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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Kaepernick on July Fourth: 'We reject your celebration of white supremacy' thehill
    Colin Kaepernick rejects Independence Day with hate-filled anti-American message -- The Right Scoop scoop

    It is time to Man without a Country this treacherous brood and revoke all Citizenship and Rights. There is not any liberty to destroy the entire foundation and heritage of a race, thee American Race.

    South Dakota Gov: Founding 'Ideals Cannot Be Dismissed As The Irrelevant Opinions Of Flawed Men' dailywire

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    We, Protest, before God and Man.............

    It is amusing in these paid pablum pansies of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter in they have no declaration, no articles, no thesis, as the foundations of civilization have already been laid in Luther and Jefferson.

    Each of you reading this have no idea who you are or why you are called what you are. In the year of 1529 AD in the year of our Lord, the German Princes summoned a council or Diet at Speyer, in the upheaval of Peasant Rebellions, Knight Rebellions and something which would shake the world to it's foundations in Martin Luther.

    At Speyer, it was decided that in the German states, the Catholic ones would persecute the Lutherans, and the Lutheran States would promote Lutheranism.

    This mistreatment of the reformers by Emperor Charles, the Pope and Catholics were met with the words of protest, but the word protest has nothing to do with insurrection in these Christians liberated from Roman popery. The word protest meant to TESTIFY.

    We hold these Truths to be self evident....

    We, Testify before God and man.......

    These were the words the Princes of Germany, led by the Saxons, that those who testify that all men are created equal before God, and that we are all priests to God in being Faithful to Him.

    The name Protestant was never about protesting. It is about testify about Faith.

    There were two men who began the liberation of Germany in spirit, they were the knight, Ulrich von Hutten, and the professor, Dr. Martin Luther.

    Everything you are, everything the world became in civilization, is owed to these princes of Germany.

    1. Elector John the Steadfast of Saxony
    2. Gregor Brück (Pontanus), Chancellor of Elector John
    3. Philipp Melanchthon, companion of Elector John
    4. Simon Grynaeus, companion of Philipp Melanchthon
    5. Johann Agricola, chaplain of Elector John
    6. Landgrave Phillip of Hesse
    7. Erhard Schnepf, chaplain of Philip of Hesse
    8. Margrave George of Brandenburg-Anhalt
    9. Duke Ernst of Braunschweig-Lüneburg
    10. Duke Franz of Braunschweig-Lüneburg
    11. Johann Förster, Chancellor of Dukes Franz and Ernst of Braunschweig-Lüneburg
    12. Prince Wolfgang of Anhalt
    13. Count William of Fürstenberg
    14. Bürgermeister Christoph Tetzel, representative of Nürnberg
    15. Bürgermeister Christoph Kreß, representative of Nürnberg
    16. Bürgermeister Bernhard B(P)aumgärtner, representative of Nürnberg
    17. Councillor Jakob Sturm, representative of Straßburg
    18. Guildmaster Matthias, clergyman, representative of Straßburg
    19. Bürgermeister Bernhard Besserer, representative of Ulm
    20. Bürgermeister Sebastian Hagelstein, representative of Windsheim
    21. Bürgermeister Josef Weiß, representative of Reutlingen


  • As I type this, my puppy, the Puntz cat is laying at my feet like a dog.

    9 hours ago, as we were getting to do errands, the cat attacked my boots, growled at me, attacked me, got the water spray bottle treatment to fend her off, and was just a terror.

    So we get home, and are putting things away, and the cat is still holding her ground.

    So things are done, and I sit down, and due to the mother doing things which upset the Puntz's digestive system, the kittie has to be helped to the litter box. In most cases it is me, but as of late, it is sometimes TL who gets the honor.

    So TL takes the cat, and no dice. The cat comes back, looks at me, so I take the cat.

    The cat gets out of the box twice, and then goes potty.

    Yes this cat is temperamental. She detests us going to do errands or having to leave her. She gets ornery as hell, and yet when all is said and done, I get the trusted honor when the day is done in potty duty and here the cat lays at my feet, with a paw on my foot, saying, "I am her's and that is just the way it is."

    ...........and no it did not help before all of this started, that I told the cat that I had a nice kitty outside that did not bite or claw me to take her place.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

    "I don't want a country in which the president of the United States is actively trying to promote anti-Asian sentiment and thinks it's funny. I don't want that. That still shocks and pisses me off," Obama reportedly said.

    Well as an American Protestant, I don't want a gerbil up the anal retentive ass image of Obama always whining about what other people are saying in jest, ignorance, hatred or because they just have a moment one day that they want to say something.

    How about this, "I don't want a country in which a gerbil up his ass image of Obama, lurks around as an electronic assassin in his secret high paying donor online gatherings who promotes hate, while his former appointed advisers have been plotting coups against the government, have been impeaching the President and the very Obama put up the money, provided State Department cover, so the communist Chinese who have nuclear weapons pointed at America, can make a biological weapon at a lab which Obama created.

    I don't want to have to listen to Obama all faggot whining about things that shock him like he is a cultured lady and then steps into the gutter and uses profanity like "pisses me off" to make a point.

    So the Lame Cherry has a document called the Constitution which protects every American to say things like Nigger, Honky and Chinaman. On the other hand, Obama has not any legal backing of legitimacy for the things which makes his little heart go sullen, just because things do not go the snowflake way that Obama demands.

    Obama has international Soros money, his own rioting terrorist communists, tearing down statues of dead Americans, burning down cities, spreading Coronavirus and being the Obama Intifada to overthrow the Constitution of America.

    I don't like image Obama, because he is 3rd world trash, the same trash like Stalin that murdered millions and the same trash like Mao who slaughtered millions. image Obama hides behind others doing the criminal work as image Obama uses the laws of a nation to persecute Americans.

    The Lame Cherry can and will speak out about the kind of despot Obama is, because the Constitution still exists to be quoted as Obama shreds it with his mob state. Obama and his ilk is an evil. An evil against the Black race who he allowed to slaughter themselves serving Obama's bankers for Wall Street in dope and welfare money being laundered.
    The world every race now has is the world which Obama created in it's foul community organized enslavement of the world to serve the feudal few.

    The image Obama disgusts me, as much as those paid terrorists unleashed to genocide Protestant America but to genocide thee America of one nation under God, indivisible with responsible liberty and justice for all.

    Obama's America is divided where you either agree with him or you are a criminal. We were shown this in Obamacare, obey or you are fined and put into prison. Agree with Obama or he destroys you if you are Rod Blagojevich, Lawrence Sinclair, Jerome Corsi, John Edwards or Donald Trump by the police state. Obama America is where you are criminalized for being American and Obama gets away with crimes as despot along with his other bourgeoisie Letterman cocktail crowd trash.

    The world has experienced what happens when Obama does not get what he wants. 500,000 dead in Syria. The mass slaughter of the Libyan government. America burned down. That is the lawlessness which Barack Hussein Obama is, along with the nuclear arming of terrorist Shia Iran.

    Nuremberg is the place for the actions of a Barack Hussein Obama, not billionaire gatherings where this old Nigger dictates to the world how it should be, a world that has still survived after the global rape of this Marxist stooge.

    America did not want Obama twice and yet Obama had flipped for him twice 10 million Republican votes by those who control electronic voting. Barack Obama never wanted America and still does not want an America with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights which protect people from despots like Obama in and out of office.

    My Country tis not of Birther Hussein Obama.

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  • ...and you think I never shoveled shit in Iowa?
    - John Wayne

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I have had it with these fucking whiners!

    Poor little whatever thing was born under the Mississippi flag and I have not bothered to read any more of this bullshit as that is what it is.

    This shit head like all of these paid commie trolls who somehow have better lives, better jobs, better affirmative action than I ever had or will have, and platforms from the CIA to bitch about America, should try being a real Protestant White American and find out how hard life really is.

    My Life Under Mississippi's Racist Flag

    The onslaught began the day I was born. As my mother made her way to the hospital, hundreds of Confederate flags lined the streets. It was ...

    As a German Lutheran, I got to watch Hollywood tell the world that every German was shit, because the English started two world wars to destroy a competitor.
    Germans were made to kiss the streets in America. Germans were beat with bats. Germans were monitored by the FBI.

    We had one purpose after the Civil War, and that was to be the new slave in thee American West, were goddamn Indian terrorists raped and murdered us, but we were given land that the Nigger would not farm and told it was the promised land, but what it was, was drought, storm, locust and plague.

    All these shit heads think America just happened. It was built by WHITE PEOPLE. Germans on the farms. Irish in the factories. Scandinavians in the forests. Poles and Slavs in the slaughterhouses and Italians at the docks. All of these Peoples were treated like shit. Laws were passed against them and signs were hung that they would not be served.

    And after we made it, made it through wars we were drafted into, as Blacks sat on their asses fucking watermelons in the wood piles, we were told we were the problem. We were told that we had to give up the place, the money and the homes we worked for, for the Nigger, because Niggers were too goddamn stupid to make it in a real world. That Obama is the prime example of foreign shit that got to the head of the line by hook and by crook.

    And talk of stereotypes, when Germans are not the worst thing since satan, then they are fat beer drinkers stupid as posts. Scandinavians are just weird with those accents, but hey you can fuck their blonde women as they are always hot. Italians are just stupid covered in pizza sauce and an Irishman is drunk 500 days out of the year.

    So I call BULLSHIT as the Mexicans are now taking our place in thee American Genocide, and they are here because the goddamn Niggers wouldn't pick cotton, which is what the hell they were suited for.. And who is the dumb fuck again? The Nigger, being weaponized and posting shit about a Confederate Battle Flag, and they can't even get that right as that flag was never the Flag of the South.

    If Whites would have been afforded the handouts in the trillions, instead of being stolen from, Whites would have colonies on Mars, Christian lands with Constitutions and responsible rights, as Germans make things work against all the odds.

