouds.
    (I have been having problems with this application as Yahoo was purchased by a new NSA front group, so it may never work or might work again in the future.)

    My favorite was an app which no longer exists from Free Weather, which has a very good site. The app used to run from their page, but for Radar it is very fast and it is my primary weather check for storms.

    In the winter I usually hit these sites several times a day. Summer I do not care unless I am cutting hay or tilling something, so I just run the sWeather and check the temperature as that is about all I am interested in. I know about Weatherbug and the others, it is just some are just so huge, have ads and all I really need is a quick forecast and the current temperature, so that is why I run what I run. I did see that Yahoo has an app, but that is not of interest to me, and yes our cell phones have weather apps, but TL took all the internet off as I do not need constant downloads or the NSA keeping track of me any more than they do, as they have photos of the house and files on me for doing this blog, and some things like weather just should be private.

    That though is how I track weather and the least intrusive of the systems. I did notice the AI's in weather follow trends in they keep temperatures hot or cool, until a front raises them and then they reflect that trend. Kind of lax weather predicting but that is the flaw in the system.

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  • I pronounce you a military asset of President Trump

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There has been a coup in America, and none of you noticed it as President Pete Brownell ran for the cornfields to hide in as the deep state has been hunting him as NRA President in the gun control drive.

    Brownell might be a nice guy, but he was as AWOL as customer service help was when I asked for help and had to go to Numrich to get the parts I was asking for.

    This company has long been owned by the Brownell family, whose current heir is Pete, also known as the fucking President of the NRA. Pete Brownell presents himself as a soccer-dad kind of guy. His family lives in a run-of-the-mill McMansion on a normal street of the Grinnell grid. They've got several kids in the local schools and apparently, Pete's wife is a liberal, and the president of the Grinnell public school board. (She must get the vapors when she gets to hang out with Ted Nugent.)

    Remember now in the frame up in Florida of the Jew, Nikolas Cruz by Jew Ben Shaprio, in how this was all geared with that closeted David Hogg to bring gun confiscation to America, and how Donald Trump was pressing for all of it, including lunatic tests and banning gun rights for voters 18 to 21 years old, and in all of this how the NRA was supporting Harry Reid, moving to selling gun insurance instead of protecting rights and how access to affordable guns has been vanquished as the NRA stood by as presidents of the United States banned firearms.
    Yes the NRA is fraud front whose main focus has been gun control.

    So that is why I sat here for a week, and watched as no one bothered to note the coup that went on at the NRA in the removal of Pete Brownell as President of the NRA, right after Donald Trump spoke at the Convention, when who should appear but John Kelly as the neo President of the NRA. No it was not Kelly, but it was another Defense Intelligence Agency man who Donald Trump just installed to head the NRA, and that would be Lt. Colonel Oliver North.

    For the record in those who do not know who the head of the NRA is, Oliver North was George Herbert Walker Bush's hatchet man during the Reagan Years. Nancy Reagan detested North and campaigned against him in a Virginia Senate race where Mrs. Reagan state that North lied about her husband and lied to Ronald Reagan about the Iran Contra Affair.

    For those who do not know what Iran Contra was, Iran Contra was selling Hawk Missiles to Iran, in telling Iran they were Super Hawks which they were not in not being able to shoot down the Starship Enterprise. The money from the sales went to fund Contra fighters in South America, whose main money came from Colombian Coke Lords, who the CIA was dumping coke into Bill Clinton's Mena Arkansas in Dope for Freedom campaign, when Jeb and George were not getting the Bush cut in plane flown into Florida.

    THE 1994 CAMPAIGN: VIRGINIA; Mrs. Reagan Denounces Oliver ...

    Oct 29, 1994 · , Page 001008 The New York Times Archives. Nancy Reagan attacked Oliver L. North, the Republican Senate candidate in Virginia, on Thursday, asserting that the former aide to President Ronald Reagan "lied to my husband and lied about my husband."

    This all got a bit testy as things melted down when the Lebanese blew the whistle on this secret arms program for hostages run by Oliver North that HW was overseeing to impeach Ronald Reagan, when Barry Seal a CIA contract pilot got DEA photos of George and Jeb offloading coke for their cut.

    Seals was in legal trouble and threatened HW with exposing his boys, to which the system arose under Oliver North who contracted with Colombians who assassinated Seals in New Orleans.

    Barry Seal - Wikipedia

    He stated that Iran-Contra figure Oliver North had attended two meetings on the sting operation and had motivation to release the ... Who Killed Barry Seal?

    Barry Seal should have known better than to threaten the system, but then Andrew Breitbart did not have any sense to not threaten Obama either and ended up dead on the street. The DIA though is kind when the CIA off's an asset as they make phone call to the widow, tell her she had a few hundred thousand in severance pay and should now be silent or worse things would happen.