    Have Germans ever been thanked for changing the world for good in civilization? Hell no! Have Germans ever been compensated for all the things the worlds stole from Germany after the world wars which brought the world everything from nuclear science to paints? Hell no!

    And what comes out of this, is more whining for the culls who could not make it in America when the deck was even. Niggers had the same shot at homesteads as Whites, but they never took them. Instead they just beat their feet on that Mississippi mud, acting like Obama, that a Nigger just being there was some accomplishment.

    I don't want to hear any more Goddamn whining. Every American has had a shit show of a life and most made it without blaming others or giving up. Germans sure as hell never did and are still being blamed for the sins of people too stupid to take an opportunity.

    Happy Fourth of July you worthless sons of bitches, and here is the promise, you are still going to be worthless sons of bitches, no matter what rainbow flag you got shoved up your gerbil asses, because you are worthless bastards and always will be.

    BANG Showbiz

    Go back to the shit hole you excreted from Sharon Osborne, as you are the trash which is wrong with this world

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    With the manifestations of Joe Biden going senile in worse episodes each day, there is another tragedy on display in the ancient rocker, Cher who is 74 years old, manifesting in troubling and bizarre posts which look like a 4 year old with her See and Say, using various icons, she seems to have discovered on her smart phone as the greatest thing since being a Hollywood Hosebag.

    Cher is simply sounding like the crazy old cat lady who is yelling at everyone from her porch. Unfortunately the President is her target, but Donald Trump recognizes someone with mental dysfunction and does not respond as it would be cruel. Instead Cher, posts her 40 years ago photo, and goes to CAPS, icons and shorthand, because for some reason, Barack Obama giving the Coronavirus lab to China does not matter, but Donald Trump does.

    Why do ppl keep expecting
    trump to act like a Human.

    I remember the story of Sonny Bono, who was one of the greatest success stories in America. He took a young girl named Cherilyn Sarkisian, a Turk, married her and by sheer American drive, made them into Sonny and Cher, on the pop charts.

    Sonny had nothing, but he had his genius, and how he rose to the top, was genius, in back in the day, the radio stations would play a song for a week, if it got the most phone calls for that song. That is what Sonny did. He called up radio stations, pretending to be someone else hundreds of times over, and would request their songs. That is how they became established.

    His music was simple like the Beat Goes On, but they had the unique "BIG" sound which held a complexity that Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys crafted in their sound.


    Sonny Bono, upon making Cher into something, because let's face it, she could not sing, could not act, and her main feature was exhibiting her naval and dressing like a tramp, brought them to television, where he again played the bumbling fool, to which Cher cheated on him like a whore.

    Upon making it big, Cher divorced Sonny Bono.

    Sonny though moved onto Reagan politics, was a good leader, and in the end was assassinated while skiing down a mountain, leaving behind Cher and their misguided child Chastity, who started lopping off female parts for male, and became another tragedy in the Cher life.

    To this now Cher is lurking on the internet as she lurked in her community. Yes Cher lurked even there in giving the press hell for taking her picture, when she was out in "her community" as there she thought she could just be herself in her choosing, as she thinks she can be a liberal snipe, thinking her posts are intellectual and anyone would care.

    There seems to not be a liberal from Lisa Garr to Cher, who is not pleased with the Corona plague killing people, as they think it is rescuing earth from humans. This is the kind of bizarre thoughts coming out of them, and Cher really went to town with the icons in her analysis of mother earth doing better off the ventilator than humans.
    Yes humans are always the problem, but I have yet to see Obama, Cher or whatever else is of this group, load up a syringe with air, and pump it into a vein to stroke out, to save the planet. It is always someone else that is the problem, never them.

    The🌍Is Breathing Easier Because We've Stopped Assaulting It.Look at Statistics. 🌎Has Powers Of Regeneration, & Could 4give Us If We MAKE CHANGES🕊.IF WE CONTINUE 2 DO NOTHING,THE 🌏WILL DO WHAT "WE" DO 2 AN ENEMY,🔥DESTROY IT🌪🌊.
    Pandemic Could Be a 2nd Chance 2 Save Our

    I feel sorry for this woman, as she has no one apparently to tell her she sounds nuts and is in her second childhood, throwing daily tantrums about Donald Trump and liking dead people so earth can "live".

    Cher is 74. I doubt she has many more years before she is in assisted living, and her keeper gives her a Cherrios box and tells her it has internet connections as Cher posts from that, and the world will no longer have to watch the agony which is this woman.

    Everything Sonny Bono did to make this woman palatable to the public is gone. All that is left is this not to bright woman, who is loosing brain cells which Sonny could mould into a con job for success.

    I don't like Bush. I don't trust him. I don't like his record. He's stupid. He's lazy. Cher
    I don't like Bush. I don't trust him. I don't like his record. He's stupid. He's lazy.

    As you can see, Cher ran out of things to say 20 years ago, and has been repeating herself ever since. The problem for Cher is that Michelle Obama just loves stupid and lazy George W. Bush, but then Cher probably has no problem with that, as she probably does not remember what happened yesterday, and give it a year, and she be that sad soul.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I always am bothered in empathy when it comes to people who have so very much in talent, fame, money and standing, to witness the absolute lack of inner peace they have. I have been down the road without money, being cheated, being abused, having God, having talent, but nothing going right, and trying to survive by hating, but in going through that, what I learned was that nurturing hate, only damages you.

    I know the forensic psychology of why people glom onto political movements, because without Christ, they are faced with a Bible that says their own solutions are wrong, and they need politicians to make their ideas legal and to affirm they are right, and there can not be any other ideas out there, as it reminds them they are wrong.

    John Fogerty is a wonderful talent in the music he produced, but in all of that, he was not a happy man. You can go onto Twitter and see some of the most off balanced of minds from Debra Messing to John Cussack who just got wet in believing Adam Schiff was going to impeach Donald Trump and Robert Mueller was going to indict Donald Trump, because that is what the politicians promised them for political contributions.

    It is rare that you have a liberal like Susan Sarandon appear who is reasoned in her Bernie Sanders governance. Most are the Cher types who fixate on Donald Trump posting the most deranged things. None of the deranged though ever look back and say, "Hey Bill Clinton promised me all would be right after all he did, and Barack Obama was my messiah, who even converted that chimp Bush43, but yet I'm still not happy with all I have and the world is still burning down".

    That is why when I see Ron Perlman, an actor who I was magnificent as Vincent in starring with Linda Hamilton in Beauty and the Beast in the CBS television series with Roy Dotrice, constantly being the Twitter bully and going beyond the American give and take of ranch town banter, it saddens me for Ron Perlman.

    Ron Perlman knows a great deal more about Republicans than even I do as I do not care to know the details. Perlman though exhibits the bully for attention in thinking they are important as people in politics read their stuff, which one person does in Ted Cruz as Cruz enjoys trolling liberals for attention, but Perlman is the definition of bully as he won't fight someone who can beat him up, but will challenge someone he can beat up.

    Ron Perlman
    Ronald Perlman is an American television, film, stage and voice actor. He played the roles of Amoukar in Quest for Fire, Salvatore in The Name of the Rose, Vincent on the television series Beauty and the Beast, for which he won a Golden Globe Award, One in The City of Lost Children, Johner in Alien: Resurrection, Hellboy in both Hellboy and its sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Clay Morrow on the television series Sons of Anarchy and Nino in Drive.Wikipedia
    Born:Ronald Perlman, April 13, 1950, Washington Heights, New York, U.S.
    Education:City University of New York, Lehman (BA), University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (MFA)
    Occupation:Actor, voice actor

    Perlman is 70 years old, and when you get over 50 things break and they stay painful. So the jousting is big boy talk of what is really frustrating and bothering Ron Perlman that black lives do not matter. He will though not admit that black lives do not matter to blacks which is the problem in this in having a pet Negro.
    Nothing Ron Perlman says is going to change that and nothing he can do is going to change that. Barack Obama, George Bush I and II and Bill Clinton engaged in a policy to exchange the Afroid for Mexican Jesuits, Indian Hindu and Militant Islam, to get rid of what Perlman's real phobia is about in Protestant Christians. The very leftists who Ron Perlman supports in Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros are nation rapists, and they will replace the inefficient Black with the tan skins, and in time get rid of them all for robotics. What is illogical is supporting Black Lives Matter and telling them to go out and riot, so they catch the coof and die. That is like Obama supporting queers and putting them into the military to get shot.

    I have not seen any of Ron Perlman's latest work, but I did see him in the Alien series in the last movie, and as always I enjoyed his work. I simply do not enjoy his not being at peace in what is going on inside of him, because if Ron Perlman like these other liberals had dictator control, and could get everything exactly as they want, they still would not be at peace, and that makes me sad, as he has given wonderful performances which brought joy to me.
    In that, if he even knew who this poor orphan girl was, he would probably be upset that being a Christian Conservative enjoyed his work.
    When you consider though these ranting liberals from Tom Hanks using Coronavirus celebrity for his shelled out career, to Rob Reiner the Christophobe, to this group of John Cusack, Debra Messing, Whoopie Goldberg, Ron Perlman is the Olivier in their midst in being a head about all of them combined in his acting ability. I think he would be marvelous as the tortured Othello, but I dislike unhappy endings and would not care to watch it, as my life ends not every happy each day.

    I know that money would not make me happy, only Christ brings me Peace, but when I think of all the things these people have and they still are in turmoil as things do not bring joy, I just would enjoy having the things part so I did not have to worry about a house falling down, leaking roofs, feeding animals, not having enough land and the health problems I deal with in Christ. For me having things, would mean my body would not be damaged by heavy labor and having things means, that I could stop being involved in the world. I do not mean in not caring about others, but having to deal with sorting through the Mockingbird which holds Ron Perlman's mind captive and to give it perspective. It is wearying to always have to be the person with the answers and to set the narrative which keeps being set to brainwash people daily. I would like to sit for hours in just being outside and forget about deadlines and planning what is next as I have no leeway to ever make a mistake.

    I would like Ron Perlman to have peace. I would like him to be freed of politicians. I would like him to be adored for who he is, like the Skipper from Gilligan's Island, as what a wonderful life that would be, to have caring fans and to be able to just not be sucked into the world, which is nothing anyone can change anyway.

    Because the fact is beating up Ted Cruz, would be like a lemon drop, in the initial humiliation would be sweet, but the sour would be far too long, as you would wonder what you ever got involved with that psychic tear in the universe for, as taking that before Christ just brings Judgment.

    on June 25, 2018 Perlman tweeted claiming that he urinated on his hand prior to shaking Harvey Weinstein's hand followed by the message "I think about that every time lil donnie opens up his KFC."

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In one of thee most fundamentally Christian statements General Michael Flynn in rallying Americans to the Republic, joined the ranks of Christian Patriots like General George Washington and General George Patton in public affirmations and Christian prayer.

    The General finally exonerated in the Obama framing of this innocent American, spoke with eloquence and virtue in the Western Journal.
    The General had many things to say in defense of America, but in his becoming a public man again in defense of America, there have been welcome revelations at the Pentagon, that the Spirit of Michael Flynn is moving in place in defense of the President, the United States and the United States Military.

    Fittingly in this most troubling time, where most of the Pentagon is by appointment, and the lacklustrer performances of SecDef Esper in the Obama Intifada and the feckless comments of the Chief of Staff, has let the United States down, but in the leadership of the Pentagon, there is a presence of the associates of Michael Flynn moving into place.

    Rich Higgins

    Anthony Tata

    Ezra Cohen-Watnick

    These are the Patriots who are Flynn associates who had their lives put on hold as the General was framed and arrested, and are now being smeared by the Obama Political Officers who only want like minded fellow travelers of the Bush and Obama globalist mindset, where the Pentagon protects Muslim terrorists, is a bank account for Wall Street and is not ever supposed to protect Americans nor their interests.

    The following quote is typical of what is wrong with the Pentagon and most of the United States Government.

    A former defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the job is usually held by a non-political appointee, drawing upon long-held institutional contacts within the Defense Department to shake loose stalled policy memos and control the flow of documents into the undersecretary's office.
    "He's very typical of this shitshow of an administration," the former official said. "The best you can hope is they don't do any damage."

    A shitshow of an Administration?

    Examine that for a moment in what Donald Trump inherited from Bush, Obama and Clinton and Bush.

    The President has stopped the slaughter in Syria which murdered 500,000 innocents. There is not a nuclear war in North Korea. Iran is not being allowed to have nuclear weapons as Obama provided carte blanche. The United States is finishing the upgrade of it's nuclear arsenal. Weapons's systems are coming online which were a disaster under Obama in the F 35. NATO members are paying their debts, and the United States now has a Space Force.

    Rolling back the Obama Clinton Bush Bush wars, keeping Americans safe and alive, and bringing the Pentagon under Civilian Governance as it is supposed to, is deemed a shitshow by the deep state. It is called being a President and appointing legitimate Patriots who will protect America and Americans.

    What is emerging is Michael Flynn is already SecDef by his people moving into positions. That stated, with the fetid support of Americans by Mark Esper, the job of Secretary of Defense is opening up, and who would fill that role by General Michael Flynn, a job he is suited for as head of DIA and a real leader of men.

    That is what appears to be moving in this.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • The Sioux are the pirates of the Missouri River
    - William Clark

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    With the Sioux Indians in South Dakota now advocating for a terrorist attack upon Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, the Shrine of the Republic, it is time to get rid of these Canadians and deport them back across the border.

    For the record, General George Custer and his companies were slaughtered by the Sioux terrorists, who had invaded South Dakota, and driven the Cheyenne out of the Black Hills. The Crow Indians petitioned the US Government to save them from the murderous Sioux, and that is why the 7th Cavalry was there that summer in 1876 AD in the year of our Lord.

    Oglala Sioux President Julian Bear Runner has also called for the removal of the monument, which he called "a great sign of disrespect" last week.

    A second South Dakota tribal leader called for the removal of the four sculptures on Mount Rushmore, which is carved into land sacred to the Lakota Sioux.
    "Nothing stands as a greater reminder to the Great Sioux Nation of a country that cannot keep a promise or treaty than the faces carved into our sacred land on what the United States calls Mount Rushmore," Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Chairman Harold Frazier said in a statement, according to USA Today.
    Frazier also criticized President Trump's and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem's (R) plans for a July 3 fireworks display at the monument, according to the newspaper.

    Now for a historical reality which few of you are aware about these terrorists in South and North Dakota, who helped Obama in the Standing Rock Insurrection against America during the Birther's occupation of the White House.

    The Sioux Indian invaded the United States after the great drought in America around 1600, from Canada. They passed into Minnesota, where the Chippewa Indians resided, and down into Iowa at a placed called Spirit Lake. They then poured out onto the plains making Genocide on the Pawnee in Nebraska, the Mandan of North Dakota and the Ree of South Dakota.
    Again for the record, the Mandan which Lewis and Clarke found in North Dakota had blonde hair, as they were the descendants of the Vikings, as were the Arapaho.

    The Sioux then by terrorism drove out the Cheyenne from the Black Hills. It is all fiction that these hills were sacred to the Sioux. They only held them for a few years and the fact is that the great terrorist Crazy Horse was willing to give away the occupied Sioux lands for the Big Horn mountains or Montana and Wyoming. The only problem is that those mountains were sometimes Cheyenne and sometimes Crow property.

    So let us just stick to the facts, that the Sioux are foreigners, they have rejected the Citizenship of the United States and it is time to send these cut throats back to Canada where they belong. Yes the sign in Indian for Sioux is slashing across the throat, as that is what Sioux did to everyone else.

    TRUMP on TOPPLING STATUES: 'We're Not Going to Let It Prevail Any Longer' hannity

    It is time the Sioux be driven out of the United States, and those abominable unused communist reservation lands be handed over by lottery to South Dakota Citizens first, as the United States has literally paid every one of these Indians twice over for all the lands they stole from the Mound Builders.

    The Lame Cherry is most pleased this subject has come up again, as this is one this blog has advocated for years, to end the reservations forever. End Indian sovereignty as it is un American. The tribes like the Cherokee, Hopi and Navajo who have attempted to make something of themselves are welcome to 160 acres, held in a 100 year trust for each family, and they can make their own way in America as is expected of all. End the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as these coddled communists must go the way of the Soviet Union, as they are the Obama Intifada and are now resurrecting terror war against White America as the Ghost Dance of 1890's which got the terrorists killed at Wounded Knee.

    Those are the facts. Send the Sioux to Justin Trudeau as the Queen has lots of land up north. Trudeau's ilk sheltered Sioux terrorists in Sitting Bull after mass murdering the 7th Cavalry and should never have been allowed back into the United States.

    The Sioux have now broken another treaty with the United States Government, in this call to terrorism against Mount Rushmore. The Sioux are at war with the United States, and have forfeited all rights under treaty, and it is time they be all deported by force and a bounty of 10,000 dollars be placed on each one of them if they ever sit foot in the United States again.

    Once again, this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Let Donald Trump on July 4th sign an Executive Order in this war on the Sioux to detain them and by force return them to their Canadian lands in Ontario.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The reason I do not invest any amount of time in the stock market, is due to the fact which this blog broke years ago, in the United States ceased being an economy around 9 11. After that George W. Bush point, the US economy was instead a conglomerate Nazi enterprise, which under Obama devolved into a community organized rapine by Obama's Marxist conglomerate cronies.

    With Bush 43 the ruse was the housing market built in flipping in toxic derivative debt, and under Obama it was fraud green billion dollar manipulations to rape the economy as Obama had his Warren Buffett oil cronies and BP making a fortune.

    It is the problem with people, especially children in they are ignorant of perspective and are lazy. They simply will not expose themselves to ideas which challenge them. The modern leftist is told by Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez that they can have everything for free, because their parents hand things to them for free, so they think that is the way the world works.

    This blog is going to make this simple in how the world works, in the American financial rapine as it is the same system that Adolf Hitler utilized for the Reich.

    To start, the regime in power, was put into power by conglomerates or those with money. They in turn in Congress make certain that money in taxes, collected to impoverish the middle class, as lots of people with a living wage, is a threat to this rapine as they are empowered and can not be controlled.

    That money is then given to conglomerates that hand out welfare bread or Pentagon bombs or wind farms, to this crony group, who make billions, concentrating wealth on Wall Street. Under Obama a direct pipeline on Bush43's Quantitative Easing or the US Treasury printing electronic money, went to prop of Wall Street in record highs and fund techs like Facebook to spy on you.

    The police state then is ordered by the regime to protect the conglomerates and make criminals out of you.
    This entire system is at base, run on imported slave labor. Indians in programming jobs and Mexicans for hard labor jobs, as the Jesuits, Muslims, Chicoms, manage the money flow of the gangs back into Wall Street in the franchises like McDonalds.

    For your review, your money is looted from you in set prices in high energy and inflation, the IRS collects what is left, and Congress who was backed by the conglomerates spends that money on conglomerate welfare in wars and bread. To keep you from earning money, foreigners are brought in to cheapen wages.

    When you hear the economy is strong, it is strong, because the conglomerates which Obama set up in 7 major ones to manage the US 'economy" excluding small business which is competition, it is a measure of work force competition for Nigger jobs, and the Blacks are being forced out by the foreigners.