    So in knowing the above, we have deep state minder Wayne LaPierre having Pete Brownell removed, and for Donald Trump aka John Kelly installing Oliver North as President of the NRA. Yes the DIA is now in direct control of the NRA, as it is in direct control of the CIA with Gina Haspel.

    As the NRA has been the focal point in this to disrupt their money flow to Republicans for the midterms, it would be a conclusion that Donald Trump and John Kelly, meaning the DIA is now dictating precisely who are Trump candidates and will receive that money. More importantly we are about to learn in by November if Ollie North and the DIA neutralized the NRA for leftists or if NRA is going to be unleashed to create a super Trump majority.

    See all of this has been before each of you, before all of your Mockingbird mic heads, and none of you got this as the DIA covered this coup up, and each of you missed the biggest political story of the year.

    What is certain is the DIA now runs the NRA directly. If it is for good, marvelous. If it is more John Kelly leftist faggery, then we all got problems worse than when that fraud LaPierre was banning guns from Americans.

    Oliver North: NRA is victim of 'civil terrorism' by gun ...

    Oliver North, the National Rifle Association's (NRA) incoming president, said on Wednesday that the gun rights group has been a victim of "civil terrorism" by political opponents.

    Then again, if the light Colonel is naming David Hogg a terrorist and Donald Trump sends the closeted Hogg down to Gitmo forever, that would seem to indicate that calling liberals terrorists would be just the kind of junta thing America needs to become like Argentina in cleansing the communists from the system, but leaving the pedophile Pope untouched to take over the Jesuit Vatican.

    North began his assignment to the National Security Council (NSC) in Washington, DC, where he served as the deputy director for political--military affairs from 1981 until his reassignment in 1986. In 1983, North received his promotion to lieutenant colonel, which would be his last.
    During his tenure at the NSC, North managed a number of missions. This included leading the hunt for those responsible for the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed 299 American and French military personnel, an effort that saw North arranging a midair interception of an EgyptAir jet carrying those responsible for the Achille Lauro hijacking. While also at the NSC, he helped plan the U.S. invasion of Grenada and the 1986 Bombing of Libya.

    This is what the DIA looks like in charge as the Control is methodically moving the pieces to their side of the board. I have no quarrel with the DIA as some of my friends are the real Vulcans from the hotter than Vulcan, it simply would be more settling if they were more Argentinian, instead of Kellyian.

    So that is once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. The junta is on the move and winning for the system to protect itself. No one noticed this telling event that an intelligence officer of the DIA just was put into place of the NRA by Donald John Trump.

    You children and brats really would be lost without me.


  • Of course we voted !!!

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I think the moles on the Trump campaign are easier explained in a story board, so the Lame Cherry posts this exclusive explanation of what Molegate is all about.

    I don't know why people don't think I don't like Russian panty sites.

    Ok I'm the devil.

    I knew when the election was lost that something was wrong.

    I found a pair of Ivanka panties in Peter's briefcase. I thought they were
    for me, so I put them on. He took my picture and then mocked me as
    he said his picture in them looked better, and then he posted it on a Russian
    reality panty vote site.

    Yes Senator I probed the men first.

    It was not my personal panties.

    I sent Seth Rich with a pair of panties I ordered on my server
    from Ivanka Brand to get autographed for Huma, how was I to know
    he was going to get knocked off!

    I was a nice girl before I met Peter. How could I help it
    that Russians voted for me in Ivanka's panties.

    Why doesn't anyone ever forward me panty pics?

    See the British MI6 was rigging the voting for Prince Charles
    as he posted a photo in Camilla's woolens and was losing bad.

    No Senator, in hindsight, I do not think it was smart to
    call Congress dumb asses, now that you are about to throw me in jail
    with my Ivanka Brand French Cut Panties.

    I plan on dating Rod while you are in prison.

    Don jr. just asked your wife out and she said she is
    wearing Ivanka Brand Panties......

    See my panties are receiving record votes in Russia
    when men and women wear them.

    ...we found something called panty bots in the voting.

    This is about a Russian panty voting site?

    I would like to say Senator, that in my defense, my wife and I
    wear the same size panty.

    Why would we need to hack the Americans, when the Americans
    were posting panty photos to Russian sites.

    Al, I really appreciate your brief support.

    That Franken's hand is always sticky....

    Look, I only sent Christopher Steele to get me a pair of
    Ivanka panties like the ones Peter Strzok was wearing on
    Rate Me I'm Panty Hot!!

    I'm not dead yet.

    I may have voted on the site a few times...

    Why doesn't anyone ever pose in my panties?

    Look Senator, I'm innocent, I'm still a virgin.

    Did someone say panty pics?

    I only wear Super Dons, the manly boxers, for super men.

    No. I'm in charge of the JOD, the Just Our Department

    So I shop at Nordstroms, I like the feel of women's underwear
    in the Ivanka brand.

    Georgie, I'm wearing the Ivanka panties you special ordered
    in XXX size.

    See the panty bots are really little, that is why I
    hired all democrats to investigate Trump, as they
    are the experts.


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