    Record employment does not measure people who gave up looking for jobs, as those are in the millions.
    All of this is managed to the penny. You can tell how this Nazi scheme is running by the price of the gas, which is your gas being sold to you, rises or falls. When it falls, those dollars are being absorbed in your other cost of living prices, and the things you have to pay, like electricity going up due to Obama are not measured, so Americans hold record debt where their world is either driving old cars that Mexicans have not acquired, who are not paying taxes, or vehicles owned by the banks, which wear out about the time they get them paid off, so they have to purchase another to get to work and the process begins again.
    It is this situation, created by one of the greatest criminal attacks upon humanity in Goldman Sachs, that Gary Cohn who wrote Trump tax policy, which did nothing for working Americans, and rewarded Wall Street, says the US economy is doing great, but he disagrees with Trump putting on tariffs on steel and aluminum as it helped nothing in trade talks and "hurt" the United States, the fact is Cohn is speaking of global rapine, meaning Goldman has investors around the world, who were hurt by the tariffs as they owned foreign competitors.

    It is the same with Cohn's other Jew of rapine in Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin whose entire smile on his face is gauged by how many sanctions he can put on Russia or Iran. The Mnuchin and Pompeo policy has nothing to do with helping America or with the things Russia or Iran did wrong. It is about how their Goldman investments are making profits when the United States unleashes it's economic terrorism. Put it simply, if Shia Iran is hurt in crude oil, it helps Suni Saudi Arabia which owns Bank of America and invests in Goldman.
    When Mnuchin bans guns from Russia into the United States, it once again raises prices Americans are forced to pay by the insiders who manufacture guns. Obama was working hand in hand with the arms dealers in making huge profits for his cronies.

    So Cohn the liberal Jew of rapine can view the world as what is good for Goldman is all that mattters and therefore Trump is wrong, but in the following links you discover that Steve Mnuchin is dining with Gary Cohn, and into this, Goldman Sachs just set up a fake company offshore to buy your electricity and sell it to you at even higher rates to rape your pocket book when you are freezing in winter or boiling in summer from HAARP weather terrorism.

    Yes, Steve Mnuchin is breaking bread with Gary Cohn, but not one investigation of Goldman over this illegal activity, because Mnuchin is managing the Nazi Economy of thee American Genocide for the cartel.

    Gary conman Cohn

    Former White House Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn said Sunday that President Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum "hurt the U.S." and did not help the administration in trade negotiations, either.
    "I don't think the tariffs helped us get to any different outcome. I think it has hurt the U.S. It's totally hurt the United States," Cohn said on CBS's Face the Nation.
    Cohen stated in response to CBS host Margaret Brennan's that he didn't believe the tariffs changed the U.S.' progress on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement or trade negotiations with China.

    "The US economy is very strong, very solid. Employment growth is great but we're missing a big component," Cohn said. "We're missing the capital expenditures from companies in the United States."


    That is the face of the nation rapists, and into this is examined the face of the Kennedy's who put Obama into power, and honestly had little comprehension how Obama economics would make them beggars.

    Robert Kennedy jr, had an interesting take on even his democrats in a Yahoo interview in France. He pointedly states that the American Middle Class is dead. It has been wiped out. The very engine which brought forth the John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan 50 years of economic expansion was killed. It was strangled by George HW Bush, it had it's jobs sent overseas by Bill Clinton. George W. Bush played house flipping roulette with Clinton's retroactive taxes to stop a global recession, and Obama on his 2008 Ecomonic implosion, obliterated the American Middle Class, for the 7 Conglomerate Nazi State with working Marxists community organized in foreign slave labor.

    Most of the wealth is concentrated in the billionaire class in America, and what is left, is being transferred overseas by foreign workers in America through Wells Fargo.

    In Bernie Sanders communism, he wants to rid America of billionaires. As is the case in oligarch Russia, all Sanders Marxism will do, is get rid of the Kennedy fortunes and concentrate it further into the Vladimir Putin friends, making them worth in the fractions of quadrillionaires.

    Part of the problem in all of this is the Kennedy family which took FDR"s communism and made it mainline after John Kennedy was assassinated. John Kennedy was a ruthless despot politically, but his economic policies and security policies were American economic policies which were good for Americans.

    What followed was the expanded socialist state of Lyndon Johnson which collapsed under Jimmy Carter, and America was saved by the economist Milton Friedman's policies which Ronald Reagan re implemented which John Kennedy began.

    After Ronald Reagan left office, America was economically raped by a series of "bubbles" like the 1929 crash. Only this time the victims were South Korea, Japan and Europe. Europe fought back and that is what caused the 2008 Obama crash, to put foreign born Obama into power.

    RFK jr.

    In a newly released interview with Yahoo Finance, activist and environmental lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr. lamented the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the U.S.
    "I definitely think that the gap between rich and poor in this country is much too large, that we've destroyed the middle class, and that the very wealthy people ought to be paying more in taxes and corporations," Kennedy Jr. told Yahoo Finance's editor-in-chief, Andy Serwer.

    That gap does appear to be widening: In September, new data from the Census bureau found the gulf between the wealthiest and poorest Americans was the largest it had been in 50 years.

    In his interview with Yahoo Finance, Kennedy did take issue with the position from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) that "billionaires shouldn't exist."
    "I don't think we should ban billionaires," he said. "That's not the way to go about it. We have a 50-year part of our history, which is called the Great Prosperity, when we developed the American middle class, which was the driver of the world economy. It created happiness and quality of life in our country. And during most of that time, there was a 91 percent on the upper echelon.

    So you should see in this, that enormous government debt, which props up conglomerates, to police state manage America for the few, is not any economy at all. Gary Cohn lamenting that conglomerates will not spend their money, is not a problem but a reaction to banks being bankrupted by all this debt and conglomerates all noting who is being cut out of the money flow, and knowing that a super depression of Obama proportions is about to be imploded on the world was the world can not have this lack of production, this amount of slave labor, the few having the piles of gold, and the many being ordered to work to death or they will be cast out into the cold.
    A conglomerate is going to protect itself first, and it is not going to spend money on wages as the system is rigged against Americans, so corporations employ foreign visa vermin, and these conglomerates are preparing for the collapse which awaits.

    Robert Kennedy as much as Bill Clinton are of the extinct middle class managers. Under their doctrines the majority of people made money, but at the same time the government was mandating people pay more in taxes and forcing them to pay for more programs. None of these ever addressed the American poor.

    What is in place now is Trump Nazism, or National Socialism, pitted against this macabre democratic liberalism of Obama Marxism of cartel rapine and thee American Genocide by the holocaust of imported slave labor into America.
    For lack of a better term, the foreigners are the Zyklon gas to the Americans locked in the concentration camps.

    There is enough Mockingbird propaganda out there to classify the above examination of the realities of America and the world as racism, to shut down the examination of this, but it is working as ignorant children in schools have been brainwashed. They text, instead of reading historical treatises on economies and why George Orwell was warning everyone about 1984 and Animal Farm, as the United States has become that socio marxist regime.

    One simply knows how bad things have gotten, when a Robert Kennedy is pushing back at the Obama communists in his own party, as even the Kennedy's have their limits to seizure of wealth of the rich for only the super rich to remain.

    This once again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I would that I had the big donations from people who would invest toward God protecting them, rather than thinking their disappeared Wall Street portfolios will.

    Nuff Said



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Joe Biden Claims, Without Evidence, He's Taken Cognitive Function Test

    Your name is Joe Biden, what is your relationship to your mother?

    I didn't bring a picture of her. Oh this is the beginning of the test?

    Who was the Washington Monument named for?

    Mr. Monument.

    If 3 + 3 equals 6 on Monday, what does it equal on Wednesday?

    Wednesday is after Friday right?

    Dollars are made of paper, pennies from copper, nickels from nickel, what is the value of a dime?

    I think my mother knew Mr. Monument.

    Snow falls in winter, leaves in the autumn, blossoms in spring, what falls in summer?

    Apples, no wait, it is, you know, that thing. That thing, that's what it is.

    Noon is 12 o'clock, how many hours after is Midnight?

    A dime is the price of a candy bar.

    When a tree falls in the forest does it still make a sound if no one hears it?

    No it makes greenhouse gases.

    Finish this line, Four score and seven years ago......

    I think I watched that Super Bowl, the Vikings won.

    A stitch in time saves nine. Nine what?

    Nine what, what?

    There are fifty stars on the flag, and thirteen stripes, how many states are there?

    Thirteen stripes, fifty stars, that's sixty, no seventy, fifty and seventy is, here let me get my smart phone calculator.

    Finish this sentence, "Where there is smoke, there is....."

    Carbon tuitions, no wait, carbon missions. no it's Mission Impossible, I like Tom Hanks in that.

    'I Can Hardly Wait': Biden Commits to Three Debates with Trump

    Actual Joe Biden quotes

    My memory is not as good as chief justice roberts'

    When the stock market crashed, franklin d. Roosevelt got on the television...

    If we do everything right...there's Still a 30% chance we're going to get it wrong.

    Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.

    ...a three-letter word: jobs...


  • you jews and us blacks kill whitey for biden

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The American Afroid under Obama's American Intifada is being weaponized as the Helter Skelter scapegoat of boogaloo.

    The godfather of all of this is Obama's mentor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, now dead, but the spectre exists on, in Brzezinski in 1979 AD in the year of our Lord, weaponized Islam, in making it Militant Islam, for his Polock war against the Soviet Union, which began under that incompetent Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski weaponized Islam in the Muhajadeen. William Clinton brought them out of Afghanistan for his oil pipeline war in Kosovo, and from there the Russian KGB converted these terrorists into weapons against America, which brought us 9 11.

    The same group which weaponized the Muslim, is teaching the Negroid in America to be weaponized. That is what Charlottesville was all about in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, and that is why the FBI was creating this phantom White Supremacists for the Virginia Gun Rally our of 3 people, one Canadian who spray painted as Jew building, as a national movement.
    The Afriod is in training to become the militant Negro which was promoted by leftists like Bill Ayers who had Niggers raping Jewish girls in Chicago as part of their training.

    George Soros is behind this. He trained Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and thousands of other Obama rent a rioters at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota as Obama protected these terrorists.
    Soros gutted the Bank of England, stole all the gold out of Romania and is involved in Obama's American Intifada. Soros is never arrested nor is traitor Obama, because this destruction of America is what the 1% desire.
    Webster Griffin Tarpley blurted this out 5 years ago in stating the DNC would be split into Communist and Nazi wings, the GOP would become 3rd rate, and that is what would rule America. This is all taking place in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord.

    You do not do anything stupid, as that is what those behind this want, is an excuse to make you a Ruby Ridge example. Someone and some group is already being set up. Just make sure you are not that someome.

    There is not any requirement to invest any more time in this post. I do not have the time and you have proven you are not going to donate. The Negroid is being weaponized, as a cover for the Obama American Intifada. When these coons serve their purpose they will go back to being the filthy, disease spreading 85 IQ group which will go the way of the dinosaur, just as they stopped being a regime projection in Malcolm X and the Black Panthers a generation ago, when Jesse Jackson was brought in by the FBI to keep the Negro under control.

    This training has been going on for sometime in Afroids sexing fat white girls and sucker punching old whites to the brain on city streets, recording it all. This will continue to be an issue in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord. If Trump wins the outcome will be different and if Trump loses the outcome will be different.

    If you can't figure out what I'm not going to tell you, just stay out of coonland and do not bring these creatures home for petting as they are armed wetware which are designed for a purpose like Islam to go off in your life, so that you too can be a media blurb to spark boogaloo.

    Logic dictates there will be some heinous mass crimes which will even shock you in your gilded minds to grab the public attention, that is what Lansdale would perform and this is his artwork.


  • AOC is the sexiest CIA piece of ass ever!!!

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Well Jerome Corsi and his informant Boris have proven correct, in there is a COVID 20 out there, and much to Ann Coulter's chagrin it did not come out of a bat's ass. China has a pig bug biological weapon which has just been introduced to the media world.

    OK makes a bit more sense in why we had visitors a few days ago, in the cat went ballistic again and has been wild eyed and put a pretty cat claw tattoo onto my arm. This bleater appears to have been inoculated again for the autumn fun.

    Just remember that Corsi has been right on the next phases to remove Donald Trump and now a new pandemic virus is being billed as this current biological weapon is being spread deliberately in Republican states with the big electoral college.

    As this is what you get rich non donating people in I can't work for free. The detailed account will be detailed in my mind.

    Nuff Said



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Someone once told me about a device, which puzzled me, because in the intelligence community, they are rather specific, unless of course they are absolutely ignorant of the technical side. The thing is, the references were always time signature, like "the moon shot", or "von Braun's rocket" to hearing it called babushka igla or grandmother's needle.

    Those on the continent called it the device or langue du diable. Those in the states would just nod like they knew or had heard about it, but each character put it in the 1960's, sometime earlier, and sometimes turn of the century. Maybe it was like the fork, it had been invented around the world as it was an idea which came.

    See one reference mentioned Soviet detonation cartridges, which was in the world war, and others were improvements with plastick.

    What was described in mind, was a brass knuckle sort of device. Protruding out of it, was a chromium steel spike, like a hunting arrow. Again the references were to 7mm to 8mm, which places the origin in Europe in the metric system, yet other references keyholed the idea from the genius of the American Civil War.

    A spike was screwed into the end of this thing, so it was one long shaft. The American steel part needed it hardened as the shaft was hollow. A coil spring, and yet a frowning face once deliberated that was more like a cocked shock absorber, which drove the firing pin was the element of the design.

    The tip was a miniaturized canister shell. The idea was to penetrate the chest cavity, between the ribs, back or front, and while the target froze in shock, the thumb depressed the trigger button, which drove the firing pin into the canister, which was embedded 3 inches in the chest. The theory was they liked the modern plastick, instead of the old nitros, and the pressure, with lines cut along the head of the canister so it peeled outward, instead of driving the point forward, atomized the heart and lung.
    The description in use was it sounded like a muffled thump. It was more silent than a silencer, and aside from an exhale cough in some circumstances, the government official would be ten steps away before the target hit the floor, and out of the area, before anyone began to think there was a problem.

    I was never able to ascertain who invented the device or even where it originated from. Never did have anyone admit to using the thing. It was more just affirmation for the convenience and the success of it.

    Oh the "moon shot" was a take on Werner von Braun's Apollo program, where stages of the rocket kept shedding until all that was left was the capsule.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Something has been taking place with me the past two weeks which is new. For years I have experienced the quickening in time moving faster than me. It seemed that I would be in Sunday, blink to Wednesday and by Saturday the week was gone, as time was flying by. Months seemed to go by in hours, and my entire summers were over in May seemed to be September. For two years I had this experience.

    The past few weeks though I have noticed a reversal of this. I keep thinking that I am in the future, and time is standing still. TL and I got into a discussion today, that I was certain tomorrow was Saturday, as TL thought it was Thursday, but agreed it has to be Friday. I checked later in the day and it was indeed Thursday. I feel like we are 3 days ahead, and instead we are 3 days behind in my clock.
    This was only two days last week, and this has progressed to 3 days.

    Now the reality is, either my clock is speeding up, or the world clock is slowing down. I know God has shortened the days for quite some time, but that was speeding up time. Here am I now in a vibrational frequency which is a higher pitch. I'm moving faster than the world clock is at present.

    If this is God, then it will mean the events which have come and are coming are going to fall in slow motion and endure for what seems longer than they should.

    Just making note of the time change.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In an American response to warning the People of what is at work in this world, General Michael Flynn sounds a warning which sounds a great deal like Lame Cherry fringe media or Tucker Carslon.

    Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: If We Don't Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

    As a policewoman from Virginia told me, "People don't feel safe in their homes and our police force is so demoralized we cannot function as we should. In my 23 years with my department, I have never seen morale so low."

    No one is informing you of the end game in this, so the Lame Cherry will in this Obama Intifada of the 1 percent. Our entire lawful protect and serve police has been overridden by intimidate and enforce, and Attorney General Barr is being smeared and framed as President Donald Trump is.

    What though is behind all of this?

    The police will respond to this kind of ANTIFA firepower, poisonings and assaults with even more force. The result will be more resistance from the general mob as Obama ANTIFA has designed this, and again, what follows this then?

    The police will no longer be employed by a system of democratic politicians protecting ANTIFA. They will in their worst forms, be hired by new conglomerate security teams which will be deployed to cities to crackdown on all of this. In effect, like Blackwater and other contractors, the costs will skyrocket and the entire oversight will be removed from the People. Corporate Police State will spy, apprehend, incarcerate, encamp and lose everyone who does not go along with the Soros Gates projection of how bleaters are to cower.

    The new normal will be those with license plates of the elites will run over children and not be arrested, but if you run a red light, your kidneys will be cut out as part of your defense costs.

    ......and just wait until it is robotics shooting you on sight as machines follow orders to the last bullet.

    This once again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There is a 1000 pound gorilla in the room in the 2020 Presidential Election and it is the same gorilla which appeared in 2008 when Barack Obama and the Bush administration stole the 2008 election to install Birther Hussein into the Oval Office.

    The Lame Cherry should have known this was a link, but honestly, from every report on Joe Biden, he has a pattern of being an absolute unprincipled moron, with the focus on the moron part. Joe Biden is not an intelligent or well informed person.

    The fact of Joe Biden is that from the election theft in November 2008 to the last day that the image of Birther Hussein was in office, and that includes the June 13, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord date when Biden agreed to be acting President, when Obama left the building, is the fact that Joe Biden had one purpose in the Obama regmie, and that was he was Obama's fixer. Joe Biden framed people who got in the way of Birther Hussein Obama.

    Most of you were not there in 2008, during that summer, before the Tea Party formed in resistance to Obama, before the Tea Party was founded in a group called the Birther's led by Jerome Corsi, to even before that in a group which brought the full focus of the Obama inner circle on them, to the extent that in my case Yahoo was stopping deliveries of my mail, my emails to people like Jeff Rense were highlighted in yellow to send a message to me, and it all stemmed from a man named Lawrence Sinclair, who went public that he had contact with an Obama sex partner who was brutally murdered in Chicago, named Donald Young, and Mr Sinclair had been a sex partner with Obama, in a hotel room on two occasions as Barack Obama was a Chicago Hostess in his state legislative days, in he would meet gay men who came into town, who were looking for a good time.

    The details revealed were quite specific in Obama's penis size, snorting coke on stomachs and Obama coming in and laying naked on a hotel bed for round two.

    When this story broke the spin machine went after Lawrence Sinclair, and soon enough Obama trolls started threatening Lawrence Sinclair with murder, but when reported, the FBI ignored the threats.

    It came down to a press conference which Mr. Sinclair held, where the police were waiting for him in DC, and arrested him on 'outstanding charges" and then lost Mr. Sinclair in the DC dungeons, depriving him of his medications.

    It devolved into a worse situation in the time which followed as Mr. Sinclair was soon en-route to Joe Biden's Delaware, where the Biden Machine, led by State Attorney Beau Biden, were threatening an innocent Mr. Sinclair with life in prison over past misdemeanor charges accumulated.
    The pressure was on Mr. Sinclair and soon after this, his disability was cancelled and everything about this trolled back to a deal Joe Biden worked out with Barack Obama, that if Obama put Biden on the ticket for Vice President, then Biden was make a political prisoner out of Lawrence Sinclair.

    There were patterns in this in Obama and Biden framed John Edwards, framed Rod Blagojevich with Eric Holder and framed Jerome Coris in Kenya, following the same Sinclair pattern of throwing someone who needed medications into prison and keeping them from them in the hope the person would die.

    When one reads the criminal enterprise which framed General Michael Flynn, the same echoes of Lawrence Sinclair are heard. Obama directing a cover up, a framing of an innocent person to shut them up, and the unleashing of the police state against that person.

    It is damning in this, that the dimwit Joe Biden is the one who brought up how to frame General Flynn, using an obscure law which was not enforced. That though was Biden's job. He was a fixer. His job was to pull the fellow traveler levers of power to destroy innocent people.

    If you review what Joe Biden was to Barack Obama, you never knew what Biden was doing, but in places like Benghazi, there was Biden sitting front and center. All of these Obama scandals, and Joe Biden is there engaged in something and that something appears to have been how to cover up a major scandal Obama generated.

    Look at the smiles at the funeral of Chris Stevens, ass raped to death by Obama Muslims. Biden is in a great mood and the victims parents could not be more pleased at their sons own funeral.

    Newly unsealed documents further implicate Joe Biden in the inappropriate investigation into former National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn. Indeed, Mr. Biden appears to have "personally raised the idea" of using the Logan Act.
    The court filings include handwritten notes from now-disgraced and fired F.B.I. Agent Peter Strzok. They detail how the investigation — dubbed "Crossfire Razor" — was ordered by then-President Barack Obama and the strategy was engineered by Mr. Biden in the Oval Office on January 5, 2017.
    A partially redacted copy of the notes attached to the filing includes a mention that appears to say: "VP: 'Logan Act.'" The documents also reveal Mr. Obama told top administration officials that "the right people" should investigate Lt. General Flynn, who also served as the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) under the former president.

    We know for absolute certain that in Lawrence Sinclair and Michael Flynn that Biden played a lead roll in the framing and cover up. Peter Strzok's notes record exactly that in the Oval Office in the framing of Michael Flynn.

    The framing of Michael Flynn was Joe Biden's plot. He suggested the Logan Act, and the FBI in Crossfire Razor meant to cut off Flynn's political head. All of this was due to Obama trying to protect Shia Iran having nuclear bombs. Flynn was exposing the crimes and was about to fire all of these intelligence community trolls who have been destroying American policy and American lives.

    Of the initial two trances of documents totaling 15 pages, the first four unsealed pages contained clear evidence the investigation and prosecution — code name "Crossfire Razor" — was a setup for a perjury trap.
    The documents — inappropriately withheld from the defense — contained handwritten notes from Bill Priestap, then-Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division for the F.B.I. The notes state agents aimed "to get him [Flynn] to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired."

    Somewhere there are notes which detail all of Joe Biden's crimes with Barack Obama. Val-erie Jarrett, Michelle Obama, Susan Rice are fully aware of Biden's DAY ONE framing of Lawrence Sinclair, because disability does not just get cancelled, people do not get arrested in DC and disappear into dungeons and a Citizen does not get hauled into Biden Mafia Delaware without someone making phone calls, and the NSA has all of those calls recorded.

    Joe Biden was Barack Hussein Obama's hatchet man, and this psychopath (Biden has brain damage and has no empathy off switch) was engaged in destroying homosexuals and democrats, as these were all democrats that Joe Biden went after.

    The request from Mr. Biden on January 12, 2017, was made the same day David Ignatious revealed content of the leaked transcripts in The Washington Post. The request by Chief of Staff McDonough was made on January 5, 2017, also the same day of the now-infamous meeting, which was memorialized in an email by Susan Rice.
    Previously obtained text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page also shed light on and raised questions over Mr. Obama's role in and knowledge of these controversial investigations. Ms. Page wrote to Mr. Strzok on September 2, 2016, she was preparing talking points on their scandalous handling of the Clinton email investigation because "potus wants to know everything we're doing. [sic]"

    The patterns are all there. Michael Flynn began with Lawrence Sinclair when Biden became a made man in destroying Obama's first political problem in Mr. Sinclair. We still do not know who murdered Donald Young in Chicago, nor who laid out cackling Hillary Clinton's murderous plot against Libya, but the reports are all there, and these interesting pages keep appearing after Director Chris Wray of the FBI promises that everything was handed over, and then comes Judicial Watch or William Barr's investigators and damning pages appear which were deliberately withheld.

    It is time to open all of the Obama papers which have been stored away as the crimes are all recorded there in this nefarious lot which went to extremes to destroy anyone who disagreed with the messiah that Joe Biden worshiped.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said



  • I'm only a Perv with a little "p".

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    America has been plunged into the neo depths of something timelessly rare as in courts which created baby assassination in the womb, out of not any law and the Jim Crowe courts 30 years after the Civil War which created a new form of slavery.

    Chief Justice John Roberts has become the Jim Crow Judge in whether it is by Obama for rationed death in Obamacare, John Roberts is going to keep a political overthrow of the Constitution in place to keep his ass safe in whatever he is being blackmailed by.

    Roberts has been upholding gun bans. Roberts has been expanding sodomy. Roberts just moved to not protect children from being murdered in the womb even more. The way John Roberts votes is the same as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Their records on these heinous rapes of the Constitution are simpatico.

    The CATO institute exposed John Roberts in his latest baby slaughter reasoning. and revealed Roberts has no rhyme or reason. A man who is trying to save himself, simply creates magical laws and violates the law.
    The reality is in the latest aborticide case is Roberts violated his own voting on previous cases, just to uphold baby butchery in this case. To put this in layman;s terms, John Roberts orders pork cutlets every time he goes out, until the vegans appear, then he is chomping on the salad, declaring how much he hates meat.

    Again, I'm not taking any position here on the merits of the Louisiana law at issue in June Medical, let alone on the viability of Casey and Roe v. Wade (1973), but I'm appalled by this latest example of the chief justice's unprincipled decision making. Presumably he did what he did to preserve the Court's legitimacy and extricate it as much as possible from the political debate, especially in an election year. As in every other case where he has done this, however, going back to NFIB v. Sebelius (2012), the Obamacare case, my view is that he has failed on his own terms.
    John Roberts ought to stop playing "87‐​dimensional chess" and just call the legal balls and strikes, as he promised to do at his confirmation hearings.

    The fact in this is John Roberts is not trying to uphold the Supreme Court. He is not playing some genius level of the law. John Roberts in a real FBI investigation would immediately be marked as a man who is being blackmailed over something, and is trying every way possible to save himself, by coming up with the damnedest excuses. There is not any grand strategy for Roberts, except he is out to save his bunghole.

    John Roberts has not any principles. He has zero character. He is a coward. He is a traitor as a real man would have resigned his position and went public in why he is being blackmailed to betray the United States Constitution.

    If John Roberts is not being blackmailed, then the fact is HE LIED in his Confirmation hearings to the United States Senate and lied to the President. Those are grounds for impeachment by the US Senate and Roberts voting record is absolutely clear in his votes are all over the place, and that points to being either a fraud or blackmailed. Both of which prove that John Roberts does not belong on the Supreme Court, and for his complicity belongs in federal pound him in the ass prison.

    It is time to stop trying to figure out John Roberts and just state the fact that he is corrupt as those who made Niggers slave again and those who butchered babies from the womb...........hell he is corrupt as himself as he rationed death to Americans and spread the ass cheeks of sodomy in legitimizing degenerates.

    It is simply time for Attorney General William Barr to notify the NSA that needs the transcripts of all the John Roberts conversations they recorded and Obama looked at, and when the AG finds what the blackmail crime is, to go out and arrest the blackmailers and John Roberts too, as Roberts removed from the Court ends this as he will be disqualified from being on the bench.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The other day I put up a link on winds from the Rense site, and I never thought that the information I came across would bear fruit this quickly.

    In the winds, I was interested in what HAARP was doing in screwing up the weather in America. See America should be in a vast drought of building 100 plus degree heat from the Mississippi Valley west, akin to the weather of 1988 which destroyed the heartland.

    Instead the record heat has been contained to the southwest, save Nebraska which has been running 90 degree temperatures for the past 2 months. None of that is good for crop production as much as plagues are not good for the world.

    There has been in the winds aloft a huge U shape from England, over the Atlantic, down to the Gulf of America, and up to Texas to the Hudson's bay. The center of the United States should be humid and wet with a pattern like this, but it is not. Instead the crops are withering in this blocking pattern to keep the scorching Arizona air contained.

    The air over the Eastern US is dead. Tehre is though a wisp of an air flow from the Arctic down into the Utah basin. I have been watching this as moisture has been generating in this region, and it began breaking out in small severe storms over the Northern Plains.

    It was today though, Monday, June 29th which almost dropped me out of the chair, as I have been monitoring the area, and noting that rain is predicted for almost a week over the dying region of the Plains. Remember this was predicted a few days ago. so they knew this was going to happen. The "what" is going to happen is what almost knocked me out of my chair. There is a Lo Pressure spin starting over Idaho.
    THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN UNDER HAARP. HAARP produces atmospheric rips and tears. Things that just explode out of nowhere. There are not ever gentle patterns, of sweeping fronts, but blobs, tears, and things that just explode.

    I was pleased when the hurricane plunged into America from the Gulf, as it spread into almost Illinois in the same circular rotation, and while it is rare these storms move into the interior, the fact is this storm produced no rain where it was needed on the plains.

    I had assumed that part of this plague was to ruin these rich farmers by burning their crops up, but this HAARP cyclone and that is what this is, a hurricane on land, is about to start dumping a June's worth or rain in July on middle America.

    If these farmers are ruined by drought, the President already gave them 19 billion dollars in a bail out, so another bail out will take place in 85% of their crop's worth. If though these already fried crops get a drink, they will grow a dismal crop, and the government will not have to pay. They will lose money and their asses, and prepare the bankruptcy of more farmland to be overtaken by robotic farming.

    By the evidence of this cyclone, HAARP can create pretty weather patterns which would make America an Eden, in which it would be warm in winter, snow on Christmas and April lowers in March, with balmy warmth all summer into November. No blizzards, no tornadoes and no hurricanes which would not be out of control.

    Looks like the northern tier is going to get some moisture and mosquitoes as you can not have this kind of damp fairy piss days with deluges and not grow those critters. It will be interesting if they are going to put up a big blow and wipe out some rural towns or if this will just be a mosquito grower.

    HAARP though would not be rescuing sodbuster millionaires without a reason to bankrupt them or to raise some more hell in wiping out Protestant America.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As Donald Trump's campaign stop in Tulsa was sabotaged by GOP insiders in reducing attendance while 12 million watched the rally on FOX to set a record, the revelations which Jerome Corsi revealed weeks ago about a coup in July against Donald Trump by the GOP to install Mike Pence is in full swing.

    GOP operatives (Agree With Rense) raising possibility
    Trump 'could drop out of race' if polls don't rebound

    From Gen. Flynn - If We Don't Act, 2% (Zionists)
    of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

    Jeff Rense can push his FBI funded Mockingbird, but this narrative against the President is what Dr. Corsi stated his insider Boris has been telling him is in process.

    Pay attention to what is being said as this is a set up and the same behind the shadow curtain players are involved in this as in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

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  • As another Lame Cherry excluisve in matter anti matter.

    It is difficult in the brier patch to explain the meaning of family, because you are related like Jews are related. In my world you are "family", friends and neighbors and in most cases, they are all about the same affiliation, even if you are not related.You have your sphere, and then your family's spheres of friends and neighbors and it is all this woven pattern of people who bascially in the hundreds trust each other and stick together in doing almost for the other.

    So when I say Dick is family. In reality, his parents and mine are cousins, as our grandparents were related. We are though kind of a double shot, as his Grandpa was my Grandma's first cousin, and his Gram was my Grampa's sister. This may sound incestuous, but it is all different bloodlines, but it is what happens when big families intermarry.
    If you want to get really complicated, his Aunt married a cousin of ours, and that cousin's Grampa was both our Uncles.

    None of this is about that though, as this is about Dick in his dry humor which is like Jack Benny in the American hinterlands. So he starts out telling this story as we had been drinking beer, as it was our cousin's birthday, which I think everyone came for the beer. So Dick says,"

    I am coming out of the grocery store the other day, and you know the entrance has all those signs and things, and there is this old woman waving at me.

    (He is doing a duck and bob of this woman just flailing her arm away at him.

    I am thinking, who is this old woman as I don't know her, so what is going on here.

    (Then the punchline comes.)

    I get out there and it's like "Oh Shit!", I know her as I went to school with her.

    This was Dick realizing that he is no longer a child, that maybe he is now the old man and not the youthful stud duck, with his 13 year fiance living with him, and her fat cat.

    Dick is family, because he is one of the nicest, most honest, and good natured people around. He has more personality than his cousins from that side of the family combined. I remember him getting groceries for his Grampa, before he died, and looking after him a grear deal. He looked after my goofy girl cousin when she went away to college and he has always been a solid citizen.

    He is though quiet, until he tells some sarcastic humor on himself.

    He just reminds me of how many good people have died, and how most of what is left, I would that the Lord would have culled them out instead. Dick is someone who I will never hear shit from like the goofy cousin who informed me of how superior her saintly father was to his brother. Yeah I suppose that is why everyone hated her old man and liked the heathen brother.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    It is June 12 as I type this, and here am I reflecting on the Pioneer Garden that TL and I have, in a former pig sty, rock dump and hog pasture, which our neighbor kindly used his Kubota tractor and loader to skid the sod off and dig some rocks out.

    We planted Yukon Gold potatoes, and about 15 Purple Viking from sets we had from last year. The Yukon are quite tall, while the Viking are more squat. I am thinking we will only do Yukon next year, as they do not make me sick, keep well, and I can use them for just about all the potato things we need.

    I ordered Quinalt strawberries, put them into planting pots as they came early in the coof and they are transplanted now and started to look nice.
    We moved in Gramm Pollock's sweet red rhubarb which Daisy had not killed off by eating them to make a point that she was upset with me for Jersey cow reasons. 7 plants and all look pretty good.

    Then there is the Bohemian horseradish, which I had growing, some Egyptian walking onions, some garlic top bulb sets, Yugoslavian variety, which I did not get planted quick enough and lost half, and some grocery store pumpkins we saved seeds out of, because I like the non flavor for George Washington pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

    Some little Collective Farm Woman melons and that is the east side of the garden.

    Next to the potatoes which are in two center row trenches for watering, I put up a hog panel to run a German cucumber I like and I am trying a Quebec muskmelon this year. I usually do the Little Grey Quebec melons as they grow here, but I could not find seed and the replacements were too expensive, so this is what we are trying.

    Oh and on the east side I have Armenian cucumbers.

    To the south of the cukes is my Black Hills Special field corn. Heirloom for when we get our place. There is not any hybrid corn around us this year, so this will be uncontaminated stock.

    Next to the hog panel I have two rows of Bantam sweet corn. It was very old seed I had, and it all came up. Wonder of wonders in God's doing.

    I plan to sneak in two red Pear tomatoes that just sprouted, if they do not die before the transfer.

    We have tomatoes a Sweet 100 and Big Boy on the corner on the north side by the CFW.

    The potatoes are doing ok. TL pulled off a potato bug larva and I killed an adult the next day, and I have not seen any more of them. I am hoping not as the Robin's hunt in the garden for worms for their babies.

    To the west of the potatoes are our onions. I never could grow them, but we have them in a trench, and am watering the size into them, so we shall see. That is a row and a half, and on the end of the second row we have Detroit Dark Red Beets. That is the best crop of them I have ever had, in they came up, few weeds and the leaves look silky.

    On the south side of all of this I have some Shumway purple pole beans. They are not germinating at the same time and am not pleased.

    Starting the east side, I have short rows. That is where the asparagus is, some galic top sets, then comes a little row of red lettuce, our apple rootstock and trees which I will plant later, our weed patch of lambsquarter, and then comes the too old of seeds in 4 Hailstone radish came up for seed and we have 5 Blonde chard, which is not chard, because it does not taste strong like chard.

    Next stop is our cabbage, 4 heads. I had to powder them with Seven as the brocolli. I have no idea what the variety was in this coof as they ones I always plant were not there, and this is what was there, so they are growing and we shall see what they amount to.

    Finishing out that end block is a Sugar Drip sorghum. It came up, and is for seed as the rest is the future.

    On the very end is a Sunshine squash we were given. It is very nice in squash soup, which is why I am growing it. Little things but are not that awful squash flavor which tastes like puke to me.

    On the fence are Lemon cucumbers and going back north is a Blauhild German pole bean, which sprouted very well, but we shall see how good the beans were as they looked crossed last year out of the old bean seeds I had.

    There is no room in the garden for anything else. it is 32 by 46 feet. It is still too small really, but it was moving in year, and I have hopes for more things when the hard work is taken out by a tractor and the tiller.

    The soil is a mix of sand and hard clay, with rocks I keep clinking when I dig deep. The digger will pull them out and make the soil mind by breaking it up deep, but the garden is behaving rather well for being pioneer soil of no the best quality, but I like sand as I can work with that in cow shit compost to make it mind me better. Sand sprouts seeds while clay which is along the fence has to be watered or it turns into a hard crust that seeds have to work to break through.

    I'm really happy with this garden though. It is not the black loam which I have had or most of you have, providing you do not live in bunghole South areas with that brown powder stuff clay or that gumbo stick calf shit in the American West.

    I have had cinder pile from where people dumped wood ashes which was hard as rock, feedlots where the dung was to dry, and sloughs were it was clay and cracks you could hear Chinese talking through in being so big and deep. None of which raised gardens, but raise a great deal of anguish and frustration.
    I already know where the garden is going on our future place as I have it picked up. God has to move people with money and the land to us though. In the meantime, I'm satisfied with this garden. We have a well so the water is basically free and I can water the blessings into it and being basically virgin soil, it has the nutrients for the plants yet, and I will work on compost to feed the soil and make this into something which when I touch the soil, I will like Goldie Locks say it is just right. Now when I touch it, I usually frown like the Bears in it being too hard clay, to hard cinder or too sandy. Good gardens are made, and we are making this one by God's Grace into what it should be.

    The problem is this is a homestead, by an old bachelor back in the 1880's. It was a hard luck farm as most years it did not produce anything but debt. There was one family that had about a 30 year stretch of some stability, but the old gal died in the 30's I think, and then it was just passed around as no one wanted it and those on it, never took care of, they were land rapists. They took all they could and gave nothing back. That only depletes the soil and grows weeds, and that is what we have a great deal of as the land heals.

    I have my dreams of the Vibrashank Digger and tractor to root deeply, as this soil was hogs and weeds would not even grow in spots as the sand just blew in storms. Rototilling the compost in then will provide the correct mix of sand, clay and loam. That reality appears and then gardening will be easy, as any fool can garden in soil like that.

    For now the land is getting to know us. The weeds are no longer screaming and scaring the plants which are supposed to grow, and order is emerging and the regimented garden is responding to the care as much as the land as it knows it is broken and can no longer grow weeds, fight the human in a curse or just be lazy like 3rd world trash. This is a proper German garden which grows with pride and Lutheran Glory for God, just as all the Germans and Scandinavians here only produced Saxon gardens, and not those English plots which God always had to help grow as they were so English.

    Yes I have a few sod patches that I need to pry out in the corner and side, as the neighbor did not do the precision I had hoped for, but that is part of enjoying working with the soil, and the plants will notice me about it, and proudly vibrate that they are in a home which is Germanic and we are not going to tolerate any disorder.

    Achtung, Gemüse, Mama kommt mit der Hacke.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Remember when the Lame Cherry informed all of you that this biological weapon, Coronavirus Wuhan given cover by WHO as Covid 19, 'as disease', that there were more surprises coming from this weapon?

    The geniuses behind this weapon have really outdone themselves, and NO the Chinese are not this intelligent to have ever created a creature lie this. The newly discovered feature of this virus is that it is like the movie Alien, in it has tentacles and numbers of parts, so that the body does not recognize what this CREATURE is.

    This thing is a creature, assembled of many parts, and what has been discovered is that once the 1237 protein spike jabs into a red blood cell to infect it. it replicates in a most sinister way. This virus sends out tentacles or filopodia which move the cell and attack other cells to infect them.
    This system is rare in nature, and is UNKNOWN IN CORONAVIRUS EVER, thus proving this is a biological engineered weapon.
    Just read on and see what else you are going to learn.

    Scientists took a closer look at the effects of SARS-CoV-2 -- the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 -- through a powerful microscope at the National Institutes of Health laboratory in the US and the University of Freiburg in Germany.
    The virus makes the infected cells sprout multi-pronged spaghetti-like 'tentacles' reaching out for several still-healthy cells nearby. The virus seems to use these branching structures, called filopodia, like syringes to prod other cells and inject them with a viral load, a study published in the journal Cell reports.
    "There are long strings that poke holes in other cells and the virus passes through the tube from cell to cell," Nevan Krogan, director of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute at University of California San Francisco and leader of an international group of scientists, told the Financial Times

    Coronavirus is 'like' small pox, but small pox is a piker compared to this gem. The thing is in the information which I have pieced together, this virus is beyond the spirochetes which Maggie mentioned as the bacterial infection like syphilis and the biological weapon, Lyme Disease as these filopodia are almost akin to the Morgollans Disease, in the fibers or extensions created are like never endings, as that is what the filopodia are in part, in nerve cell growths.

    According to scientists, the filopodia-growing method of infecting is highly unusual, because not many viruses do that. The ones that do, such as smallpox, don't make the cells grow so many branches, and their structure is different from that of the novel coronavirus. Typically, tiny viral particles simply 'dock' onto larger cells and 'hijack' its functions.
    The 'tentacles' show that at some point during its evolution the virus developed a new way of quickly traveling through the body, Krogan said.

    As one breaks down the filopodia, one comes across how the transfer takes place in both bacteria and viral infections. The key in this is the Ehrlichia bacteria, in the source of this, a it hearkens back to Maggie and the biological weapon, Lyme Disease, and that explanation is in the following segment.

    Filopodia are also used for movement of bacteria between cells, so as to evade the host immune system. The intracellular bacteria Ehrlichia are transported between cells through the host cell filopodia induced by the pathogen during initial stages of infection. Viruses were shown to be transported along filopodia toward the cell body, leading to cell infection. Directed transport of receptor-bound epidermal growth factor (EGF) along filopodia has also been described, supporting the proposed sensing function of filopodia

    In research, these Ehrlichia are inside cells as cell bacteria. The common strains are found in mice. Mice in their brain tissues are what is utilized as the medium to breed vaccine serums. Again, here is the kicker in this of which came first the egg or the chicken, or which came first cancer in humans or cancer in monkeys which vaccines were bred like polio, and for that matter HIV was from "contaminated" monkey genetics.

    This link in Coronavirus is mouse, and bats do not contract this nor doe Bat SARS grow tentacles to spread to other cells in the body. This is further proof that this came from a bio weapons lab. What we do not know, is if this was just a surprise gift like iron poisoning in cells, or if this was included in a splice of the original DNA incorporation of this creature. It is pure genius though to have a virus which spread through body fluids, primarily excrement as a single 1237 protein spike, but once it gets into the body, it replicates not by normal Corona means, which is one of many reasons the body does not recognize this as an infection, but it uses tentacles which are rare in nature.
    This is another cross species contamination which disproves Ann Coulter in her magic bat in mocking people on the right who know this biological weapon does not come out of a bat's ass.

    The obligately intracellular bacterium Ehrlichia chaffeensis that resides in mononuclear phagocytes is the causative agent of human monocytotropic ehrlichiosis. Ehrlichia muris and Ixodes ovatus Ehrlichia (IOE) are agents of mouse models of ehrlichiosis

    Study these two links in what I have highlighted. You will note that this "mouse virus" matches Maggie's Lyme disease as it is spread through tick bites, a Texas tick. It has like symptoms of high fevers as the body attempts to burn it out of the system, but in the Wiki link there is a most fascinating addition in these tickborne bacterial infections, KILL WHITE BLOOD CELLS.

    There is not enough data yet to form a complete schematic of this biological weapon, but we know the principles of this in this virus has 3 phases, and the second phase after fever is a white blood cell storm, which attacks the body and then the iron poisoning occurs which kills. Perhaps one of the hidden venues of this biological weapon, is that lurking inside the tentacles is the mouse tickborne bacteria which in the last phases kills the body's immune system after it has triggered it.

    You were informed months ago that things are lurking in this biological weapon which no one knew. By Inspiration this Lame Cherry provided that projection, because the geniuses who created this virus, are playing 3 dimensional chess. What seems complex to us, is their standard thought pattern of "If a bullet kills you one way, we want to be sure that the bullet kills you seven ways". This is one very complicated entity and the creators should be awarded the Nobel Prize for a dozen fields as this is a remarkably intricate intricate thing like a Swiss watch.

    I leave this at that, as once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    A few weeks ago Dr. Jerome Corsi in the release of his new expose, stated that there were a series of plots to deny Donald Trump the nomination and to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the President, and this was coming from inside.

    Attorney General William Barr has set up a task force to deal with the ANTIFA Obama anarchists of the Obama Intifada, but a new revelation has occurred in which a criminal conspiracy was involved in Oklahoma against President Trump at the Tulsa rally.

    When a campaign has a rally, venues are provided for, just like concerts. None of this is free, and there are contracts and there are local codes which must be followed, including the Fire Marshal.

    We now know that the rally for Mr. Trump was in an arena which would house around 19,000 people. The Fire Marshall has now been proven to be a liar, in he stated only 6000 were in this empty building.
    The problem is there was a reason the building was not at capacity and the overflow crowd was not there. It was not the Chinese Tik Tok conspirators who were used as cover for this, but people who were engaged in absolute fraud.

    BOK Center where this took place, sent out staff to put stickers on every other seat, so the seats could not be filled.
    To drive off Trump supporters, the temperature screeners quit hours before the event, so supporters could not receive a green wrist band, which alerted the Secret Service they had been screened.

    Jay Marciano of AEG took to Twitter ranting about the low turn out numbers which he knew his staff and others had conspired to deflate. As this was a major issue, and all of this was hidden from the public in screening was stopped, the Fire Marshal was lying, Trump's people had 12,000 going through metal detectors, and as the Chicoms of Tik Tok, the Obaam trolls, all backed by CNN and Washington Post promoting a false narrative which they knew was false, is a criminal conspiracy and fraud, aimed at the President of the United States and the United States Government.

    What makes the allegation of an effort to drive down attendance plausible is the celebratory tweet the night of the rally by Jay Marciano, head of the management company for the BOK Center, AEG--part of ASM Global, on the low recorded attendance, "Lying Don's show in Tulsa is a big fat STIFF! There are only 6624 people in the arena. So much for "There were requests for 1 million." Total lies. Are we surprised??

    There have been Mockingbird stories since in "close friends" saying Trump is defeated. The President has given up, which all are moving this narrative of the 3rd wave coup against the President.

    This is coming from the inside, and it is coordinated with the Obama coup plotters. The numbers were inflated deliberately, the attendees were turned away deliberately, all to cheat Donald Trump. None of this just happened, anymore than Obama's Intifada erupted over porn star George Floyd.

    Legally, it is a crime to enter into a contract with a campaign, where the campaign is expecting numbers of attendees, as this is a financial transaction. As this crossed state lines, this is a federal crime and those involved are guilty of fraud and should be indicted.

    Honestly, what my instinct tells me, is that Donald Trump has opened up a double digit lead on Joe Biden, and is sweeping the swing states as no one is going to vote for the brain tard Biden. This is translating to a sweep in Congress of veto proof majorities, meaning Donald Trump re elected will have a Congress which will have to pass MAGA. The RNC Senate campaign has been lying about how vulnerable they are. The people behind this do not want Donald Trump winning by a landslide, as that kind of a landslide impeaches John Roberts and hosts of others, and passes the Trump Agenda.

    This once again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I'm not being paid for this shit, so I will not be carrying Donald Trump's water for free again. I get fed up with false narratives by these pissy little hosers plotting their coup shit for Obama, as they are so fag that it is just disgusting as there is not any beauty or grace involved as when the Kennedy's ran things. No this is sissy shit up the ass like James Carville telling Obama fag Brian Williams that Trump will not win.
    Well I can tell you that Joe Biden sure as hell is not going to win as he never has before on any national platform which was not Obama fraud rigged by the Bush fam.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There are some days that I just want to give up.

    Like today, 3 years ago we got some Delware chicks from a hatchery called Hoover. Was only 6, but half died as the chickens were inferior. So I keep them alive and this year, I get them out early into the chicken tractor, and think they will lay some eggs and I will set them.

    Caught a coon the day before, and I go out this morning and both hens have been killed and the rooster is worse for wear.

    Ate the wing off one one hen, looked like it picked them for all the feathers, and looked like a bite mark on the breast. No coyote would crawl under that tractor, maybe a fox, but the digging looked like a coon. A fox would not have left a chicken alive either and would have ate other parts and chewed the head off.

    So I was pissed and disgruntled again.

    So spent a few hours, setting up snares and traps, in the hopes of killing that Goddamn demon moved animal. Really bothers me as those chickens were tame, and nothing deserves that is good, to die in a pen.

    That is the way it is though, rich people keep their cash, I suffer and more things die. I am past the point in :Christian humanity, as God lets me catch that shit, I will make it suffer with gut shots before it dies, even if I can't afford to waste ammo.

    I hate predators. I hate this predator world, and I hate that I always seem to be playing catch up as the people with money cruise by, oblivious to the world.

    Not much more to say on the subject. Just more shit to kill and I hope God unleashes and crops a whole nation of ingrates as it is time that Jesus come back and take His world.

    In Jesus Name Amen and Amen



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